Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Feel Pretty Hunt Hints & SLURLs May 1-30

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.  Updated 5/26.  

HINT:  While here be sure to take a set upon the THRONE.

Hint: My heart lights up for you

HINT:   I feel so pretty when I look in this mirror!

HINT: Be sure to touch up your makeup, after you work out!

HINT: look near hunt poster

HINT: Hey Jude!

HINT: Wearing Heels made her feel so Pretty!

HINT: I'm the princess!

HINT: A picture is worth a thousand words

HINT: Do Fairies dine in the kitchen or in the Woodsie?

HINT: I feel as pretty as a POPPY!

HINT: She always checks out the sales each week, THRIFTY person that she is...

HINT: SO pretty and pink I fee like a dolly!

HINT: Cleopatra was a woman of surpassing beauty and would have loved this dress.

HINT: The Rainbow gems move with the wind !

HINT: Long Gown or Mini Dress, it's always nice to Glam up

Sparrow by Design-TWO PRIZES
HINT: Women:  I'm on top of a whole lot of nothing.
Men:  Above Marcus and at the feet of Enfield.

HINT: What pretty flowers

HINT:  Check Hint Giver In Store

HINT: I have to go upstairs?  Dangit, Zanne!  You suck!

HINT:by the bargains

HINT:Everyone Loves a Sale!

HINT: Megan and Annette hang out at the corner.

Hint:  Mirror Mirron On the Wall - who's the prettiest of them all?

HINT:The Mailbox hides a Secret.

HINT:  Sometimes you need a good sign, especially one that says "Half off"!

HINT: If the prize you want to find, you'll have to get comfortable ,sit and relax  :-)

HINT: You might be thinking what the heck, but you might want to check outside on the deck.

HINT: It's so hot today. I'm so thirsty...

HINT:Here Kitty Kitty

HINT: The more I drink the prettier you look :)

HINT: Check the hint giver 

HINT: Mirror Mirror, yummy yummy

HINT: Where there's a Will ...... .. .. Ow!

HINT: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

HINT: gacha gacha gacha

HINT: How do you do, Mr. & Mrs. Barrel

HINT: Sitting by the fire!

HINT:  I love Seashells

HINT: By all the Sexy and All about Me!

HINT: Look in the Mirror and see how pretty.  (use teleport to Womens)

HINT: Be a gem...

HINT: Amongst the pretty fingers and toes, you'll find me here, I suppose.

HINT: You have to go up to find me!

HINT: I've been naughty. Now I have to stand in the corner :(

OMG! Inc.-
HINT: Take a seat, you are lucky!

HINT: Diamonds are girls best friend...

HINT: The AWARD for the prettiest is ...

HINT: Nowhere better to enjoy your lunch outside 

HINT: You feel this as you walk by the sea

HINT:  Let you read from the hand

HINT:  on top of my food

HINT: Look for [in]Sanity Fashion Style Shop!

HINT: Happy Holidays?

HINT:  Check Hint Giver In Store

HINT: Hey.. this hunt is really easel!

HINT: Find the Berry and you find me

HINT: Feeling warm

HINT: I'm sitting pretty with the other paints

HINT: Gotta Getta Gacha

HINT: Do lilies wear makeup?

Thank you for taking part in the hunt.