Friday, February 1, 2019

Love Is In The Air Hunt SLURLs & Hints

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.


HINT:  In this outfit you are sure to be hit by Cupid's Arrow.

HINT: Love Potions are taught on day 1!


HINT:  I Gacha Your Back

HINT: What's that over by the fireplace?

HINT:  It's so romantic back here in the garden among the flowers

HINT: These KittyCatS need love too.

HINT: This Valentines be Her One and His Only!

HINT: Mirror, mirror off the wall, who's the loving one of all?

HINT: MISSED Me, MISSED Me, Now you gotta kiss me!

HINT: There's nothing Sissy about a Valentine's so stay in the Pink!

HINT: look near the stairs in another building

HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT: Come over to the Dark side and find the Peaceful Pergola!

HINT:  Try hearts, candy and flowers, but we all know the way to one's heart is through their stomach,  cook a nice meal and you'll  get what you want!

HINT: Don't worry, Mariel and Greta sprayed some extra love into the air!

HINT: Wearable Wedding Venue is also available in the silly stuff laptop. :P

HINT: Fountains of Love

HINT: Love Is In the Air, everywhere I look around ... and hearts, sooo many hearts ! (extra hint: best overview on top of a wall)

HINT:Everyone loves a Super Sales!

HINT: Love is in the air at Closer the Heart and the hunt prize is not far away...

HINT:  Dragons like gifts

HINT:  Who doesn't love a sale?

HINT:  Wont you consider joining our group.  It's free!!!!!

HINT: Place your "Tulips" on mine

HINT: I sit on the floor in the classic wing - underneath the stairs

HINT: Love can be found by the dotted princess!

HINT: Love is Mystical

La Bella Boutique-

1: Lets play a game !

HINT: Every Gentleman deserves nice things.

HINT: Getting all dressed up for the formal.

HINT: Is There A RANDOM around

HINT: This is a dark and dingy place.

HINT:  Love lights up the world

HINT:  The HUNT HINT will know on where this gift will go.

HINT: Check the hint giver

HINT: Bring your lights out!

HINT:  Just before you Ascend

HINT: If you find me your heart won't bleed

HINT: Searching the little monkey!

HINT:  Treat yourself to the perfect mani/pedi to complete your gorgeous look!

Sort Of-Adult
HINT: Whats Black and what and goes up and down?

HINT: I would just relax here and lounge

HINT: Whether rain or show, you should probably take cover.

HINT: Helga can help you.

HINT: Over the moon...

HINT: :I like to vote for my favorite merchant

HINT: What's the count?

HINT: Such a cute Unicorn

HINT:  Gacha with a quick spritz!

HINT: Bury all my Love

HINT: "Stop and smell the flowers."

HINT: She screamed "GACHA", tickled him, and then ran!

HINT: If it rains, it's gonna get wet

HINT: Cargo Awesome

HINT: Leave me a mail

HINT: I bet he holds her heart!

HINT:  Sit down, be comfy, and smell the ROSES!

GO Makeup-Adult
HINT: Let's make up?

HINT:  "Be Mine"

Southern Sass-
HINT: Cupid Loves Gachas

Thank you for participating in the hunt.