Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Gothic Masquerade Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.   Updated 10/9.

Go Frock Yourself-
HINT: Yum, Candy Corn

HINT: To Join the Group is the question


Clutter for Builders-
HINT:  I drowned in the bathtub.

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT: I think this time we'll go upstairs and look around among the chairs.

HINT: Out, then right, then straight ahead - the mask is by the clubhouse bed.

HINT: "It seems a bit pointless for me to be staring at this huge circular area. After all, I don't have eyes."

Something New-
HINT: Dont mess with Harley playtime masquerade!

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: Need a Hanna with anything?

HINT: Given the hunt theme, you really shouldn't be surprised to find me here...

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: You don't have to be a stalker to find out what goes on behind the mask!

HINT: Look under the stairs

HINT: Go to where the Privacy is Screened !

HINT:  Its that time of year that gives you fear, to follow that dark path (bloody paw prints), To finish your quest, you must be the best, hide in the dark (best at midnight setting) and hope the beast still sleeps.

HINT: Bye Felicia!

HINT: Nails and screws and clamps, oh my!

HINT: I would say it was close to a Pretty Thing

HINT: Sing: and it burns, burns, burns .. the ring of fire, the ring of fire ..

HINT: The HUNT HINT will know on where this gift will go.

HINT: That pesky troll, his candy bowl is always full!

HINT: It is in the Bedroom

HINT: All I need now is m dancing shoes

HINT: In your dreams I am the masqued Goddess

HINT:  Teddy Treat

HINT: Where are the Gazebo's?

HINT: I feel lucky to be alive.

HINT: Is it time for a manicure?

HINT: Quite shocking I tell you!

HINT: A Speeder to the Masquerade Ball

HINT: Don't use a cushion as a mask

HINT: ______ The Wisp

HINT:We're All Mad Here for a Masquerade

HINT: Ask it a question... you know you wanna!

HINT: I have an amazing view!


HINT: Keeping watch over the leather vests

HINT: That is totally batty!

HINT: Where witches fly and zombies crawl, you will find the prize!

HINT: You will find me at the entrance of a home,
But I am not alone,
We are three,
But the different one is me.

HINT: How may I help you? *munches macaron"

HINT: See Hint Giver at Store

HINT:  Here Kitty Kitty!

HINT: Jack is never a dull boy........find the gift on his bed.....

HINT: By a fireplace and a radiator - I'm toasty warm!

HINT: What are those crow's hiding there?


HINT: HINT: 1: Shhhhh
HINT: 2: Bag of Death
HINT: 3: Full of Love
HINT: 4: Love of Photography
HINT: 5: Guests are welcome here

* MAKER'S MUSE * Creator Supplies-
HINT: I look good on the Muse!

Delicate Designs-
HINT: Look on the faces

HINT: I can see you through the shadows..

Sour Pickles-
HINT: Check the hint giver

Kobis Kustoms-
HINT: you have to seach the trax to find me

Thank you for taking part in the hunt.