Thursday, October 1, 2020

Monster Mash Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.  Updated 10/21.

HINT:  Maybe Meredith knows where your prize is hidden.

HINT:  You spin me right 'round, baby.

HINT: Please Don't Stair!

HINT: There's a chimney in the back. 

HINT: I can't decide between Tamsin's dress or halter.

HINT:   Sales, sales, and more sales!!

HINT:  You can find me where an Icon of another holiday resides...

HINT: Horse without a rider, candle at it's feet.  Find me upstairs, still like a statue.

HINT: It's a bit Mythical

HINT: A highly controversial fire symbol !

HINT: Where else would I be but behind another full moon. Ask the Bad Hatter if she's seen me.

HINT: Watch out - the monsters will get you Ina flash!

HINT: Ooohh, tell me all the gory details!!!

HINT: It's "TIME" for some spooks!

HINT: Don't worry it's as quiet as the grave :)

HINT: Play a Killer Tune and help Mash the Monsters!

HINT: Is there any hope for the Woodsie people help them find their collection

HINT: Bat, err bet, you can't find me.

HINT: I love cookies

HINT: Speaking with the Spirits

HINT:  Whooooo should rest by the bakery outside? YOU should if you want this prize! 

HINT: My Monsters are Upstairs 


HINT: Cats always get in your way of finding things

HINT: A ghosty always redelivers when lost

HINT: I'm not orange-you're not blue-i smell sweet -looking down at you

HINT: There are so many spooky goodies! 

HINT: It could be near the gazebo by the beach. 

HINT:  Us trees gotta stick together.

HINT: where are the textures

HINT: Hunt Hint - It's Halloween all around me, but don't forget to look down!

HINT: Opposite Shoes, Shoes and MORE Shoes


HINT: Take a trip!

HINT: Are the Butterflies Part of His Army?

HINT: "Careful of the branches or there might be a need for PATCHES on my sheet!"

HINT: She Watches Everyone

HINT: As a Decoration, I'm really good

HINT: When you find me, scream GACHA!


HINT: Do you know what's at the bottom of the flower baskets?

HINT:  Do you scream when some sneaks behind and yells "GATCHA!"

HINT: Mmmmm Smells good!

HINT: Sit down on this bench and enjoy some RUSTIC charm!

HINT:  Male Hint:  Look before you sit!

Female Hint:  Do you need a redelivery?

HINT: Hint Giver at Hunt Sign

HINT: Pet the caticorn

HINT:  Am I to late? It isn't Christmas yet!

HINT: Far Far away, down by the Bay a lovely Monster will lead the way

HINT: i,m near a lucky number.

HINT:  Time to smell the roses

HINT: Sometimes what you're looking for is right under your nose.


HINT: No one puts me in a corner or did they?
HINT: doe, a deer, a female deer, this one however is a male

Hint: You'll have to go for a swim to find me! 

Thank you for participating in our hunt!!