Thursday, December 1, 2022

I'll Be Home For Christmas Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize. 

HINT:  To find you're prize, you'll need a little faith.

HINT:  Jaz isn't offended

HINT:  Maybe I dropped it under the couch?

HINT:  Ask Alexa where to find it

HINT: Keep a sharp eye or the prize and its mates... or you're likely to walk on by it...

HINT:  It's "time" to start holiday shopping!

HINT:  Im taking Santa's Ride to be hOme for Christmas

HINT:  Something New for Christmas?

HINT:  Santa couldn't fit down the chimney so he came in the front door!

HINT:  Wow! You are looking FINE in that New Year Eve's dress!

HINT:  Do you prefer Christmas - then take the teleporter - or NEW YEAR Celebration - my suggestion :-) 



HINT:  Between a rock and a hard place

HINT:  Remarkable The OWLS have it

HINT:  a christmas tree is nothing without a wreath!

HINT:  I'm with family and friends, comfortable and loved.


HINT:   Santa was here

HINT:  The Magic of Christmas is the GIFT

HINT:  Up high, wanting to be the tallest of the forest

HINT:  You can find me on the shelf near the reception

HINT:  Ethnic?

HINT:   We trees like to stick together!

HINT:  Check in the yard in front of the store!

HINT:  Shianne your flower is beautiful!

HINT:  Stars in Window

HINT:  Where else would you find a tree?

HINT:   I love the smell of a tree, in the car..

HINT:  I see a train

HINT:   Check the counter

HINT:  One more tree adds to the fun, dontcha think?

HINT:  Shadowstalker holds me captive come find me !!

HINT:  On the 1st floor is where you fiind me

HINT:   I love to Cranberry race!!

HINT:  Repeat after me.. I deserve new SHOES!

HINT:  I want my Gifts from under the Tree!

HINT:  White Squirrel

HINT:   Love the Christmas Market, The little cabin with the warm fireplace is very inviting.

HINT:  You can warm yourself on me when your hands are cold ;-)

HINT:  Look up at the Merry and Bright light.

HINT:  Hiding behind Santa's Jukebox

HINT:   What a unique cake topper!

HINT:  Anything New?

HINT:  Does it need to be gussied up a bit?

HINT:  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

HINT:  Holidays can be squirrely, but I wouldn't miss spending mine with you, deer!

HINT: I'll be home for Christmas, but which one?

Be My Mannequin? Pose Store-Adult HINT: You want a hint? Sure! I'll shed a little light on this TIP.

Thank you for participating in our hunt.  See you in February.