Sunday, May 12, 2013

Around The Grid Hunt July 27-Oct 15, 2013

This hunt will run July 27-Oct 15, 2013.  Around the Grid in 80 Days, & Around the Tiny Grid in 80 Days.  This will have two paths, one for regular avatars and one for small mesh avatars.  Applications are at the bottom.  Please read all the rules before applying.  If you wish to participate in both paths send in two applications.

 Theme is anything goes, as long as it's a male and female gift or unisex.  Something that represents you, your store, your home country, whatever appeals to you.

Hunt Items will be 1L.


June 28:  App Deadline
July 2: Sign Walkthrough
July 20: Hunt Prims Sent Out
July 20: Hints/Pics Due
July 22: Walkthrough (Prim on sign set for sale)
July 26:  Walkthrough (Prize Hidden & Filled)
July 27:  Hunt Starts