Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sealed With A Kiss Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.  

HINT: Your prize lies where the pink fairy flies.


Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: On a wing and a prayer

HINT:   The Renaissance period was so romantic!

Tool Shed-Shares With Clutter
HINT: It's in the Valentine section!

HINT: look near hunt poster

HINT: Sometimes you gotta get cozy to get lucky.

HINT: Her Love Letters were sealed with his First Kiss

Clutter for Builders-Shares With Tool Shed
HINT:  Up in the holiday skybox.  Refer to hint giver on the ground.

HINT: Relaxing in the garden

HINT: Caged or not?

HINT: ALETA kiss is a lovely thing!

HINT: Just hanging out here by the DOORS to the MALL waiting to grab the latest gadget.

HINT: The way to win the prize is to seal with a kiss The Queen of Hearts!

HINT:  Iris do you have any flowers?


HINT:  Under cover one for the boys and for the girls.

HINT: The kiss of life, brings FIRE to the relationship

HINT: Keep up with your correspondence

HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT:by the bargains


HINT: Burn baby, BURN!

HINT: make yourself comfortable

HINT: Step right up get your tickets here!

HINT: Why you little porker of a devil!

HINT:  It's always nice when people say "Thank You".

Sour Pickles-
HINT: Check the Hint Giver

HINT: It was a Nouveau kind of love

HINT: Is there an Echo beneath?

HINT: caged bird

HINT: Easy to find if you don't mind something spooky.

HINT:  What up homie?

HINT: Look for me behind the counter!

HINT: Here I am stuck between a Table of Love and Hearts of Love.

HINT:kisses so hot I'm on fire

HINT: "I am exactly where I need to be, to be prepared for an amazing Valentine Ball"

HINT: On teacher's desk

HINT: I know I've found my dream
You're the key to my heart, my heart
You're the only one for me
I knew it right from the start, the start

HINT:  mmmmmmm! I smell parfume!

HINT: A LOVEly place to write a love letter

HINT: I heart you! At least my feet do.

HINT: Its all about love

HINT:  I can take a CATnap?

HINT:touch the icy heart

HINT: Take the stairs two at a time.

HINT:  You bet! In a Heartbeat, i sealed it with a kiss!

HINT: "Sometimes you want to drink someone nice."

HINT: What an awesome "display" of love

HINT:  Kisses on a Mountain Top

HINT: Please click the Hint Giver at the hunt sign!

HINT: Ever heard the song "On Top of Spaghetti" ?


HINT:Heart Flowers in the Garden! Oh My!

Rose Your Life-ADULT
HINT:    Find the Love Gatcha.

Dixie Designs-
HINT: Yes Sir I honestly never mint to wiggle when I walked.

HINT: Love is love.