Thursday, July 13, 2023

Around The Grid SLURLS & Hints

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize.

HINT:  Do you want fries with that?

HINT:  You'll find me in Waterford.

HINT:  From days of old there are fortunes untold - your present lies 'on the whispering wind' beneath stairs.

HINT:  Just turn around.

HINT:  Faberge all the way.

HINT:  The prize is not that Fara way!

HINT:  You can find me on the shelf near the reception

HINT:  Look in the drawers

HINT:  Deposit!


HINT:  The Earth Globe is turning around, but in addition my Disco Globes sparkle !

HINT:  not too far away, just walk in. 

HINT:  Perhaps a visit to the Orient will help you find the prize

HINT:  I just love Bailey's Cream!

HINT:  Do it!! I dare you

HINT:  I am in a colorful place were you can show your Pride

Thank you for participating in the hunt.  See you in October.