Friday, May 1, 2015

Birds & Bees Hints & SLURLs

Updated 5/29.

Celtic Wolf
HINT:  Have you ever seen a ballerina in a belljar?


HINT: Purrr!!! Pet the kitty

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: Busy Bees have dreams of buzzing around Flower Fairies in the Summer

~La Moyet Design~
HINT: Look at the Flowers !

Park Place Home Decor
HINT:   You'll find birds and bees outside of course.... probably by the flowers in the garden shop

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT: The MOIRAs that sing in the spring tra-la!

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Check hint board on right hand wall

*ZK* Designs
HINT: Bills aren't the only thing that ends up in this place, we are waiting for you there

An Lema
HINT: I saw a little birdie, Sitting under a tree

Elegance by Elysa

{Sickly SWEET}
HINT: Candles candles on the wall...

HINT: Everybody loves a good sale!

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: Welcome

HINT: look near hunt poster

^Wicked Sin Creations^
HINT: Close the curtains.

HINT: Luna will guide your way

HINT: "Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and the bees
          And the flowers and the trees
          And the moon up above
          And a thing called 'Love'."
          You should probably check out the flowers and the tree upstairs.  Unfortunately, Dean Martin isn't there to sing to you.

Fi's Creations
HINT: News

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  "look for flowers, a color like me; a rose perhaps, a home to be"

HINT: Follow the sound of splashing water

HINT: Birdy Birdy Nam Nam (Decor shop)

Something New
HINT: The story of the Birds and the Bees leads to true loves Kiss

Love Everlasting PlantPets
HINT: Don't be a pansy, you can find it!

Scrambled Eggy's
HINT: Check by hunt sign

Timeless Textures
HINT: Searching for the hunt prim? Keep your eyes on the SKY or you'll be ICE cold.

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: Male Gift in Living Vintage Men Store~ The view from up here is nice!!!!
        Female Gift  ~ I do hate to work!!!

By Jove
HINT:  Take a toke, and enjoy the hunt.

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: On a wing and Prayer

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: Stop by the cash-wrap when your done shopping

HINT: I'm Keeping Company with the Robin

HINT:  What better place to find birds and bees, then with the hanging flowers in the full grown trees?
Check outside

The Vintage Touch
HINT: Every girl needs some nice Accessories!

Stitches Creations

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Get Frocked
HINT:  Misty just thinks im a toy

Lone Wolf Studio
HINT: Bees LOVE These!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Don't need to explain the birds & the bees to me, I Gacha!

La Boheme
HINT: We totally blend in with these flowers.

United InshCon
HINT: hint giver

PB Designs
HINT: Springs make us bounce

HINT: " I admire the yellow and orange butterflies"

Incendia Outdoors
HINT: Hint giver at Landing point Hint changes alot

X-Clusives Animations
HINT:  The hunt is on for
the birds and the bees
With help you'll separate
the wood from the trees
But for your gift
I may need a swap
So hurry along
and find a GIFT SHOP

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Look at me near the Cherry Tree blossom...

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: I love playing gatcha

HINT: I am traveling all the way to the galaxy

The Happy Hat
HINT: The Hunt Hints will tell the tale of where I am set for sale...

HINT: : "Beautiful songbirds in a Golden cage "

HINT: Follow the arrow for 25 lindens

HINT: I like to hang out with my friend the turtle near the water

HINT: Punk Rock never looked better in Pink

Jovis Unique Creations
HINT: I'm a prize catch

LOoLOo's & Platypus
HINT: I need a Doctor!

{Ms. B. Designs}
HINT: Bee's like to build their nests up high in a corner so saying, "HANDS OFF" to those who might bother.

Red Peppers Designs
HINT: Walk a mile in my shoes.

Cake Fox
HINT: "You can sing like a bird, sting like a bee, but can you swim to where this prize might be?"

bees heaven shop
HINT: Mhhh i love honey. Should i try this variety or this or this or this... ?

HINT:  A girls name idolized in a song by Barry Manilow

Ayva's Attic
HINT: Bird hotel.

True North Designs
HINT: Ah Spring! A time to be Outdoors, amongst the PLANTS & Flowers!

Vicious Decay
HINT: Third Heaven

Ro!Act Designs
HINT: Butterflies Everywhere!

HINT: Are you a Princess or... a QUEEN?

More Than Ever
HINT: Look for the double headed arrow

Shoenique Designs
HINT:  Take a dip in the fountains

Against the Wall
HINT:   Sping has come and warm weather is here, time to put away winter things until they are needed next year

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: We're eating..

[ free bird ]
HINT: What's your Spirit Animal?

Kingswood Store & Gacha Market
HINT: Top Shelf

RM Creations
HINT: Mirror Mirror on the wall whom is the fairest of them all

Adorably Strange Wares
HINT: Outside you can see the moon and stars better.

HINT: Have a heart!

~* Heavenly Bacon *~
HINT: Tiptoe to the tulips and listen to the dove coo.

HINT: Do bees take a bath like birds in a Bird Bath.

Libbytulips Sparkle Fashion
HINT: •Where on you hide your WINGS ?

Wicked Diva's Courtyard
HINT: I will Perform for You...

Nail Me
HINT: I hope Clara's not allergic to bees!

HINT: April showers brought May flowers to Zesty...bees like flowers right?

Serendipity Designs
HINT:  Our birds and bees love the beach, and so will you in the Ashley Living room.

Vannilla Gestures
HINT: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Vero Modero
HINT: i wish have teleport in rl

! Beautiful Dangerous !
HINT: These can help you go up.

Octopus' Garden Cafe & Giftshop
HINT: Good friends make us smile

Enchanded Desires
HINT: Put the Flowers here

Pink and Zain's Wedding Store
HINT: I think I heard a strange buzzing sound come from upstairs near those flowers!

HINT: Be still my heart

HINT:  click HINT giver below hunt sign, near landing

HINT: corners and corners

HINT: And that's why birds do it
Bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

HINT: please dont step on me

HINT: Ask Nadja, she may help you!

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: Memory lights the corners of my mind.

loordes of london
HINT:by the back door