Monday, July 13, 2020

Around The Grid In 80 Days 8 Hunt Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize. 

HINT:  This prize was hidden with BLACK MAGIC!!

HINT: Oh Dear Why did I end up in a corner?

HINT:  Oink oink!

HINT: Palm trees belong at the beach!

HINT:   Our next stop is Cambridge!

HINT: "Where the Boys Are...this prize waits for thee..."

HINT: WEATHER Rooster make your search not be in VANE.

HINT: Behind the Scenes

HINT: In the middle of the night ... if you do it right ... lots more for free ... just come and see !

HINT: Under this store is a magical place
that shelters many an aquatic race.
To find this prize you must brave the deeps.
In the Underwater Cavern the treasure sleeps.

HINT: Carson has been around the grid a while!

HINT: I still have MIXED feelings about it all, but I will admit things are starting to LOOK UP.


HINT: You'll have to investigate to find the prize!

HINT:  Let your travels take you on to better things

HINT: Go to the "D" & "L" Flames

HINT: Your treasure can be found among the jewels.

HINT: Home is where the Beach is.

HINT: I like the looks from the bottom of the ocean

HINT: Sit and hope for some luck!

HINT:   1 of 2 - Where else would a palm tree be, than the beach!?
            2 of 2 - I'm having a tropical time by Tropicalia!


HINT: Come on in & sit down, have a beer and enjoy the palm trees
HINT: There's a party at the palm trees! Look for the balloons!

HINT: Come and lounge under the palm trees on your big square red shag beach towel.

HINT: Women can never have enough of them!

HINT: Hey this is a pot, not a beach.

HINT: I hope it´s a worm?

HINT:  Playing dress up is my favorite thing to do!

HINT: Searching the Victorian Floor Mirror...

HINT: Nice refreshing water!

HINT: Have a Seat.

HINT: Hint Giver at the Landing Point

HINT: I got my SHADES on and i am ready to see the world.

HINT: Search Medora flowers

HINT: So nice to be OUTDOORS in the summer!
HINT:  Looking out the window, I see the world waiting

HINT: Wow, I feel lucky around all these LETTERS!

HINT: Do you know how to pack the flowers & planters?

HINT: When you find me, scream "Gacha!"

HINT: Hint Giver at Hunt Sign

HINT: Relax in a tropical setting and enjoy the breeze of the fan 

HINT: Where Bargains are Found

HINT: I am loving the directions!

Hint:  AM i part of this decor? Check me out!

Hint: Mum! My jeans have shrunk in the wash again!

HINT:  Sitting beneath the shade of one of my own

HINT: "I gacha say that things seem to move at a snail's pace around here!"

HINT: Did Someone Say Random

HINT: A fun way to spend a summer day!

HINT: Have a seat!

HINT: Higher, higher, even higher ~ wow, a palm tree grows from the stairs

HINT: Yum tasty herbs....

HINT: "take a peak, I'm not THAT sneak, I'm by an INU"

Hint: "Look for the HousePlant inside the  tree and you will find me"

Thank you for participating in our hunt!!  See you at the next one.Que Rico