Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tiptoe Through The Tulips Hints

Celtic Wolf
HINT:  When tiptoeing through the tulips make sure you don't step on any HUMMINGBIRDS.

HINT: Look for the treasure near something green...perhaps you will find it by The Rawbin & Spring (Green)

Park Place Home Decor
HINT:  Come in the store, it's all brand new
Go out the back to the garden shop
Look by the tree and there for you
Is exactly where your gift's been dropped

HINT: look near the hunt poster

~ The Otherside ~-Adult  NEW LM
HINT: Antique Iron is pleasurable and colorful

ND/MD Kids R us
HINT: click hint giver sign below hunt sign!

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: I had a rough nightout in Amsterdam and came home with tulips!

Texture Me True
HINT: Tulips, how precious

~ Dawn's Dreamy Garden ~-Adult NEW LM
HINT: Finding the perfect swing MIGHT be at the Old Farm

Timeless Textures
HINT: Even if i led you down the GARDEN path, you'd still find the hunt prim.

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Please check the hint giver in-store (the gift will move around during the hunt)

HINT: **My anime character looks the tulips**

Black Off Design-Adult
HINT:  Don't get fooled by the blooming trees, love lays in a nest made of feathers.

Kabuki Creations
HINT: Will you be my Secret Lover?

{Sickly SWEET}
HINT: Up up up!

HINT: The Mesh & Appliers sign is growing tulips.

MoonWillow Designs-Adult
HINT: Sit back and relax

HINT: basket

X-Clusives Animations-Adult  CORRECTED HINT
HINT:  Tulips can be used for all sorts of things,
Head on over to HOME FURNISHINGS.
Your presents are closer than you think.
If you get thirsty stop by the BAR for a drink.

HINT:  I'm in the basket with the other tulips, which are setting beside the "Blossoms".

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: Take time to stop and smell the flowers

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  flowers here,  flowers there, a tulip hides,  up somewhere.

Designs by Shalenda
HINT:  Spring really is a gift

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
HINT: Knee deep in flowers we'll stray
We'll keep the showers away
And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
Will you pardon me?
And tiptoe through the tulips with me.

Bad Apple Designs-Adult
HINT:Clap on!  Clap Off! The Clapper!

Incendia Outdoors
HINT: Tulips Look Beautiful when they grow in the forest

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: I'm a Derby Girl

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: She better change my water soon I like it fresh!

HINT: Follow the tulip walkway!

Pillows & Things NEW LM
HINT: I always enjoy a good book to help me settle down after a long day.

RVi Design
HINT:  "Tiptoe up the stairs... all the way up, and write me a letter"

Damselfly Hair
HINT: Everyone loves a good sale!!

Elegance by Elysa
HINT:  Girls just wanna have fun

~*~Dre@ms with D@nni~*~
HINT: Subscribers Have More Fun

HINT: Tulips amongst the other plants of spring

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Fresh cut Tulips go into a vase

Pinup Girls of SL
HINT: Coming soon

LilArt Creation
HINT: "Oh, watch out! The bowl with the tulips toppled over."

NR Designs
HINT: Second Floor

Get Frocked
HINT:  Please keep my vase topped with water

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: Happy flowers

Holli Pocket
HINT: She sings "don't touch my hair,HOE!"

Surface by c.Loon
HINT: Tulips are lovely in Vases

An Lema
HINT:  It feels like an elephant
is hanging over me
1,2,3, pots
That's what I see.

Untamed Designs
HINT: Tulips so tall you can climb them!

Ro!Act Designs
HINT: Have you seen the FUR BALLS?

Bubble Gum
HINT: Flowers at the water's edge

AVRO Wings
HINT: The view is good from up here.

Stitches Creations
HINT: What beautiful roses!

Simply Designed
HINT: Look near the tulips

HINT: Love is in the air at this time of the year

HINT: I picked so many Tulips when i was OUT with the bike...

*Bitsy Boutique*
HINT: "Even though it's not really necessary, it's still nice to have a fire going."

HINT: These tulips grow near a flowerfield

Loordes of London
HINT:bargain room

HINT:  Store

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Hint[F]: Just follow the way, i'm near the Africans Drums!
Hint[M]: Look for me among the ethnic jewelry!

Pixelle Poses!
HINT:  Store

HINT: Join Us!!

Texture Junction
HINT: Near a Spring display where beautiful flowers abound.

Play Corner

.:Buttery Toast:.
HINT: Baby toast is hiding something......

Infinity Creations
HINT: Whats a little pouf between friends?

Dreamscapes Art Gallery
HINT: Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign!

Vips Creations
HINT:Don't go so close to her!She will make spell on you!!!

Vicious Decay
HINT: Just hanging around

HINT: OMG a green pony!

Play Corner

[ free bird ]-Adult
HINT: Welcome to the Galaxy!

Isis Boutique
HINT: On Pointe!

Future Vision Art Gallery
HINT: Tulips are near and I can  fly  middle of them , room have alot poses

HJM Designs - Designs by Rochelle and Just Janine's
HINT: If you search for the blue flowery chair, maybe you are lucky and find me there.

A Lil' Sum'em
HINT: "I'm a flower...Where else would I be indoors?"

HINT: There might be some tulips in this sand box, but somehow i doubt they would grow at the beach.

~XM~ Designs
HINT:  On the raft

Hint: Flowers are so pretty by the bed.

Serendipity Designs
HINT: it's a Kitty TV! Omg I have to have one!!!!

HINT: " Summer Separates "

Wood Works
HINT: Look low, look high, but not in the sky.  You'll find what you want under the butterflies.

.BG. Minimarket
HINT: Climb up, but look down.

{The Purple Facade}
HINT: √Čan will help you find it.

Rainbow's Custom Jewelry
HINT: This gift is in a charmed setting.

Palm Beach-Adult
HINT:  Nothing says Spring more than Tulips and Bunnies.

HINT: Sleep on the Farm

Carrie's Lingerie
HINT: Summer is waiting a few weeks beyond
Nature is awakening
The sun is peeking
To warm the air, the meadow and pond
Don't limit yourself with what you are seeking

The Vintage Touch

Dondi's Doodads
HINT: Please check the hint giver.

Ayva's Attic
HINT: Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon.