Friday, December 1, 2017

Dear Santa Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, they are priced 1L and 25L.  The 25L prim will be placed by the sign, while the 1L prim is hidden in the store.  Both prims contain the same prize.  Updated 12/9.

Go Frock Yourself-
HINT:  We need new frames for all the pictures we took at Christmas.

HINT: To Find Santa's letter look for the Mystery Gacha's

HINT: I feel Super!

HINT:   I think I prefer the blue mist in winter

Tool Shed-
HINT: Hereee piggy piggy

HINT: Dear Santa, I want something punky.

HINT: look near hunt poster

HINT:  Dear Santa - please bring me a HARLEY for Christmas!

Something New-
HINT: Santa, for Christmas all i want is my FOREVER FAMILY

HINT: Would you prefer Black Lace & Leather or White?

HINT: Where candles are alight

HINT: Oh I'm such a mess this holiday season BETWEEN all these BOXES I'm afraid I've lost something, I'd better find a REDELIVERY Terminal right away!

HINT: Check the stair well

HINT:  Dear Santa I want to Party and paint the town red!

HINT:The Christmas tree has many beautiful decorations.

HINT: Ho ho ho, Snow happy to see you!

HINT: look for a little Christmas tree

Kitty Creations-
HINT:  On the wings of a dragon, I fly to the North, waiting for Santa to give me my gift

HINT: Finding this should be a picnic!

HINT:   She leaves a little sparkle where ever she goes.

HINT: A Caribou by any other name is still a Caribou

HINT: Does a "Fox Glove" fit like a normal glove?

HINT: Dear Santa Ill Be waiting where you leave the most gifts

HINT:  I'm Special

Weiser Furniture and More-
HINT:  UGG Cristmas Season can be exausting!!! ..Time for a nap

HINT:  We are all like children at Christmas so ..swing on the swing ..slide down the slide and relax on the upper deck

HINT: A creature is stirring, I think it's a MOUSE.

HINT:  Wrapping all these presents can be a chore, but I have to remember to check the mail and get this letter to Santa sent out.

HINT: IC Productions Main Store Ground Level

HINT: Romeo's true love

HINT: Riches await here

HINT: Dear Santa, I wrote ... and here I wait my reply

HINT: Sorry for the mess, I was chasing the raven!

Magnolia Designs-
HINT: Has somebody missed the box?

Wood Works-
HINT: Come to the "Den" where "sex" is just part of it.

HINT: Not sure which couch I was at when I dropped the letter to Santa.

HINT: Eat, drink and make merry.

HINT: Dear Santa, for Christmas I'd like an American Bike.

HINT:Is it trash or what?

HINT:  There's no room for me under the Rose

HINT:Warm, Cozy, Marshmallows!

HINT: Grandma has such pretty heirlooms!

HINT: Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to survive!

HINT: Move over Harry Potter

HINT: If you are searching for a prize, be sure to open your eyes, you'll see hunt posters on the shelves, then a place where you'd dress yourself....look inside.

HINT:  I love surfing!

HINT: I love a good drink, but don't wanna be in between to the Scottish or the Irish..they squabble to much!

HINT:  NEW stuff is always front and center!

HINT: This will gacha in the Christmas spirit

HINT: This just isn't pretty

HINT:  Fir Sure!

HINT: I love the Christmas concerts

HINT:  Great gifts always REGISTER!

HINT: Dear Santa I live down under Please don't forget me

HINT:Ho, Ho, Ho!  Where do you normally look for gifts?

HINT: Is this chair lucky for you today?

HINT:  Free Christmas item? YAH!!!


HINT: Hint Giver at the Hunt Sign

HINT: Join group

HINT: Where and how to hide a whole cabin?^o^

HINT: Check the hint giver

HINT:  Taste the Rainbow

HINT: Dear Santa, I've been very good this year.  Well, pretty good. Hmmmm, never mind, I'll buy my own gifts.

HINT:buy the bargains

HINT: Hunting is hard work, why not sit and relax for a bit.

HINT: "Drag your photo here"

HINT: Is that a new decoration?

HINT: Hanging with the jackets

HINT:    How I miss sitting on the dock in summer

HINT: Catch a Snowflake on your tongue

HINT:  in the broken plant pot city it becomes a new home

HINT:  Eeek! Help me! I've fallen headfirst into a snowbank!


HINT:  The trees are turning colors, so pretty, come see, first floor

HINT: Otters and Musical Fans, oh MY!

HINT: Nestled down where Santa would look.

Celestial Designs-
HINT: When does Santa come? At MIDNIGHT of course!!