Sunday, October 1, 2017

Bump In The Night Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims for this hunt.  1L and 25L...both of them contain the exact same prize.  Updated 10/27

HINT: Look for the prize where the Joker's wild.

HINT:  This raven loves Candy Corn.

Dixe Dandelion-
I don't give a who, heart shines for you!

Go through the door, turn to the right
Into the middle room
There you'll find your hunt prize
Close to the witch's broom

HINT: Ravens belong on the roof! Or yano, by the roof textures.

HINT: It's chilly out, time to break out the sweats.

HINT:  look near hunt poster

HINT:  May all your bumps be FLATS!

HINT:  His War Cry was so loud the crow flew away

HINT: The Black Myst can flow through your clothes !

HINT: Do the Fairies swing or just fly?

HINT: Last seen he was on top of a flag

HINT: Do I want cute HALLOWEEN decorations or GORY decorations? I simply can't decide!

HINT: I'm standing on a pumpkin

HINT: Not all things that go bump in the night are ghosts. Some of them are Demons and this one will make people see red!

Sweet Peach- ADULT
HINT:  Here I am sitting way up high, watching you come & waving goodbye


HINT: Spiders are nothing to crow about!

ND/MD Kids R us-
Check hint giver in store

HINT:  Try your luck and have a seat!

HINT: Look for a Halloween Funny Pumpkin

Get Duck'd!ADULT
HINT:Don't forget your combination?

HINT:In the dark of the night, I rest my wings in comfort for tomorrows travels.

HINT: For a crow, I'm fairly large, how big are you?

HINT: 'Tween Autumn leaves, she gathers stars. I'm at her feet, below her arse.

HINT:  I'm stumped.

HINT: Look for me in the shop..Things are always changing before my eyes

HINT: Bump In The night around midnight hour can be something good!

HINT: So Good To Have The Gang Back Together

HINT: Find me where you get lucky

HINT: Upstairs in the den is that which you seek; Bend down, look around, down low you should peek.

HINT: Main Store, Bottom Floor.

Bare Naked Lady StoreADULT Updated SLURL
HINT: They Call us a Murder But that aint Right I just like to watch my friends in Flight

HINT: Lights Camera Pose

HINT: Story is always the same when a bird gets into a shop.

HINT:While you search the vast dark places for the elusive black crow, take time to stop in and say hello to mama.

HINT: Come and snuggle up, be cozy by the fire

HINT: There are some good discounts around me

HINT: Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

HINT: English: the skeleton holds it tight
        German: das Skelett hält ihn fest

HINT: Whether you live in Town or in Country spiders are still scary!

HINT:  See hint giver in store

HINT: Keep your eyes on the nurse with the hatchett, she's cray!

HINT: Two in love.

HINT: A spare Tire is handy to have.

HINT: His beady Little Eye is on the Cookies

HINT:Watch out for the Branches!

HINT: Birds love high places!

HINT: At the foot of the eagle

HINT: Too Goth to function.

HINT: Learning to surf!

HINT:  sticks and bones - either serves for building a nest!

Dixie Designs-
What is done in the dark will come to light

HINT:He should frighten them, but they are not afraid of him

HINT: Check the net, it's always in the net.

HINT: Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble

HINT: Row, row, row your boat ...

HINT: I am not bad im just drawn that way

HINT: Do not swat the bird!

HINT: I like to watch fair women dream of bicycles!

HINT:  Gatcha!


HINT: Only Four & Nevermore

HINT:by the bargains

HINT: What's "New" pussy cat?

HINT: I don't know why, but a bump in the night lights my heart

HINT: Beware of the Mausoleum Sarcophagus

HINT: I'm on the floor, close by the front door.

HINT: Check the hint giver

HINT: I'm hiding out in the rafters

HINT: Just what I needed...more recycled gachas!

Creepy Midget DesignsADULT
HINT:Behind the stairs you will find me look high for me

HINT: I will be perched above you. 

HINT: Hint Giver at sign

HINT: In the cart you will find everything you need to get your strength back.

HINT: This is a nice high perch

HINT: Somewhere there is a Skull..

HINT: Are you feeling Lucky?

HINT: Near the Stool for Basket Weaving

Monster Mash Halloween Market-
HINT: Look high. Look Low. A skeleton crawling through the wall is where you go!

HINT: My store is filled with things that go bump in the night. However, these children aren't scared at all. Perhaps you should pay them a visit int he Nursery.

HINT: Winter is coming, try not to stay indoors too much. Cabin fever makes people go Stark raving mad!

HINT: I run around the graveyard, Yet I do not move.


HINT:Sure is spooky and I just heard something Go Bump. I need to find a safe place to hide,maybe a disguise our corner. What looks safe to you?

HINT: I see you down there.

HINT: We watch the monsters spin round and round...

Uni BoutiqueADULT
HINT: As she covers herself she looks high in the sky.

HINT: They all kneel before me!

HINT: Up the stairs i hop and creep, into the room within a room i sneak, upon a rose i sit and wait, for your company i will partake.

HINT: Things are getting creepy around here.  Will someone please give me a drink to settle my nerves.


Thank you for participating in the hunt.  See you again in December.