Friday, October 1, 2021

Creatures Of The Night Hints & SLURLs


There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize.

HINT:  Clisare knows the way to your prize.

HINT: The bat's hanging out between some goths and some plaids.

HINT:   It's dark under the stairs!

HINT: Even Zombies, Witches & Ghosts love rummaging through the Discount Vendor!

HINT: Beyond the forest the Prize doth hover...

HINT: Check near the treasure chest!

HINT: Always nice to have something NEW!

HINT: Check outside at a roofline for a flying rat

HINT: I soar with mesh kits.

HINT:  The creature Nola wants, Nola gets!

HINT: Be it Zombie Be it Creature just ATTACK!

HINT: The place between real & fantasy

HINT: Pumpkins

HINT: Hiding among the well heeled

HINT:  If there is a toga, there has to be a mummy, right?

HINT: Just hanging around!

HINT: I'm flying up toward the top! where the bats belong!

HINT: Among all these pretty animals I feel a bit uncomfortable, maybe we should go to Halloween Area ?

HINT: Bats are not so rare


HINT: "Bubble, Bubble the bat is in the witch's brew"

HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT:  If your time is spent wisely you get a surprise but dont be impatient or it will be your demise.

HINT: The tree Is on Fire!

HINT:  I thought that song was 'Under the boardwalk'!

HINT: Queen Bee

HINT: Flying High... Above Knitwear

HINT: On the Vintage sign!

HINT: Hitching a ride on the back of the stinger

HINT:  Great gifts always REGIStER!

HINT: lets climb the mile

HINT: Look at the stars inside, where you least expect them.

HINT: Check upstairs near the fishing robot.

HINT: OMG, that tree is full of bats!

HINT: It's Really Scary up here all by myself!

HINT: I vant  to suck the music

HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT: even a pumpkin has to take a break

HINT: I need something sexy to wear - maybe a Harness can suit me?

HINT: Santa!  Can I be your pet?

HINT: Bats live in the dark!

HINT:  Knock Knock   " who's there? "

HINT: What is that lurking in the castle?

HINT:  Forget about bats in the belfry, we got bats in the store.

HINT: Bats hang from ceilings

HINT:  Looks like a boat, but you can't sail it away!

HINT: using hint sign

HINT: read the info's

HINT:  Wait for dawn.  All will be well.

HINT: I am finally in Halloween and I am in a jam!

HINT: Find the Fire

HINT: You can find me on the shelf near the reception

HINT: Go to the trees

Thank you for participating in Creatures Of The Night Hunt.