Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finding The Fairytale Hints & SLURLs

If you find a problem with the SLURLs please contact Isabelle Torok or Ripley Rozenberg so that we can investigate the matter.  All SLURLs are correct to the knowledge of the organizers.  Updated 2/17.

HINT: You can find me in a special place, look for me near the angel's space

HINT:  I need a manicure for the ball so that my SLINKS nails are perfect.

HINT: Look Near Hunt poster

HINT:  Click HUNT HINT below Hunt sign

HINT: It's my super secert.

HINT: Don't tell Alice about this twisted Fairy Tale!

HINT:  Go through the door and straight on through
Return to the outside
Look around the flower bed
There your prize does hide.

HINT: Check Hint Giver Board - right hand wall near the window (Next to MM board)

HINT:  Curl up all warm and cozy by a fire suitable for a Manor

HINT: Special Collections build will hold your Fairytale ending.

HINT: Be careful where you sit!

HINT: I danced my shoes off, but then I fell asleep

HINT: My heart is all aflame with love, Will you be my VALENTINE?

HINT: As soon as you land, there it will be.

HINT: She was a princess in her own secondlife and her name is Gabriella

HINT: Every princess needs a guiding LIGHT

HINT: In some parts of the world it is still sunny in winter.

HINT: I'm on Display

HINT: What's for dinner?

HINT:  Find the discount and find me

HINT: "Don't get upset.
No need to rage.
Just look near
the Captive's cage."

HINT: Once upon a dream

Sweet Tea Couture (Follow the stone path)
HINT: Before meeting your Prince Charming, best get dressed!

HINT: Look at the mantelpiece.

HINT: Meow pet me blue fur... 

HINT: It's hidden by the hideaway.

HINT: find me at the spiral base

HINT: Dust bunnies love to hide near me.

HINT:  Our fairytale starts with a dance, now that's Amore!
Check the Standing Animations section.

HINT: Tisk a Taskit .. hiding next to red riding hoods apple basket.

HINT:  " And.... they lived happily ever after, among the Spring Roses ".

HINT: The prize you seek is not hard to spy, you will find it where the bunnies lie

Incendia Outdoors
HINT: The birds have a birdbath & Pond

HINT: The hunt Hints will tell the tale.

HINT: And there it sits upon the shelf.

HINT: If the Shoe Fits

HINT: Where did I lose my shoe? They're always ending up under the furniture.

HINT:  We are all Hearts  ... but which one??     

HINT: Dear wanderer, your feet are dirty! Please wash them in a bowl.

HINT:   I love Alice in wonderland

HINT:  Kiss the Frog

HINT: Cupid in the air???

HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) for an updated hint!


HINT: Maybe if Cinderella dusted here, she could have gone to the ball.

HINT:  In store

HINT: Look far down the beach, where the white tiger sleeping


HINT: Look for Hearts

HINT: When You Wish Upon A Heart in the Sky

HINT: Find the gifts to find this hunt gift

HINT:by the back door

HINT:  Dragons are in all fairytales!

HINT: What big eyes you have!

HINT:  Who would consider a shoe a window decoration!

HINT: Hiding under an umbrella.

HINT: Find me with some new.

HINT: I hate when people tell me Gatcha

HINT: For your reward start a ROMANCE and seek out the right package, so that you're truly finding the FAIRYTALE

HINT:  The series of books by George R. R. Martin aren't fairytales by any means, but the author had people losing their heads to sit here!

HINT: Gatcha!

Uni-qu3 (Skilled Gaming Sim-Not everyone can visit)
HINT:weagon...wheels...royla ride!

HINT: Hm, what to put onto these shirts, they are so blank.

HINT: GATSBY was King of the Jazz Age

HINT: Keeping charge of this prize makes me purrrr!

HINT: Gliding in tandem over a frozen lake with grace.

HINT:  "pink blossoms fall from the trees"

HINT: Don't let their constant staring, creep you out!

HINT: You would not find this in nature unless in a fantasy world.

HINT: Behind the Jeweled Gates

HINT:  Cinderella lost her shoe when the clock struck midnight

HINT: hurry shes getting away!

HINT:balls like white birds take to the skies

HINT:second floor 
girls hint : where can i see where the hunt gifts looks like? 
boys hint: amazing what?..oo i see...

HINT: Find Alice


HINT: It starts with a heart.

HINT: Its you & me and all of the people. 


HINT: I think the display board may just hold something special for you! 

Celtic Creations (Follow the stone path)
HINT:♥♥♥ Oh boy!!! Free hugs and kisses!! ♥♥♥