Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let It Snow Hints & SLURLs

Updated 12/18

HINT:  Look for Penny and I will be there

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  Is it safe to have a snowflake that close to the fire?

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   Come on in and have a seat... the RECLINER looks like the perfect spot!

Something New-
HINT:  In a Cloud of Dreams Let It Snow

Freya's Finest Jewels-
HINT: Check Hint Giver (Next to the MM Board)

HINT: Midnight is a lucky time

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: Lets raise a glass of the best

HINT: look near the hunt poster

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: When it snows you may need to explore!

Magnum Opus-
HINT:  What are these crates doing here?

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: Find the prize where Christmas grows

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!

~ The Otherside ~-
HINT: Can A Fairy have a livingroom?

Texture Me True-
No Hint Given

HINT: Snow means SNOWMAN!

Eye Candi-
HINT: Kiss and Make Up.

Elegance by Elysa-
HINT:  Curl up all warm and cozy by a fire suitable for a Manor

Emerald Couture-
HINT: The weather outside is delightful but inside is a sightful...of snow....so you dont know where to go?  Look inside the tree and there you will see.

Little Scamp Designs-
HINT:  It's on the Second Floor

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT:  Do DORLIEs nest in the snow?

FashionNatic-25L Prim Not Out
HINT:Whats new?

Nail Me-
HINT: D'aww, it's so precious!

HINT: I got you under my skin...

Designs by Sebastian-
HINT: You'll find me snug within the branches of a friendly tree

La Boheme-
HINT: I always wanted to be the star...

Tool Shed-
HINT: The white shed full of woods has your prize.

{Sickly SWEET}-
HINT: Up the stairs to smell the flowers...

HINT: Hey, this is not cheese.

Hatter 'n Hell-
HINT:  Ooooooo! All the lovely trees!

Wood Works-
HINT: Wanna Play? It's a Date!

LX Essentials-
HINT: Have a warm one.

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: Woa Wait I am scared of Heights!

X-Clusives Animations-
HINT:Some people want the best.  We call these people the ELITE.  Seek out the information board for the ELITE GROUP.  There you will find your prize.

LnL Square-
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

~ Dawn's Dreamy Garden-
HINT: Was Athena a God?

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: "Gacha!!"

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: Look beyond the edge.

Stitches Creations-
HINT: What pretty Decorations

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Have Snowflake will party

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The Hut Hint swill tell of where the snowflake fell

Glam Dreams-
HINT: " To protect yourself from me, you will need a Fur ! "

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: White as snow!

HINT:  Let it snow, let it snow
             Snow high and low
             Cover the trees
             And cover those knees!

HINT: Not a place for fire.

Ayva's Attic-
HINT: Where's the green hunter?

Get Frocked-
HINT: A snowy decoration to the table gives a touch of class (upstairs)

Untamed Designs-
HINT: Feel free to have a seat on my HAT.... but don't eat my NOSE!

HINT: It's 36 degrees outside and too cold to wear such a skimpy Outfit!

HINT: Cute Snowgirls!

HINT: Its going to be cold out there better warm up by the Fire!

Nocturnal Needs-
HINT: You want a gift? Ask St. Nick!

Les Sucreries de Fairy-
HINT: You'll find me near some Christmas textures (just follow the trail)

~GL~ Shop-
HINT: i hope that sweet panda keeps me warm

An Lema-
HINT: Happy penguin feet!  I think?

MoonWillow Designs-
HINT: It may be snowing, but it's bikini season all year here

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Tips always REGISTER!

True North Designs-
HINT:  I know just where to park myself to keep  warm!

Vips Creations-
HINT: mmm what a nice candygifts!!

Potomac Signature Homes-
HINT:  Look out the window, it's snowing!

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  I like pine cones.

No Hint Given

Country Charm-
HINT: I went upstairs and took a left to see if my prize was on a self.

Loordes of London-
HINT:by the bargains

Siren's Moon-
HINT: Lady's: My turn on the merry go round.
        Men's: WOW!!  there sure are a lot of great hunt prizes.

HINT:  " Santa Stop Here "

Dragonsworn Mainland-
HINT: "Having a snack... it's a great view!"

Redrose Jewellry Store-
HINT:  You may have to climb the stairs. You will find me high above you.

HINT:  Yummy!

Steaming Ahead-
HINT: Gatcha!

HINT:For getting snow it needs a cold day

TRS Designs-
HINT: Snowflake Fairy

HINT:  I'm hidden in the tree

IT! (Indulge Temptation!)-
HINT:  Who doesn't like gifts?

HINT: Lets go hang with the Bell Bottoms!

Lilith's Den-
HINT: The circle between Ups and Downs
       goes round and round ...

Shae's Creations-
HINT: Oh Christmas Tree

HINT: I am just a little kitty

Scrambled Eggy's-
HINT: Something old something new something borrowed blue.... was that how it goes?

Dragonsworn Track-
HINT: "Waiting for my turn in the bath"

Faerietale Designs-
HINT: Just hanging here watchin the snow fall

Rage Clothing-
HINT:  I can explain!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: I'd like to take a minute to buy a Castle...

HINT: What a beautiful View

{Ms. B. Designs}-
HINT:  Don't get bookish, the snow is COMING SOON!

HINT: "star light, star bright....you will find your gift in it's place"

Christmas Fair-
HINT:It's time to start the magic, snowflakes falling outside the window

~*Heavenly Bacon*~-
HINT: Breakfast in bed is always nice!

HINT:  Browse the Catalogue to have fun!

Vanderpump Style-
HINT: Iam hanging somewhere on a tree

Desi's Prints-
HINT: Trees

irrISIStible shop-
HINT: go to center podium

Shabby Tabby-
HINT: It's Snowing! Look out the window!

Time Works-
HINT: Oh! You thought this would be easy? Well the nutcracker is guarding it!

HINT:  We've planted your prize in a seasonal garden

OMG! Inc.-
HINT: Within 'Bound Chaos', I am near the roses.

*ZK* Designs - Home & Garden-
HINT: The snow on the roof here is soooo interesting

HINT:I'm under the table

Perfect Seduction-
HINT: Love the view!

JLZ Fashion-
HINT: Going up?

Fi's Creations-
HINT: Shoe corner on left side

~La Moyet Design~-
HINT: Maybe Santa knows where ?

HINT: Kitten from Santa

Kelli Kreations-
HINT: I gatcha Feeling

HINT: I need a drink

HINT: " Go to the winter skybox 􀀄There is a place to sit down on the sleigh beside the snowman"

Khargo Christmas Market-
HINT:  See hint giver at sign by landing point

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT: Funny!!

HINT: Christmas is far but oh so very near.. you might see me here!

HINT: Sit on it ;)

HINT: Oh look, I match the curtain.

Pink and Zain's Wedding Store-
HINT: Hurry quick and enjoy the sand, before the snow covers the land!

HINT: "Man oh man - I want THAT for Christmas!"

D&s Designs-
HINT: It's kind of a new item.

Christmas Lane-
HINT:They all wants to sit on my lap!

Evolving Images-
HINT:  The most logical place for a Christmas present.  Red is your lucky color.

HINT: I mesh you :)

Mystic's Fashion-
HINT: decorate the *Light*  Christmas tree

Moonlitecat Creations-
HINT: Gatcha!

HINT: Just around the corner

HINT: Its nice to see kids working so hard in a workshop, and I dont even pay them salery. Ho-ho-ho-ho they get presents tho, just like all the other kids

:Pretty Kitty Design:-
HINT: Hint Giver

Cog & Fleur-
HINT:  Find the Goggles

HINT: Who likes cookies?

Toxic High-
HINT: Don't trip

Paisley Daisy-
HINT: The snow is starting to pitch.  Someone should close the doors!