Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Love Me...Love Me Not Hunt Hints & SLURLs

This hunt has two prims.  One hidden for 1L and one by the sign for 25L.  Each prim contains the same prize, so you can hunt and get it for 1L or just shop and purchase it for 25L.

Updated 2/15

Immortals Avatars-
HINT: The prize you seek is not hard to spy, you'll find it where the Blue Bird resides

~Go Frock Yourself~-
HINT-Take a chance with a gacha.

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: I love Hugs and Kisses

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:     Hearts and Flowers

Tool Shed-
HINT: It'll be at the landing!

HINT:O sales, how I love thee!

HINT: look near group gift

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT:  An APPLE a day makes on love you, they say!

Something New-
HINT: His love gives me "Mixed Emotions"

~ The Otherside ~-Adult
HINT: Where's your Holiday Banner?

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: Valentine is an Annual Event

Timeless Textures-
HINT: You were distraced by sensual SILK and dazzling LIGHTS, worry not my love, REDELIVERY will solve your plight

HINT: Look under the Lucky Chairs

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: Love me in this party dress

Sweet Peach-Adult
HINT: Alexia is perfect for a Valentines date

HINT: Such a pretty dress...

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~-Adult
HINT: Even Grass can be "Fine" !

An Lema-
HINT:The leaves be green, the rose be red,

Z.O.E. - Zanne's Odds & Ends-
HINT:  This place was so clean until someone graffiti'd it!

{Sickly SWEET}-
HINT: Gacha!

Georg Bellic Design-Adult
HINT:I love white flowers

Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos-
HINT: A rose by any other name would smell... like bananas?

Cog & Fleur-
HINT:  Follow the path into the Boudoir area, I'm hiding in the Wisteria pot.

Charming Station Clothing-
HINT: I consider myself lucky, CROSS my heart

Get Frocked-
HINT: Roses are Red and Sometimes White

Lunar Seasonal Designs-
HINT: Inside, but its like the outside

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: Tickle me Valentine

HINT:  Don't be seduced by the night.

Fashion Imaginings-
HINT: What kind of clothes are sold here?

HINT: Climb up to find my OUTLET!

Wood Works-
HINT: He was a president, but he never slept here.

Emma's @ Blue Moose-
HINT: Heart 2 Heart

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  There are so many shelves to display items up here by this Chaise Lounge!

HJM Designs-
HINT: Can you find the members sign? come and grab me for Valentine!

Tigerpaw Home Decor-
HINT: The teddy loves hugs

HINT: you can find me near the gift tags for Valentine

K&A Design-
HINT:  Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.

SANNA-SCIENCE and ART-Animated Textures Full Perm-
HINT: I Love You ! Ich Liebe Dich ! Je t´Aime ! Te Qiero ! Ti Amo !

Inara's Fantasy Couture-
HINT: Back Wall

Lady Dragon's Design-
HINT: Sexy Secretary

HINT:  Recycled Gacha's...woohoo!

X-Clusives Animations-Adult
HINT:Your love is the "MUSIC OF MY HEART"

Dixie Designs-
HINT: I hope I don't get redelivered!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: I'm in the Alchemist's Laboratory!

Mahlberg Tailors-
HINT: In real life you go to me to check out

Stitches Creations-
HINT: Relaxing on the beach

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT: Animals

HINT: Franchising is a good business!

Waffles' Babygirl-
HINT: Love grows so do I

Morte's Seduction & Finesmith's Creations-
HINT:  These Earrings are lovely

Oooo LaLa Designs-
HINT: What a gift!

.: Eclectic Stars :.-
HINT: "Mmmmm, little pieces of chalky love"

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: Sit, relax, enjoy some champagne.

Gemase Designs-Adult
HINT: I NEW you would come!

Applique` Chica-Adult
HINT:  Look for the leaves

Dreamscapes Art Gallery-
HINT: Please click the hint giver!

HINT: (Queen) Freddy has always been bigger then life. Seek him out.

Clutter for Builders-
HINT:  Now I lay me down to sleep.

PeachyKeen Gachas-
HINT: Sometimes Random items can be found

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Busy Busy kitty

Carrie's Lingerie-

Radical Designs-
HINT: give a helping hand

Shhh! It's a Secret-
HINT: Where current hunt meets Past HUNTS

PF - PreCAST Inc. Fashion-
HINT: We need more Jeans

Shae's Designs-
HINT: You will find me glowing in a window like shelf

Fair Valentine's Day @ Season of Wonders-
HINT:the key word in this holiday?