Saturday, December 1, 2018

Gingerbread Men & Hot Cocoa Hunt SLURLS & Hints

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.  Updated 12/26.

Go Frock Yourself-
HINT:  Be sure to have plenty of crayons on hand.

HINT:  The driftwood on the beach pretty

HINT: A relaxing dip in the hot tub might thaw my feet!

HINT:  look near stairs

HINT: At least put some boxers on! Jeez!

HINT: The gingerbread man ran past you and out the door!!!

HINT: I'm higher than Pedro.

HINT: Something looks a lot like Christmas

HINT: Can the Woodsie have a living room?

HINT: I love to use my workbench to decorate gingerbread men!

HINT: Ooohhhh, I hope I get something SHINY for Christmas this year!

HINT: Keep warm this winter and perhaps wear a Christmas Gown :)

HINT: Mmmmm  Hot Cocoa... Now I've lost my TRAIN of thought!

HINT: Super Palm Trees have SUPER POWERS!

HINT: I love to rock around the xmas tree, do you?

HINT: Men:  I go round and round, spin me again!
        Women:  I love to dance, got to boogie!

HINT:  Check Hint Giver

HINT: Check out all the gifts!

HINT: Call of the Wild up on the rock, the Alpha guards.

HINT: Naughty Knickers can help you feel your best but look behind you if you take a rest

HINT:  Brush the crumbs off the sheet after you snack on some gingerbread

HINT: Tired of hunting? Have a seat and take a rest - you will find the prize at your feet

HINT: Autumn Fairy and Me

HINT: Do you need an Easter Bunny Costume?

HINT:  Put the cocoa down and join the snowman on his sled ride!

HINT: Super Sales Weekend Sales are Great! 

HINT: This is the season of cuddling in front of a fireplace ...



HINT: Can you see the trees through the forest?

HINT:  It's cold outside, but we have a fire in the fireplace to keep us warm!

HINT:  I'm the Gingerbread man where can I be?  Maybe you should look under the .....

HINT: Everyone loves cozy feet!

HINT: Check the hint giver

HINT: Did Someone One Say RARE

HINT: I've got a "hutch" you'll find this soon!

HINT: Santa Baby.

HINT: They forgot dusting in this corner

HINT:  The HUNT HINT will know of where this gift will go

HINT:The Gingerbread man is waiting for his manicure.

HINT: Don't get wet.

HINT: Sliding Between Bars

HINT:  He's watching you!


HINT:  "Snuggled up with the K-9, sharing my cocoa as we share in the Season's Greetings"

HINT:Seasonal Things

HINT:  These black sparkling wings remind me of the sky on Christmas night!


HINT: I love Groups

HINT: Those gingerbread men are dead Jim...

HINT: It's so cold, i wish i was drinking hot cocoa at the beach.

HINT: I'll go out on a limb... but we might need to call the fire department... tell them it's not a cat... it's a gingerbread man!

HINT: Would you enjoy some cookies?

HINT: I'm glad heights don't make me dizzy

HINT:  see hint giver at store

HINT: I am a little manic!

HINT:Somewhere Over the Rainbow


HINT: I'm hidden in the inSanity Shop

HINT: OMG, the holidays are here again! I need something festive!

HINT: Where else would a gift go?

HINT: Be a Unicorn

HINT:  I do love lingerie

HINT: Don't trip on the stairs

HINT:I think it's time to look into the bag.

HINT:  Bad Kitty!

HINT: Sometimes Santa is hungry when he drops off the lovely packages, sometimes he's not., Take the TP pad to get down to the stores..

HINT: I'm tired of climbing the stairs.

HINT: Xo Xo like Ho Ho

HINT: Behind the plant by Shoshi

HINT: I'm looking down on you :P

HINT: Awe so cute, but I think he may bite!

Thank you for joining the hunt.