Thursday, July 13, 2017

Around The Grid in 80 Days 5 Hints & SLURLS

This hunt features two options.  You can hunt and get the prize for 1L or you can buy the item for 25L from the hunt prim by the sign.  Updated 9/29.  

HINT:  The people in the balloon have their EYES ON YOU!

HINT: Look for me near the Angel of Death

HINT:  Make a wish and blow ..

HINT: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the living room!

HINT: Those muddy pigs are trying to ride off in the balloon!

HINT: Destiny's nightmare has an element of change

HINT:  look near hunt poster

HINT:  Travel the grid with CARMEN!

HINT: You may need me and my coffee on this trip!!

HINT: How Peaceful is your Pergola?

HINT: Let's put a little lighting on this!

HINT: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 Blast Off into SPACE!!!

HINT: Follow the path to the prize witch you desire!

HINT: I love to dress up for Halloween.

HINT: Return home from your travels, to the friendly glow of the fireplace.

HINT: Balloons float upwards from where you land!

HINT: Come on, be an "Adult". It's your "Mission" in this life!

HINT: "I'm tired. IT'S A TRAP!"

HINT: Water your Planter by the Wayside !

HINT: Hint Giver

HINT: You light up my life.

HINT: Time to go on a lovely picnic

HINT: click on HINT GIVER @ Landing point - under Hunt sign

HINT: I would fly this balloon but it is snagged on the tent

HINT: Could we just teleport around the world?

HINT: Bad children get a time out in the corner!

HINT:  'Flying high above the blue True North!'

HINT: Pretty, Micro and 5 Colours

HINT:Out with the old in with the new!

HINT: Let's drink to that!

Weiser Furniture and More-2 Prizes at this location.
HINT: Reading poetry can be enlightening
HINT :Isnt he cute?

HINT: Wow, Zanne's book stacking ability is amazing!

HINT: Oh look they have market carts for Rent

HINT: Girl, Girls, Girls ... All the Pretty Girls!

HINT: Take a seat  and watch the train go by

HINT:  I'm Hiding ... hiding..... hiding ...hiding

HINT: The heart will never be alone.

HINT:  It is nice and relaxing with the kitty...

HINT: There's no room to sit on this BENCH, so i'll just hover over it

HINT:  If you don't keep a lid on me, I'll just fly away!

HINT: Going dancing! This would look wonderful.

HINT:A good seat for a frog

HINT: I hope I don't get redelivered


HINT:  I'm hiding upstairs but I'm not that SNEAKERY!

HINT:  Now THIS is a photo of a soon to be REAL Service Dog!

HINT: Click for the answer.

HINT: up up and away, then i got stuck up here

HINT:  See hint giver at store

HINT: Need tools to fix this balloon...

HINT:  How much is that doggy in the window?? That's not a window, Its a mailbox - and hes got your prize.

HINT:  Rise up like an air balloon and get creative to find me by noon ツ

HINT:  Lets cuddle vintage style.

HINT: Must be a Race

HINT:  Today I decided....

HINT: Flip flop.

HINT: **Between angels and demons**

HINT: 'Some times the best way to hide not to hide it.'

HINT:  Round and round we go where we stop nobody knows!

HINT:  Can't start a day without coffee and a newspaper

Lucky Lily-UPDATED
HINT: You'll get so excited you'll wet your plants

HINT: Next to this wondrous cat, be careful he may bounce away.

HINT: Resting by the glow of the fire.

HINT:  To find this gift from the grid, try the HUNT HINT to hear where I'm hid

HINT: Ready To Ride

HINT: Why don't you try a Gacha?

HINT: {I can't find a way out of this last room!}

HINT: If only you kNEW where to find me ...

HINT:   So silky

HINT:  Where does this door go?

HINT: Two Pillars of strength stand alone then there is me.

HINT: The Joke's on us

HINT- In the Corner, up above. Do you see me floating yet?

HINT: My beautiful balloons

HINT: OMG! You're such a DOLL!!

HINT:  What is the kitty thinking about? Flying away!

HINT: Up up and away across the grid we go, well right after we uncrate the balloon.

HINT: A chef will always be surrounded by these items

HINT:  Find the diamond in the rough

HINT: "Meet me next to white roses for a dance"

HINT: I'm flying away....

HINT: I´m crazy about cheapies!

HINT: Tweet Tweet

HINT: UP, Up & Away in my beautiful balloon

HINT: I think i will swat that bird

HINT: I'm Sandy

HINT: Up, Up, Up In the Air!

HINT: Round and round the world you go! Don't forget to slow down or you'll be seeing stars!

HINT: It looks like the girls shelved me!


HINT: Could you wanter my plants while you are there?

HINT: Dont the flowers sparkle

HINT: Bunnies love balloons!

HINT: Head west my friend

HINT: As the sparkle of lights can be seen , this makes gift giving so easy.

HINT:   I travel full-perm to Peru and The Netherlands

HINT: Be a groupie!

HINT:  What a special week.


HINT: Could we just teleport around the world?

HINT: That's a bright idea!

HINT: Dont' forget to has the feet in the floor

HINT: By the sea is the most fun!

HINT: Join the group, get your gifts.

Find the ship, jump on for the voyage, you'll find me nearby or buy me below for 25L

HINT:  A Revolutionary ACCESSORY for any Traffic Controller.

HINT:  Stargazers see clearly

HINT: Log? wait where is there a log here?

HINT: That looks sharp!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Look for African drums!

Thank you participating in the Around The Grid 5 Hunt!!!