Saturday, July 13, 2019

Around The Grid in 80 Days 7 Hunt Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.  Updated 8/16.

HINT: Maybe your Zodiac knows where the prize is!

HINT: Love a Super Sale

HINT: Women-On the way out of town, we need to drop some frosting off with Chi.
Men-Ryan is watching Atomic Blonde

HINT: Maybe we'll float past the diner!

HINT::   Sales Sales and More Sales!!

HINT: It's teatime! I hope this snow doesn't freeze it.

HINT: Wont get too far if WE ARE PUSHING a broken down car!

HINT: 80 days only got Mallory up the mountain!

HINT: Headbangers would love these vendors!

HINT: A Wolf Maiden can find the prize, can you?

HINT:  Look up, into the light

HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT: Where Damask Jeans keeps her "Jeans"

HINT:  In the days of old where stories are told of dragons cuddling kittens,
do your best to complete your quest and take yours home.

HINT: Erika has jet lag from all this travel.

HINT:  In order to rise to the top you must fjord the highest stairway.

HINT: She is the Goddess of Time

HINT: Around MIDNIGHT I always get MAD and hide behind something RED

HINT: Where the Yellow Tulips Grow!

HINT: The HUNT HINT will know on where this gift will go.

HINT: Let's keep it above the knee

HINT: I'm Turning Japanese .. At Least I think So ...

HINT: Woman's - He's said I was curtain ready
        Men's - One Linden what?

HINT: Kat sees you.. Do you see Kat???

HINT: As my fingers tickle the ivories out rolls the song up up and away in my beautiful balloon.

HINT: "We've got the biggest heart"

HINT:    During your transit in Taox, you will have to watch from behind the three blessed ones ...

HINT: This boat looks great for cuddles!

HINT: As you go around the grid you may find several types of music

True North Designs
HINT:  'Oi! I got stuck under this stupid desk, give me a hand out will ya?'

Love Everlasting Home & Garden Store
HINT: Climb the mountain. You deserve a cup of coffee after that hike!

HINT: What a payne!

Loggin Off Homes-
HINT: Look for the red double doors and then X marks the spot.

HINT: Surrounded by Stars
HINT: A logical place to look if you're hungry.

HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT:Come on in

HINT:  Beam Me Up!

HINT:Near to the sky.

HINT: Love Lifts Us Up

HINT:  I want to be just like her!

HINT:Follow the Arrow

HINT: All about the royals...

HINT:Way down below the ocean where I want to be she may be

HINT: Search the Shabby Chic Chocolates Store

HINT: I think this area might be too small to test the raft in. :)

HINT:  Floating along the rainbow

HINT: I wanted to have a closer look at Lily and now I am stuck in this wall!

HINT: 5 Lindens is 5 Lindens!!

HINT: It must be in the B

HINT: I see the LIGHT

HINT:  Something fishy about this hunt prize!

HINT: It’s not the peanuts that made him do it. It’s the feathers!

Kittycat's Creations-
HINT:  This is a sign of things to come!

HINT:  You will find this prize hidden among the family poses.

HINT:Find the gift cards then search high. low, and everywhere in between.

Girls: Tables are so helpful and reading books is fun!
Boys: Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

HINT:  Check The Hint Giver

HINT:  Men: OW!  Sparrow!
          Women:  Just dance!

HINT: I'm near the fruit basket

HINT: Female - It's a shopping addiction
Male - Turn your eyes to the north

HINT: Follow the Air Stream.

HINT: Just hanging out with the guys.

HINT: Brave Women Warriors

Simple Reflections-Updated LM
HINT: Near many photo frames

HINT: A hot air balloon ride and a cup of tea.

HINT:  Am I a Horseshoe or a CLOCK?

Xxxtasi-Updated LM
HINT: Were The coconuts grow

HINT: Welcome to HelaMiyo poses! You want to look at the editorial poses

HINT: You don't really have to travel far to get to Germany & England!

Virtual Glitter
HINT:  "Behind a sign."

Mystic & Tabby's Fashion-
HINT: between Mystic and Tabby

Kobis Kustoms-
HINT: You have to Spin to Win

HINT: I love shoes!

Sour Pickles-
HINT-Check Hint Giver

Thank You for taking part in the hunt!!