Thursday, December 1, 2016

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Hints & SLURLs

This hunt has two prims.  One hidden for 1L and one by the sign for 25L.  Each prim contains the same prize, so you can hunt and get it for 1L or just shop and purchase it for 25L.

Updated 12/26

~Go Frock Yourself~-
HINT:  Look at the TRI-TIP manicure I got just for Christmas.

HINT: The prize you seek can be found where the Giants sleep

Park Place Home D├ęcor-
HINT:  I'm too tired to go far.  Head for the Barton's and relax.

~ The Otherside ~-
HINT: Even Dogz like berry wood !

Something New-
HINT: Spidey Uses his "Web of Love" to get his Tingles

HINT: Look near the advent

Tool Shed-
HINT: What's that by the hay bales?

Dixe Dandelion-
HINT: Doe a Deer which one has Antlers?

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: Meet me under the Mistletoe in your new Steampunk Christmas Gown

HINT: Up above, where would I go?

The Mesh Cloud-
HINT: Kiss me under the mistletoe in the bath

Timeless Textures-
HINT: Do you think they'll COTTON on to the fact we're hiding behind these BOXES?

Clutter for Builders-
HINT: Deal me in.

HINT:  Behind the Desk!!

Texture Me True-
HINT: Hmmm...... Fur is nice but I like suede

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: I kissed CORA under the mistletoe!

Dreamland Designs-
HINT: its blue and will take you anywhere

Incendia Outdoors-
HINT: Hint giver at landing point

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: Under the Mistletoe, which one?

HINT:  Where the weekly sales are you will find your gift

HINT Female: I love mesh bodies
HINT Male:   Single Vendors Only

::unmisTakAble Wedding's::-
HINT:  Let love light your way

HINT: I just love to giftwrap!

HINT: Seasonal Business Is Good

Reflected Dreams Gallery of Art-
HINT:   Where kings and queens have festive gatherings

HINT: Look for the house of the mouse

HINT: Count the stripes on this dress!

Matahari Style-
HINT:  It's always Cocktail Hour somewhere - get ready!

An Lema-
HINT:Bundle up....the weather's freezing!

Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos-
HINT: My alts went to Provincetown and all I got was this stupid shirt!

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  I get behind raising funds for a Service Dog!

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: Peek through the window to find your prize.

Dawn's Dreamy Garden-
HINT: Novelties are usually crated in one's mind !

Big Chris Custom Bikes and Designs-
HINT: Only Santa would be here.

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT: relax

Sweet E's-
HINT:Where All Mistletoe Belongs

Lunar Seasonal Designs-
HINT:   Don't step on me on the steps!

The Happy Hat-
HINT:  The HUNT HINTS will show, of where you'll find this mistletoe.

HINT: She's a cold one that Snow......

Wood Works-
HINT: Look all over Town and up and down the Country.

Stitches Creations-
HINT: Hiding under an umbrella

Cake Fox-
HINT: You might need a lantern on your way upstairs

Slutwear by Lexi-
HINT: Though you doen't need a cashier to shop here, you will want to CHECK-OUT this gift

Dixie Designs-
HINT: Just Call me Wall Mistletoe.

*The Emporium*-
HINT: Remember to leave a few of these for Santa.

Thaino Designs-
HINT: These cats are too sleepy, I want my chair back!

HJM Designs-
HINT: Did you subscribe yet?

GDit Jewelry & Outfits-
HINT: There's a cat upstairs with your name on it!

The Vintage Touch-
HINT:  The BEST DESIGNERs aim for quality!


Shhh! It's a Secret-
HINT: How Fitting Holly for HOLLY

PeachyKeen Gachas-
HINT: on my side

Simply Shelby-
HINT: The prize is near the stars of the  winter Coca Cola commercials

HINT: Oh DEER it's cold outside let's cozy up inside the CABIN this WINTER.

Get Frocked-
HINT: I can help you to apply a little make-up

HINT: A free gift for Christmas...oh my!

HINT: Look for the heart.

Portofina Stile-
HINT: Have a A 'Beary' Merry Christmas!

Mystic Dragon Designs-
HINT:  Stairway to Heaven.

Hatter 'n Hell-
HINT:  Oooo La La! Christmas in Paris?

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: My, My, My

Freya's Fashions For Mesh Bodies-
HINT: Check Hint Giver

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-

HINT: We've got the Mistletoe cornered.

MAD Design-
HINT:Walk on in and take a rest, lean your head back to join your fest.
          Come on close and warm your feet, let your heart fill with the heat.

.: Eclectic Stars :.-
HINT: I love tattoos!

HINT: Lucky Animated Reindeer

Spiders Design-
HINT: Its going to be a Blue Christmas

Dressed by Lexi-
Matching sweaters make for great photos!

Nail Me!-
HINT: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

HINT: "'Tis the season for spankies!"

Christmas Fair-
HINT:look at all gift box where there

Season of Wonders-
HINT:gift where it is necessary to kiss

Khargo Christmas Market-
HINT: see hint giver at store

Charming Station-
HINT: Meet me UNDER the Stairs for a special Christmas surprise!

Lushish Catz-
HINT: Hold me in your arms

Serendipity Designs-
HINT: Christmas is as Christmas Does

The Artist Shed-
HINT: Even a rag can be a piece of artwork

Applique` Chic-
HINT: I am Simply Chic.

~{The Purple Facade}~-
HINT:  Oh, by gosh, by golly, It’s time for mistletoe and holly...Spread my colorful WINGS, Even though I'm small and frail, I can do almost anything, I can soar through the sky...

Emma's @ Blue Moose-
HINT: I get dizzy hanging upside down

HINT: The Big Snowbear knows.

HINT:  HO! HO! HO ! I shout on high.
HO HO HO  you find the gift under the wood!

HINT: "If you are tired of skating, sit on the snowbench"

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: You can feed the birds.

Sweet Peach-
HINT: It's so warm here by the fire

Georg Bellic Design-
HINT: Mmmmmmmmm .... mulled wine

HINT:  Every week we have weekends sales. Many times there are "New Arrivals" find them and you will find your prize

HINT: We all love being social.

Morte's Seduction & Finesmith's Creations-
HINT: Ivy tends to go with mistletoe in the old days

Fashion Imaginings-
HINT: Greetings!

Sweet Intoxication-
HINT:  Stand under me.. pucker up and make a wish

HD Design-
HINT: Look around, Santa is not far from Him

Twilight Design-
HINT: The Solution When Snow And Sun Cause The Same Problem!

[VM] Vero Modero-
HINT: Red is the desire color

HINT: These Three Kings want the gift, too!

Kittycat's Creations-
HINT:  Hanging around the Christmas Tree, what a wonderful holiday!

Cog & Fleur-
HINT: I sit in a window box, just reach around the lace curtain to find me!

Mahlberg Tailors-
HINT: Cha Ching

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Jeepers Creepers Hunt Hints & SLURLs

This hunt has two prims.  One sitting by the sign for 25L and one hidden somewhere in the stores for 1L.  They both hold the same prize.  So hunt and find the 1L prize or just go shopping and buy the 25L prize.

Updated 10/25

HINT: To find the prize look away from the lights and seek it out where the vampire bites

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  I've got my EYES ON YOU.

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   Walk through the door and out the back
           Into the garden room.
           There you'll find your hunt prize
           Close to the witch's broom

~ The Otherside ~-Adult
HINT: Lets go behind the boat house winks !

Something New-
HINT: The Fallen Angel landed in her own Blood Bath

HINT:  look near hunt poster

Tool Shed-
HINT: Go relax on the hay bales.

Lady Dragon's Design-
HINT: I am sitting outside the guys department

HINT: If only I could play

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: You might get the heebie jeebies in the graveyard looks for this prize

The Mesh Cloud-Adult
HINT: Do pumpkins grown on buildings?

Timeless Textures-
HINT: Could someone please give me a hand with these BOXES?

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: Really I was just giving the boy a push

HINT:In the Fountain

HINT:With the sweet come the sour.

GDit Jewelry & Outfits-
HINT: If you're scared, check Harry Potter's favorite hiding place!

Texture Me True-
HINT:  Nevermore look over your shoulder

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: Jeepers, can you make a CASEY for the Creepers?

Dreamland Designs-
HINT: If your lucky you can win

Incendia Outdoors-
HINT: Whos gonna wash the dishes

Freya's Fashions For Mesh Bodies-Adult
HINT:  See hint giver in store

Clutter for Builders-
HINT: Time for your bath!

Dawn's Dreamy Garden-Adult
HINT: Even the Grass will welcome you !

HINT: the steering wheel from the motorcycle

Big Chris Custom Bikes-
HINT: Well hiding is my thing

Stitches Creations-
HINT: EEEEKK!!! A giant spider!

HINT: Whats this subscriber thing?

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT:the skull will tell you where I am

Lilith's Den-
HINT: A good place to play the "Melody of Death"

Lunar Seasonal Designs-
HINT: Even with a clear sky it can still strike

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The Hunt Hints will share on the place of "scare"

HINT: I'm the Wicked Sheep of the West!... No Really!

Thaino Designs-
HINT: You gatcha be good to get this prize

Redrose Jewellry Store-
HINT: Beware as you go through the mist you may see a Ghost or two. LOOK for the ship. There you will find the man's and ladies hunt gifts.

Cake Fox-
HINT: "Who is that creeping there, throwing textures everywhere?"

HINT: The dress matches the shoes.

Slutwear by Lexi-Adult
HINT: Don't sit on me

*The Emporium*-
HINT: "Hush little baby don't say a word.  Mama's going to buy you a mocking bird."

HINT: Thinking about getting some new Ink?

Dixie Designs-
HINT: You light up my life

HJM Designs-
HINT: I can be anywhere, but i give you a little hint, I am hiding by the lucky chair.

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Great gifts always REGISTER!

Georg Bellic Design-Adult
HINT:This way to the poker game


Shhh! It's a Secret-
HINT: I used to do DESK duty but now I am all bones

Game Over-
HINT: sometimes he bites the hand that feeds him.

PeachyKeen Gachas-
HINT: Yummy so many treats for just a click

Nomiki's Creations-

Simply Shelby-
HINT: 'It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown'

Horr Menswear-
HINT: Facepalm!!

Get Frocked-
HINT:  If i could just remove this cover i could see myself

Khargo: Halloween-
HINT: Please see hint giver in store

SANNA - SCIENCE and ART-Animated Textures Full Perm-
HINT: Smoking is not cool !

B's 25!-
HINT: Hunt Hint - When you can be all hands with Andy, and grasp the idea of the potion with the motions.


Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF-
HINT:  Lets ride!

HINT: Play that record!

Lone Wolf Studio-
HINT: Let him light your way

HINT:  Will somebody kill that spider???

HINT: Up with the moon and clouds

HINT:  I love Mesh Bodies!

De Baza-
HINT: Please check hint giver

HINT:  Getting a little too friendly with the WOMEN'S mannequin

The Lucky Waffle-
HINT: Follow the bones UNDER the secret staircase.

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: Couture~ i got my hand on a Demon
Men ~ my hands are full of new things

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: There are Graves & Ghosts!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Hanging here with the cat fight picture

HINT: Jeepers Creepers is that Bugs Bunny??  No... it's Mickey Mouse!

HINT: It's all about Halloween

Elegance by Elysa-Adult
HINT:  Curl up all warm and cozy by a fire suitable for a Manor

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: Sit on a giant lily!

Vips Creations-No 25L Prim
HINT: The Touch of Bones!

Dreamscapes Art Gallery-
HINT: Please click the hint giver at the Hunt Sign

HINT: I am lurking about where the makeup for fingertips are pink and pale; underneath a vintage rose.

%Percent Furniture & Lighting-
HINT: The owl knows...

Purple Passions Designs-Adult
HINT: Eye'm blue

HINT:When in a zombie town
if you ever get bored
there is always the movies

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: Just go with the Flo

Syren's Song-Adult
HINT: Stone by day
Alive by night
With ancient eyes
I watch all within my sight.
The cube is here
Guarded by me
Resting here
For all to see

Carrie's Lingerie-
HINT:  Jeepers Creepers!  The cat lady says .... "That's not my scarecrow"

Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru-SKIP
HINT: During autumn, you see me everywhere

Cara's Closet-
HINT: When you need a hand when something doesn't come through

Kreepshow Kouture-
HINT:Look for me close to midnight


Tainted Rebel-Adult
HINT:a very long sleep in a coffin is sweet

Mystic Dragon Designs-
HINT: They run deep.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Around The Grid 4 Hints & SLURLs

This hunt has two prims.  One sitting by the sign for 25L and one hidden somewhere in the stores for 1L.  They both hold the same prize.  So hunt and find the 1L prize or just go shopping and buy the 25L prize.

List updated 9/26

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  Hot air balloon rides can be great for a GROUP.

HINT: You will find the prize you seek near where Gabriel sleeps

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   It's hidden in Savannah!

~ The Otherside ~-Adult
HINT: The Ocean always Fades at night fall !

Something New-
HINT: Once we have arrived the Surf's Up!

HINT:  Look in the garage for plants

Tool Shed-
HINT: I think it landed over by the rugs......

Timeless Textures-
HINT: UP up and away, we're flying so HIGH we might end up in outer SPACE!

Clutter for Builders-
HINT: Where did the lifeguard go?

Magnum Opus-
HINT:  Please, Not the Voodoo!

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: Autumn is lovely in the mountains

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: Where in the world do you find GINGER?

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: It aint old

HINT: Paint a rainbow!

8i8  Mariposa 8i8-
HINT:  I float among cousins

Cara's Closet-
HINT: You will find me with the spare change and dust bunnies

Dragonsworn Mainland-
HINT: UP UP AND AWAY!!! If I keep going this way I will be on my way to the next location without you!

HINT: Tired of work work work? Sit down and relax!

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: Beaming with Pride can see it all up here.

: Pretty Kitty Design :-
HINT: Sometimes I feel like somebody's watching me...

(RED) Sand-
HINT: Those are some fine shoes!

The Crones Garden-
HINT: Halloween is year round here!

Designs by Sebastian-
HINT:  HELP ME!! I seem to be hanging upside down,  perhaps under something ?

Eye Candi-
HINT: I have a hot date tonight,

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: Rustic Elegance

True North Designs-
HINT: 'Help! I was aiming for an escape through that big open hole in the ceiling, but I got caught on this rafter!'

Lady Dragon's Design-
HINT: Ahhh Zen Time.. love the waterfall

Klutzy Kinkyz-
HINT: Everyday we travel the world at our finger tips without ever leaving our seats.

Grim Death Co-
HINT: Check hint giver as I will be moving hunt item per prize (3 times)

+Psycho Barbie+-
HINT: The Raven, Sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only that one word "Nevermore"...

Skate World-
HINT: Watch where you go and don't skate to fast, or you'll trip and end up with a cast.

~ Dawn's Dreamy Garden-Adult
HINT: Pawpie grows Poppies !

Lone Wolf Studio-
HINT: Right under your nose

HINT: Ricky Ricardo's better half,  Find the woman who still makes us laugh

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Oh kitty kitty kitty

HINT:When I look out the window, I can see balloons floating by.

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: Sign in here.

Lilith's Den-
HINT: Don't Sleep!

Bound & Bitten-Adult
HINT: Fashion!

The Vintage Touch-
HINT:  Cash or credit, it goes in here!

HINT: Look for the thorns

<P3> - Pixel Perfect Productions-
HINT: In store

Sick Bubblegum Textures-
HINT:Turning the happiest time of the year a wee bit dark

Fairey Angel Creations-
HINT: Hunting wears me out I am gonna sit here and rest a bit.

Dragonsworn Track-
HINT: Here I am.... just follow the yellow brick road....

HINT: I am where the Valentine texture packs are

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: Female Item - Love Always lights the way
        Male Item - I floated to high and got stuck!

HINT: "Travelling around the Grid brings you even close to the Moon "

TRS Designs-
HINT: Giftcards are great gifts to be given

HINT:  I'm taking a hot air balloon to the beach because I want to build a SAND CASTLE.

HINT: It dies in a show of flames and combustion, arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The Hunt Hints card you must see to know of where this gift will be.

HINT: Did I happen to mention Wearables?

Hatter 'n Hell-
HINT: Motorcycles are one way to get around.

HINT:the world is never limited

Stitches Creations-
HINT: I ain't afraid of no ghost!

the Tahoma-
HINT: Look at those shades!

HINT: "Why is there Hot Chocolate at this lemonade stand?!"

Wood Works-
HINT:How much do Hot Air Balloons weight?

HINT:  London, England
              Paris, France
              All the world's a stage
              Let's dance, dance , dance!

Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF-
HINT: Grab a snack while you look around.

Morte's Seduction & Finesmiths Creations-
HINT: I am flying high in theses dresses

Sweet Intoxication-
HINT:  Ooo I see gacha's!

HINT: The moon and stars

Lunar Seasonal Designs-
HINT: Be careful!  He is sleeping!

Nomiki's Creations-
HINT:  That's not a stye in my eye!

PreCAST Inc.- Professional Prefabs-
HINT: Plants beautify even the most gloomy room

Little Scamp Designs-
HINT:  It's on the 3rd Floor

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: Relaxing between a parrot and a wishing well...

Sparrow by Design-
HINT:  This poor bird lives hand to beak.

HINT: Night and Day, without Delay, the Earth turns around, this is where the Gift is found :-)

*Independent Objects*-
HINT: Oh.... eating this didn´t help against my hunger!

HINT: Look at fortuna - she help you

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT:  Looking for prizes around the grid don't be blue or get in a flap do it right and you'll be in the pink!

Dreamland Designs-
HINT: Nothing echoes like an empty mailbox.

HINT:  Lounge around, Relax

United InshCon-
HINT: look inside the african hut

ND/MD Kids R-
HINT:  click hintgiver below Hunt sign

La Gazza Ladra-
HINT: In 80 days around the grid - and then through the stargate into another galaxy!

Styles by Danielle-
HINT: Brace your ankles.

Loordes of London-
HINT:by the bargains

An Lema-
HINT: Branch out if you want to find me

~*Sweet Revolutions*~-
HINT: up to a tower, you way should go
don`t cross the bridge no no no
From the ground into the sky
thats the way a balloon should fly.

HINT: Up in the air I stand with one eye on the balloon and the other on the cheapies!

HJM Designs-
HINT: Got me? Got you? Gotcha, GACHA!

Serendipity Designs-
HINT:  Get your Motor runnin... head out on the highway.

HINT: If I could, Then I would,
I'll go wherever you would go
Way up High,
Or down Low...

HINT: Fallen Angels

K Creations-
HINT: "I'm not hoisted flight because it has no wind! Help! I'm stuck!"

HINT: Can you go around the grid in 80 days? I sure Hope so.

HINT:  Coffee or Wine?

CuCu Clothes-
HINT: "I love Steampunk & $!"

HINT:  I am hiding in the leaves.

^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats)-
MajikVixen: Samael, where should we put the ATG4 Hunt Prim?
JonCernunnos: Pie in the sky, Lilith
MajikVixen: Ah, okay, I think I can see my house from here, lol
JonCernunnos watches for a cow to jump
MajikVixen: And the dish ran away with the spoon
JonCernunnos smiles

HINT: Look up.....I fly with the Butterflies

IT! (Indulge Temptation!)-
HINT: Ok, this is the place where I always get broke

X-Clusives Animations-Adult
HINT: Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
Would you like to glide in my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together, you and I.
NEW ARRIVALS every WEEKEND will bring you to the BALLOON.

JLZ Fashion-

Redrose Jewellry Store-
HINT: Are you Watching The midnight Clock ?

Lacrime dell'anima-Adult
HINT: I was flying around 2nd floor then I stop to relax at a nice woodland!

HINT: see hint giver in store

Oooo LaLa Designs-
HINT: Floating around

DJ Taurus Couture-Adult
HINT:It's under what your on/ or could be; right now.

Kittycat's Creations-
HINT: Sometimes I am all about history, sometimes I really like fantasy

HINT: Oh, it´s not alive...just stone!

Sour Pickles-
HINT: Check the Hint Giver.

Sweet E's Designs-
HINT: Hot Air Balloons come in many beautiful colors, Purple Is my Favorite!

HINT: There are trees all around the world.

HINT: I'm on the Treats

Imagine Flowers and Garden-
HINT: Go barefoot

Coull Creations-
HINT: And shes climbing the stairway to heaven ........

by Chiana Oh-
HINT: Up, up and.. I'm stuck!

HINT: "Find the Inferno"

Outside the Box!-
HINT:  And in my balloon I landed in a faraway desert

~Glasgow Grin~-
HINT: Is this thing on a timer?

Cake Fox-
HINT: "Three days before, Phileas Fogg had been a criminal, who was being desperately followed UP by the police; now he was an honourable gentleman, mathematically pursuing his eccentric journey round the world". (Jules Verne)

[:Rad Designz:]-
HINT: Wow! Look at those Glow!

Bound Chaos-
HINT: Look near the ground. Are those hieroglyphs?

HINT:Take 10 to be mindful and you will find your prize!

Limehouse/Moonstone/God Mod-
HINT:  It's getting soooo dusty!

The Mesh Cloud-Adult
HINT: Hedge your bets

Exquisitely Exposed-
HINT: Too Young to be so  Uppity

Georg Bellic Design-Adult
HINT:From here you have a nice view to the waterfall.

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  I really do get behind fund raising for a Service Dog!

Blades Of Fire-
HINT: Sometimes it's good to be a WALL FLOWER.

HINT: Maybe over near the Group Corner?

~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs-
HINT: It is the Eve of a new Dawn
where you can see flowers and trees.

Fnordian Magic & Gadgets-
HINT: Behind the Naughty Box

HINT: You mean I can sample this?

~{The Purple Facade}~-
HINT: Summer days drifting away ...

[eden] Apparel-Adult
HINT: Chloe loves hunting too!

HINT: round and round we go ... Lets dance

Beehead Studios-
HINT: Balloons need hot air to fly!

OMG! Inc.-
HINT: Shadows and light make the lady look pretty

HINT:  Let sleeping dogs lie.

Shhh! Its a secret-
HINT: Male - What guy doesn't like classic cars?
Female - Some girls don't like tattoos on their skin but they don't mind them on their dresses

%Percent Furniture & Lighting-
HINT: Mason phoned me about the seltzer.

Zed Sensations-
HINT: I Dance in the tears of Love with deep memories of you.

Purple Passions Designs-Adult
HINT: Just like the balloons up you must go, the top floor guards your gift

HINT: Hope I dont get too Hot up here. I love being in the Spotlight.


~Glasgow Grin~-
HINT: Is this thing on a timer?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Vintage Valentine Hunt Hints & SLURLs

Updated 2/28!

HINT: The you seek will be hard to spy but you will find it where Misery lies

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  It can't rain all the time.

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:    In the land that "time" forgot, you'll find your prize.

~ The Otherside ~-
HINT: What Dot are you looking for Dain's?

Something New-
HINT:  Enjoying a Milkshake after Valentines Dinner burnt the kitchen down

HINT: look in the garage for plants

Tool Shed-
HINT: Head towards the water tower. Those purple flowers look good with roses!

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: Steamy Valentines help you to keep track of your Cummings and Goings!

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: Her stockings went right up to here

{Sickly SWEET}-
HINT: Up the ladder...

Emerald Couture-
HINT: Online or not my kiss is on my lips.

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: I'm just MADDI about Valentine's Day!

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: The place for all occasions

The Crones Garden-
HINT: I hear the birds singing love songs....

HINT: The best time, is the hang time you get to spend with the ones you love

Mystic's & Tabbys Fashion-
HINT: find the rose in her hair

GDit Jewelry-
HINT: I really enjoy looking out the window!

HINT: Male - You'll find me, when you find the gift cards
        Female - You could join the group, or just collect your gift

Freya's Finest Jewels-
HINT: Check Hint Giver (Right hand side wall, next to the MM board)

Clutter for Builders-
HINT: "We have a great join gift!"

HINT:  All butlers should wear a rose on their lapel, it adds a nice vintage touch.

An Lema-
HINT: Roses are red, violets are blue
If you want the hunt prize,
the nursey rhyme will lead you true.

La Boheme-
HINT: I'm just going to hide in this corner and keep a lookout!

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: We just HOPE you find it.

8i8 Mariposa 8i8-
HINT: I am Wilde About You Valentine

Silvercloud A&D-
HINT: Ladies, put on your highest heels to find me.

Vanderpump Style-
HINT: Im with the Casual Fashions

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: Hope I am not a Lab experiment

IT! (Indulge Temptation!)-
HINT: "Well aren't you the lucky one!

Dragonsworn Track-
HINT: I am near where the boss should be sitting.

{Ms. B. Designs}-
HINT: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Gizmo loves flowers, and so do you!

LnL Square-
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Desi's Prints-
HINT: "A perfect date includes ice cream!"

Dragonsworn Mainland-
HINT: Near a door, look up, look under... find me if you can!

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~-
HINT: Pull or Pool?

HINT: I'm just hanging out among my pink cousins.

Get Frocked-
HINT:  A candle lit rose

Living Vintage Couture-
Check downstairs.

HINT:  Hearts and flowers
              is the one perhaps?
              Put on your dress
              and dance!

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Do you feel LUCKY?  Have a seat!

Slutwear by Lexi-
HINT: Isn't the fountain romantic

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The Hunt Hints will tell of where my pedals fell.

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  I love the Game of Thrones theme song!

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: The screen is only for show.

Lilith's Den-
HINT: A Heart should not be hard and cold as Stone

La Rosa Negra-
HINT: A Elegant alcove will hide your gifts, Angelica will help you to find it!

Freya's Fashions For Mesh Bodies-

HINT: Just around the corner

Glam Dreams-
HINT: "Hunt Hint -The movie Camille, played by Greta Garbo, inspired the name of this vintage dress.".

Designs by Sebastian-
HINT: "Catching a ride to the future"

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Just hanging out with the cats.

Elegance by Elysa-
HINT:  A mythological creature, the allegorical story of whom, symbolizing Christ, is portrayed in a series of 15th century tapestries

HINT: where the hearts are you can find me - red is my color

HINT:  Using Hint Giver

Shae's Creations-

Nail Me-
HINT: What's new with you?

Lone Wolf Studio-
HINT: Gifts are great for your Valentine!

Faerietale Designs-
HINT: A pretty princess in glitter

Evolving Images-
HINT:  Look for the red rose landmark giver.

HINT: its dark under here

LOoLOo & Platypus-
HINT: I hold your beauty in my hand.

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT: dollarbies

HINT: I am caged, please let me out.

Dreamland Designs-
HINT: It's all New

Stitches Creations-
HINT: Feeling lucky!

Evolving's Oriental Furnishings & Decor-
HINT:  Look behind the curtain in one of the most romantic rooms of the house.

~*Heavenly Bacon*~-
HINT: Bears need love too!

HINT:Dita holds the rose

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: Keep Calm and wear lingerie.

Magnum Opus-
HINT:  A nice, warm cuddle blanket for winter

D&s Designs-
HINT: A little birdie says you can find me with all the other pretty flowers.

HINT: I blossomed early.

[VM] Vero Modero-
HINT: Sitting in red & gold

@AdReNaLiZeD@ Biker Gear-
HINT: Jasmine bringing out feelings of love and emotional warmth.

Imagine Flowers and Garden-
HINT: Those shrooms are sweeties.

Shhh! It's a Secret-
HINT: Are you feeling lucky?

The Broken Glass Boutique-
HINT: I'm a little shy, so I'll just hide behind this potted plant.

HINT:  GLITTER RED could be used as a valentine outfit.


Little Scamp Designs-
HINT:  It's on the third floor

Silvercloud A&D-
HINT:this is where you go in a store if you did not receive the item you bought

HINT: This year, for Valentine's Day, I'll buy my sweetheart some lingerie. Let's see what Hig has in store!

Shabby Tabby-
HINT: My love looks out the window

Sassy Sweet Poses-
HINT: see the hint giver

Pink and Zain's Wedding Store-
HINT: Romance is all around, so don't forget your flowers for that special someone!

Huntress Couture-
HINT: It sure is wet over here.

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: It's time to take a rest on the hammock!

Pieces of Pai-
HINT: You light up my life

madcatcreations boutique-
HINT: take a walk