Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let It Snow Hints & SLURLs

Updated 12/18

HINT:  Look for Penny and I will be there

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  Is it safe to have a snowflake that close to the fire?

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   Come on in and have a seat... the RECLINER looks like the perfect spot!

Something New-
HINT:  In a Cloud of Dreams Let It Snow

Freya's Finest Jewels-
HINT: Check Hint Giver (Next to the MM Board)

HINT: Midnight is a lucky time

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: Lets raise a glass of the best

HINT: look near the hunt poster

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: When it snows you may need to explore!

Magnum Opus-
HINT:  What are these crates doing here?

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: Find the prize where Christmas grows

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!

~ The Otherside ~-
HINT: Can A Fairy have a livingroom?

Texture Me True-
No Hint Given

HINT: Snow means SNOWMAN!

Eye Candi-
HINT: Kiss and Make Up.

Elegance by Elysa-
HINT:  Curl up all warm and cozy by a fire suitable for a Manor

Emerald Couture-
HINT: The weather outside is delightful but inside is a sightful...of snow....so you dont know where to go?  Look inside the tree and there you will see.

Little Scamp Designs-
HINT:  It's on the Second Floor

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT:  Do DORLIEs nest in the snow?

FashionNatic-25L Prim Not Out
HINT:Whats new?

Nail Me-
HINT: D'aww, it's so precious!

HINT: I got you under my skin...

Designs by Sebastian-
HINT: You'll find me snug within the branches of a friendly tree

La Boheme-
HINT: I always wanted to be the star...

Tool Shed-
HINT: The white shed full of woods has your prize.

{Sickly SWEET}-
HINT: Up the stairs to smell the flowers...

HINT: Hey, this is not cheese.

Hatter 'n Hell-
HINT:  Ooooooo! All the lovely trees!

Wood Works-
HINT: Wanna Play? It's a Date!

LX Essentials-
HINT: Have a warm one.

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: Woa Wait I am scared of Heights!

X-Clusives Animations-
HINT:Some people want the best.  We call these people the ELITE.  Seek out the information board for the ELITE GROUP.  There you will find your prize.

LnL Square-
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

~ Dawn's Dreamy Garden-
HINT: Was Athena a God?

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: "Gacha!!"

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: Look beyond the edge.

Stitches Creations-
HINT: What pretty Decorations

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Have Snowflake will party

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The Hut Hint swill tell of where the snowflake fell

Glam Dreams-
HINT: " To protect yourself from me, you will need a Fur ! "

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: White as snow!

HINT:  Let it snow, let it snow
             Snow high and low
             Cover the trees
             And cover those knees!

HINT: Not a place for fire.

Ayva's Attic-
HINT: Where's the green hunter?

Get Frocked-
HINT: A snowy decoration to the table gives a touch of class (upstairs)

Untamed Designs-
HINT: Feel free to have a seat on my HAT.... but don't eat my NOSE!

HINT: It's 36 degrees outside and too cold to wear such a skimpy Outfit!

HINT: Cute Snowgirls!

HINT: Its going to be cold out there better warm up by the Fire!

Nocturnal Needs-
HINT: You want a gift? Ask St. Nick!

Les Sucreries de Fairy-
HINT: You'll find me near some Christmas textures (just follow the trail)

~GL~ Shop-
HINT: i hope that sweet panda keeps me warm

An Lema-
HINT: Happy penguin feet!  I think?

MoonWillow Designs-
HINT: It may be snowing, but it's bikini season all year here

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Tips always REGISTER!

True North Designs-
HINT:  I know just where to park myself to keep  warm!

Vips Creations-
HINT: mmm what a nice candygifts!!

Potomac Signature Homes-
HINT:  Look out the window, it's snowing!

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  I like pine cones.

No Hint Given

Country Charm-
HINT: I went upstairs and took a left to see if my prize was on a self.

Loordes of London-
HINT:by the bargains

Siren's Moon-
HINT: Lady's: My turn on the merry go round.
        Men's: WOW!!  there sure are a lot of great hunt prizes.

HINT:  " Santa Stop Here "

Dragonsworn Mainland-
HINT: "Having a snack... it's a great view!"

Redrose Jewellry Store-
HINT:  You may have to climb the stairs. You will find me high above you.

HINT:  Yummy!

Steaming Ahead-
HINT: Gatcha!

HINT:For getting snow it needs a cold day

TRS Designs-
HINT: Snowflake Fairy

HINT:  I'm hidden in the tree

IT! (Indulge Temptation!)-
HINT:  Who doesn't like gifts?

HINT: Lets go hang with the Bell Bottoms!

Lilith's Den-
HINT: The circle between Ups and Downs
       goes round and round ...

Shae's Creations-
HINT: Oh Christmas Tree

HINT: I am just a little kitty

Scrambled Eggy's-
HINT: Something old something new something borrowed blue.... was that how it goes?

Dragonsworn Track-
HINT: "Waiting for my turn in the bath"

Faerietale Designs-
HINT: Just hanging here watchin the snow fall

Rage Clothing-
HINT:  I can explain!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: I'd like to take a minute to buy a Castle...

HINT: What a beautiful View

{Ms. B. Designs}-
HINT:  Don't get bookish, the snow is COMING SOON!

HINT: "star light, star bright....you will find your gift in it's place"

Christmas Fair-
HINT:It's time to start the magic, snowflakes falling outside the window

~*Heavenly Bacon*~-
HINT: Breakfast in bed is always nice!

HINT:  Browse the Catalogue to have fun!

Vanderpump Style-
HINT: Iam hanging somewhere on a tree

Desi's Prints-
HINT: Trees

irrISIStible shop-
HINT: go to center podium

Shabby Tabby-
HINT: It's Snowing! Look out the window!

Time Works-
HINT: Oh! You thought this would be easy? Well the nutcracker is guarding it!

HINT:  We've planted your prize in a seasonal garden

OMG! Inc.-
HINT: Within 'Bound Chaos', I am near the roses.

*ZK* Designs - Home & Garden-
HINT: The snow on the roof here is soooo interesting

HINT:I'm under the table

Perfect Seduction-
HINT: Love the view!

JLZ Fashion-
HINT: Going up?

Fi's Creations-
HINT: Shoe corner on left side

~La Moyet Design~-
HINT: Maybe Santa knows where ?

HINT: Kitten from Santa

Kelli Kreations-
HINT: I gatcha Feeling

HINT: I need a drink

HINT: " Go to the winter skybox 􀀄There is a place to sit down on the sleigh beside the snowman"

Khargo Christmas Market-
HINT:  See hint giver at sign by landing point

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT: Funny!!

HINT: Christmas is far but oh so very near.. you might see me here!

HINT: Sit on it ;)

HINT: Oh look, I match the curtain.

Pink and Zain's Wedding Store-
HINT: Hurry quick and enjoy the sand, before the snow covers the land!

HINT: "Man oh man - I want THAT for Christmas!"

D&s Designs-
HINT: It's kind of a new item.

Christmas Lane-
HINT:They all wants to sit on my lap!

Evolving Images-
HINT:  The most logical place for a Christmas present.  Red is your lucky color.

HINT: I mesh you :)

Mystic's Fashion-
HINT: decorate the *Light*  Christmas tree

Moonlitecat Creations-
HINT: Gatcha!

HINT: Just around the corner

HINT: Its nice to see kids working so hard in a workshop, and I dont even pay them salery. Ho-ho-ho-ho they get presents tho, just like all the other kids

:Pretty Kitty Design:-
HINT: Hint Giver

Cog & Fleur-
HINT:  Find the Goggles

HINT: Who likes cookies?

Toxic High-
HINT: Don't trip

Paisley Daisy-
HINT: The snow is starting to pitch.  Someone should close the doors!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Leaves Are Falling Hints & SLURLs

Updated 11/22.

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  Elizabeth might know where your prize is hidden!!

HINT: The prize you seek is not far you will find me where the Winter Angels are

Timeless Textures-
HINT: Are you feeling LUCKY? WATER the chances you'll find the hunt object here?

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: The leaves never fall for The Forest Panther

~ The Otherside ~-Adult
HINT: The Privacy is optional !

Something New-
HINT: It took one kiss to Fall for You

Freya's Finest Jewels-
HINT: Check Hint Giver

HINT:Let's see what's new

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   The leaves are falling, let's go outside but best to use the back door.

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: Autumn Tree

HINT: Look where the plants are "garaged"...

Magnum Opus-
HINT:  Nice, Warm and Cozy

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: Tantalizing Turquoise

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: You can shake the apples from the apple tree but you can't shake me, cos im Stuck, Stuck on you.

An Lema-
HINT:  I pine, I burn. No better than the mighty oak, all flames.

Texture Me True-
HINT:   'purse'vere and you'll find me

HINT:Under The Tree

Tool Shed-
HINT: Find the fabrics and you'll find your prize!

Designs by Sebastian-
HINT:  can a yellow/orange leaf be under a purple/red tree?

HINT: Book your soul is

HINT: Keep your pants on!

Toxic High-
HINT: Love to cuddle my nerdy Dana...

Dixie Dandelion-
HINT: Someone needs to rake up these leaves.

X-Clusives Animations-Adult
HINT: After a long walk red riding hood decided to rest in a BED. Little did she know there was a wolf.  Can't blame her she is no EINSTEIN.

Wood Works-
HINT: Tomorrow's Promise is if you seek you shall find.

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~-Adult
HINT: Find your Rose in the Plot !

Glam Dreams-
HINT: " Orange and gold are colors of Fall, look close to the trees to find your gift. "

LnL Square-
 HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for a updated hint.

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: What Sorority Do You Rep?

HINT:  LIFE brings you happiness when you are together

Stitches Creations-
HINT:  Hiding near the gazebo

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: Looks like the cats are playing with a leaf

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The Hunt Hints will tell of where the leaf fell

HINT: I can't decide between the brown bunny or the rainbow owl!

HINT:  Autumn colors
              Fall in a whirl
              With these outfits
              Dance and twirl!

HINT: Oh deer!

Get Frocked-
HINT:  Gacha is good for you (upstairs)

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT:  Relax on the Autumn Deck and you will be sure to see your prize

Nomiki's Creations-
HINT:  More tables are always needed during holiday season!

OMG! Inc.-
HINT: I am so lonely on this empty shelf

Untamed Designs-
HINT: That flower sure has some big leaves!

HINT: VIP room!

HINT: Red,white and Blue proud and loud

HINT: After Fall Comes Winter! its hard to find a warm place in the Snow!

HINT: "Where red leaves are falling you can also find the orange leaf"

Nocturnal Needs-
HINT: C'mon! Big Money! Big Money!

HINT: Please See Store Hint Giver

~GL~ Shop-
HINT:those leaves fall under everything, maybe the minions can clean up around here

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Tips always register!

~XM~ Designs-
HINT:  Don't forget the leaf that's hiding in the corner!

HINT: Oh look! SHOES!

Dragonsworn Mainland-
HINT: Kinda center? I was falling, but please don't step on me... the pumpkins won't help.

HINT: A tall fireplace is always nice on a cool fall evening.

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: Head to head.

Elegance by Elysa-
HINT:  Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
    In the forests of the night;
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

HINT:  I`m going to relax and read this whole STACK Of BOOKS

Emerald Couture-
HINT: Not just fall leaves are falling, she has them too.

HINT:  The leaves are falling ... in love!

TRS designs-
HINT: Boxes

IT! (Indulge Temptation!)-
HINT: So ... you are looking for a prize? Gacha!!!

HINT: You can grab me and go, or stay and get lucky!

High Quality Photos By Lola-

Lilith's Den-
HINT: Where are they before they fall?

Shae's Creations-
HINT: Rock me mama like a wageonwheel

HINT: I see good things in your future

Dragonsworn Track-
HINT: I am back along the track... by the sign that says the way.

Faerietale Designs-
HINT: Search high and low, but cozy and warm in fall is where I like to be

Rage Clothing-
HINT: These Leaves haven't Fallen

Siren's Moon-
HINT: so much work to be done leaves are falling all around. leaves need to be raked but all I want to do is sit with you.

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-
HINT: Do you like the Melon slices?

HINT: My THRONE away from home

{Ms. B. Designs}-
HINT: Leaves are falling, it must be fall.  Watch for storm clouds against the wall!

Nefeli's Gestures-
HINT: Leaves are falling outside...

Christmas Fair-
HINT:Look out the window, already the leaves fall outside the window

~*Heavenly Bacon*~-
HINT: I love to go CAMPING when leaves are falling.

HINT: You could get lucky if you find me

Desi's Prints-
HINT:  Asleep in the Hay

irrISIStible shop-Adult
HINT:  "the diva sing sometimes "

Decora Doll-

{Sickly SWEET}-
HINT: Up or under the rug?

Shabby Tabby-
HINT: Find me near the Coziest Chair in the house!

*ZK* Designs - Home & Garden-
HINT: This Leaf you will find ... underneath the Pine-cone

Marquesse Pret a Porter-
HINT: I made the pumpkin visible for the God-fairy to turn it in time for the ball

Eye Candi-
HINT: I love New York!

Little Scamp Designs-
HINT: It's on the second floor

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: Leaves are FLAT when they fall!

Vanderpump Style-
HINT: If you step on me you may slip going up stairs

....NPC designs....-
HINT: It could be anywhere but most probably under the reception desk ;)

loordes of london-
HINT:by the bargains

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Along Came A Spider Hints & SLURLs

Updated 10/21.

HINT: The prize you seek is not hard to spy, you will find it down where the Doll Maker hides.

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  Agh, there is a ghost playing the PIANO.  Oh wait, it's a music box.

Timeless Textures-
HINT: Look! Do you see that Victorian GOTHIC house on the hill? They say it's haunted!

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   Take a look and you will see,
           Some halloween close by
          Poke around, a gift is there
          But keep an open eye!!

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: If a big spider sits beside you, you don't have a ghost of a chance!

~ The Otherside ~-
HINT: Cross over the Bondage

Something New-
HINT: After one Halloween Date she loved him to Death

Freya's Finest Jewels-
HINT: Check Hint Giver (Next to the MM Board)

HINT:After work I am gonna kill that spider

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: A little fountain spray

HINT: look near the hunt poster

HINT: Have a seat, I'm sure nothing will crawl on you.

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: The trees hide the spider's secret

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: Careful where you tread

An Lema-
HINT: I love dark places. It's so hard to hide. A little bit of greenery. Perhaps I shall survive

Texture Me True-
HINT: Look for me by moonlight

HINT: I run, though I have no legs, I posses no heat, yet I do have steam. I have no voice to let words out, but from far away you can still hear me shout

ND/MD Kids R us-
HINT:  click HINT giver sign under HUNT sign

HINT: Spiders like to hide in the rafters

Imagine Flowers and Garden-
HINT:Somewhere over the rainbow

Secret Smile Mini Market-
HINT: Am I Online?

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: Spiders belong outside.

Living Vintage Southern-
HINT: I can See all the Sales from here

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~-
HINT: The Celebration of Seasons

LnL Square-
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: Female Gift: I look good on Scarlet
Male Gift: I will crawl up your shorts

Stitches Creations-
HINT: Yep- that's a spider alright!

Potomac Signature Homes-
HINT:  Hay!  I bet you have some lofty ideas!

X-Clusives Animations-
HINT: Social Media - Love it or hate it - It's here to say.  Find the place to join us on Facebook there you will find a prize or two!!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: The spider builds it's web at the highest point.

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The hunt Hints will say. the spider's way.

HINT: Wow, he´s a scary guy!

Cake Fox-
HINT: "I met an old, fat spider, Spinning in his TREE. I said, -Hey old, fat spider, I bet you can't catch me!" (From The Hobbit)

Q: Why did the spider move into the haunted house?
A: Ghosts can’t break their webs!

HINT:  Along came a spider
              That sat down beside her
              She bit off it's head
              And then it was dead!

bees heaven shop-
HINT: Do you think princess bees are afraid of spiders?

Get Frocked-
HINT:  This Seat is a Bloody Mess (upstairs)

Nomiki's Creations-

~*Sweet Revolutions*~-
HINT: Runnig up the hill to were the ruins are rise, find the brocken woodsteps and search for the smalest size

Redrose Jewellry Store-
HINT: Ladies/ Men. I am with my own Kind

Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF-
HINT:  Spiders always hide in corners

Lilith's Den-
HINT:Careful! It's A Trap!

Untamed Designs-
HINT: Do spiders eat pumpkins?

Grumble-No 25L Prim
HINT: I saw a spider heading towards evil bunny productions, probably hiding under the sofa...

MARIPOSA~house of couture~-
HINT:  Flutter by a Butterfly

[:Rad Designz:]-
HINT: dont walk under me or i'll jump in your hair

United InshCon-
HINT: Search the Fantasy Fountain

Nocturnal Needs-
HINT: Well I'm Stumped!

Les Sucreries de Fairy-
HINT: You'll find me with some Halloween stuff (Near the landing point)

JLZ Fashion-
HINT:Creep to the right

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: The colours are bright but they hide a nasty surprise.

~GL~ Shop-
HINT: those spiders crawl everywhere am afraid to look up

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Tips always register!

Cherry Pop Studio-
HINT: Ravens

KAD Designs-No 25L Prim
HINT: I like it dark, but very very toasty!  Im warming my legs by the fire.

Kreepshow Kouture-
HINT: You can find me close to midnight

Fairey Angel Creations-No 25L Prim
HINT: Will you play for me?

{The Purple Facade}-
HINT: Make them Beg for it

Serendipity Designs-
HINT: Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled up the water spout

HINT:  if you follow straight and true
try not to be blue
there is much to do
into the house u must go
you will see ghosts to and fro
near a table go very low
you will find what you seek
if you dare to take a peek

HINT: looking over the blueridge yonder

HINT: So soft, so cuddly.  Great place to make my home!

Loordes of London-
HINT:by the bargains

Kittycat's Creations-
HINT: Butt butt butt I like it here!

HINT: The itsy bitsy spider went up the wall,
down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up the rain
and the itsy bitsy spider went up the arches again.

HINT: "Take A Load Off"

Vips Creations-
HINT:mmm...Naughty Gothic!!!!

Howling Asylum-
HINT: " Gothmas! Blah!"

Khargo: Halloween-
HINT:  What's lurking in the pumpkin patch?

HINT: I got BLOOD on my shoe for stomping that spider!

Siren's Moon-
HINT: Both Men's and lady's: High or low where would a spider call home?

HINT:  " I think it Might be Haunted Here , I See a Ghost! "

De Baza-
HINT:  "Please check hint giver at the store"

HINT: Spiderwebs in every corner, one on high holds the prize.

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: Does BUFFLY slay spiders as well?

Perfect Seduction-
HINT: Female: No one will ever find me behind this group joiner!
Hint: Male: Just take a peek at the Men's Vendor!

HINT:  The housekeeper needs to start cleaning in the corners.

Halloweentown-Bee Designs-
HINT:This spell turned me into a dog!

Monday, July 13, 2015

ATG3 Hints & SLURLs

Each store has two hunt prims.  One is hidden and available for purchase for 1L.  The other will be near the sign and available for 25L.  Both prims have the same prize.  Updated 9/19.

Celtic Wolf-Moderate
HINT:  When traveling be sure to visit places that you LOVE.

HINT: The prize you seek will take you down, you will find it where the Joker is around

HINT: I like to hold my Uni kitty!!!!!

:Pretty Kitty Design:-Moderate
HINT: Instore Hint Giver

HINT:  This hunt is LOADED with great items!

True North Designs-Moderate
HINT:   -  Hey Baby! You lookin' like a real BIG TIME spender! -

Park Place Home Decor-Moderate
HINT:   It won't take 80 days to find your hunt item.  A map might help.  You usually find those in a library.

Tool Shed-Moderate
HINT: Hit the bricks!

HINT:  Look in the Plant Area Garage

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-Moderate
HINT: The MOIRAs that sing in the spring tra-la!

Texture Me True-Moderate
HINT: You'll find me in ancient India

Freya's Finest Jewels-Moderate
HINT: Hint giver board, on right hand wall (Next to MM Board)

HINT: That corner could use some fresh air

Timeless Textures-Moderate
HINT: You'll find the hunt object through the looking GLASS

Fi's Creations-Moderate
HINT: Left side of the entrance, look for 2 big red F's and then around the corner

Something New-Moderate
HINT: it can be night..or it can be day..but with you my friend..ill always play

Potomac Signature Homes-Moderate
HINT: Jack be nimble; Jack be quick.  Jack found the candle without a wick.

HINT: I'm hungry

Love Everlasting PlantPets-Moderate
HINT: *Sings* "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a ...."

Hopes Creations-General
HINT: The Beauty Within

.:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture-Adult
HINT: Something wicked this way comes... (Use the teleporter)

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-Moderate
HINT: To hunt around the grid you need to be an adventurer and an explorer!

GDit Jewelry-General
HINT: I'm hidden by a French town famous for denim!

HINT:Under the desk

Living Vintage Southern-Moderate
HINT: It's the real thing

By Jove-Moderate
HINT:  Success in 1 of 4 places.  Fast and Easy for L25 is right by the Hunt Sign.  The same gift (for 1L) is hidden by the NEW stuff for Ladies, Gentlemen, OR Kids!  And it might be moved from one to another at any given time.  Enjoy!

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations-Moderate
HINT: Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul...

{Sickly SWEET}-Moderate
HINT: There are just too many colors and patterns!

Closer to the Heart Creations-Moderate
HINT: What you're looking for hides among the wild things...

Challis Products-Moderate
HINT: Wiley & nutty

Skate World-Moderate
HINT: It's a flashy hint

~ The Otherside ~-Adult
HINT: Do you have an animal inside?

LOoLOo's & Platypus-Moderate
HINT: Get it? gacha? Good!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-Moderate
HINT: What a Party Animal he is.

Ayva's Attic-Moderate
HINT: Seems like every week, some sales roll around!

Sweet E's Designs-Moderate
HINT:Around the bend

Living Vintage Couture-Moderate
HINT: Join me for some fun

PeTiTeStuff@True North Designs-Moderate
HINT: 'Hiding from the Sunshine!'

E&D Engineering / Primmersive®-General
Gift #1 Hint: The author of 'Around the World in 80 Days' is perhaps best known for writing in this genre. Look for me here...
Gift #2 Hint: Balloons such as the one used by Phileas Fogg are typically made from this kind of material. Look for me here...

Celtic Creations-Moderate
HINT: Sparrow's the name, Jack Sparrow Arrrrrrrrr

{Ms. B. Designs}-Moderate
HINT:  He doesn't do the tongue thing, but he's got your prize!

The Vintage Touch-Moderate
HINT: One kitty, two kitty, three kitty... we guard the prize!

HINT: "I do love romantic places and pink flowers"

Redrose Jewellry Store-Moderate
HINT: So Hot so cooling my Feet off

HINT: Lost in the deep blue

HINT: why don't you take a coffee break?

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-Moderate
HINT: Find a Goor Store with a beautiful wolf...

Miss Mischief-General
HINT:  I spy with my little eye, something has caught this little kitty's eye.

HINT: I am surrounded by flowers & beads

PB Designs-Moderate
HINT: Another name for veil

Get Frocked-Moderate
HINT:  Beside the manuscript you will find your treasure

Stitches Creations-Moderate
HINT: Playing in the snow!

Against the Wall-Moderate
HINT:  I’m full of pins and interesting stuff
People stare and can’t get enough
Paper and letters hang around
Up on the wall I can be found

Wood Works-Moderate
HINT: "Like a bridge over troubled waters"....you will find me down...

HINT: I live my life hidden but from where I live I give away some of my treasures!

Feyline Fashions-Moderate
HINT: The Hand that Rules

Slutwear By Lexi-Adult-SKIP
HINT: Hope this tent roll is waterproof

HINT: Relax and enjoy a steaming mug

HINT: I GACHA souvenir travel poster right here!

* WICKED *-Moderate
HINT: If the shoe fits...

Siren's Moon-Moderate
Ladies: After such a long and exciting  journey , it’s good to take some time to stop and rejuvenate. smell the flowers.

Men’s: Part of the fun traveling around  the grid is the people/girl watching. I’m just going to layback and watch them pass by.

X-Clusives Animations-Adult
HINT:  To travel around the grid and be successful in the hunt I hope you paid attention in your geography lessons. If not, see me later in HOME FURNISHINGS for AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION.

OMG! Inc.-Moderate
HINT: Hanging in the corner. Why not 'hug me'.

~* Heavenly Bacon *~-Moderate
HINT: Where all is new, a prince shall protect your prize.

Gator's Gallery, Gifts & Books-General
HINT: Spring already?

~*Sweet Revolutions*~-Moderate
HINT: High up to the woodbridge that leads you, you will see,
        into the land of the elven, the  bathhouse is the right place to be.

Cake Fox-Moderate
HINT: "He took an open top beetle through the EYE of a needle - He was tryin' to throw his arms around the world." (U2: "Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World")

LnL Square-Moderate
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Living Vintage Men-Moderate
HINT: Join me for some fun

Nerdy Girl-Moderate
HINT: There must be more than this provincial life.

Lunar Seasonal Designs-Moderate
HINT: “It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
 —Jack Kerouac, WD

Dreamscape Wedding Design-Moderate
HINT: It's fairly black and white.

HINT: I heard some places around the grid people like to surf!

! Beautiful Dangerous !-Moderate
HINT: Come Take a Seat and Dress Up Your Feet.

AFI Designs-Moderate
HINT: I nee privacy when I change my clothes

HINT: Welcome to HelaMiyo, do you want to sit on the ground?

The Happy Hat-General
HINT: The Hunt Hints whisper to all of where the balloon will fall

HINT: Check your hair! Always!

QUE RICO Design-Moderate
HINT: A wander upstairs and you will find the music!

Kushi Textures-Moderate
HINT: Who left the door open?

Lilith's Den-Moderate
HINT:  Scrolls. Everywhere Scrolls

HINT: I Love My Cat

JLZ Fashion-Moderate
HINT: While you're making your way around the grid, don't forget to enjoy the flowers!

Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF-Moderate
HINT: If you are LUCKY you will find me quickly.

HINT: It's may in a shelf when I redecorate my room.

Kittycat's Creations-Moderate
HINT: Using in store hint giver

MoonWillow Designs-Moderate
HINT: you are the yin to my yang

*M3* Designs-Adult
Hint: The grass isn't all ways greener on the other side

Dressed by Lexi-Moderate
HINT: I love sapphires!

HINT: If you are traveling around the grid, i would at least bring a formal dress...in blue.

~Mesh Glam~-Moderate
HINT: Mr. Purr likes the feel of paper on his feet while he watches the world happenings.

HINT: "You can't escape!"

....NPC designs....-Moderate
HINT:Behind the desk

Shady Ladies-General
HINT:  I love sharks!

La Boheme-General
Hint: All the world's a stage - I prefer to hide backstage behind the curtain.

Cherry Pop Studio-Moderate
HINT: Out of sight

HINT:  I love Catalogue!

Surge Full Permission Mesh-Moderate
HINT:  I'm in the closet.

[:Rad Designz:]-Moderate
HINT: Come and give us a Hug! We won't bite!

AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS-Moderate
HINT: girls : my skin burns from all that sun
       boys:  i can ..no closed rooms , i need to see from outside the room to feel good

Steaming Ahead-http://slurl.com/secondlife/Steamhaven/66/171/24-Moderate
HINT: I do belong on a desk

Nail Me-Moderate
HINT:   Pick your color.

madcatcreations boutique-Adult
HINT:somewhere under the rainbow

HINT: What on earth are you doing? That's not trash!!

SG Apparel-Adult
HINT: Behind every New Release is a good find

HINT: I'm kind of on the fence about this.

K&J Dreamzz Home&Decor-Moderate
Hint Giver In Store

Designs by Sebastian-Moderate
HINT:  "among objects of faith"

SaCaYa - STORE-Moderate
HINT: Special Offers are ever great *smile*

Bee Designs-Moderate
HINT:You might find a Rare bed for kids if you play here

M. Law Designs-Moderate
HINT: This Buddha almost sitted on Me

HINT: The King of Pop is known all over the World !

Vero Modero-Moderate
HINT: Do u wanna come to Ascot with me?

Cupids Textures-Moderate
HINT: Im warm and Sweet and i go great with MILK!

HINT: Make me over !

Life, the Universe and Other Things-Adult-SKIP
HINT: "Look up, where blooming minds find serenity"

Lost Souls Saloon and Mall-Adult
HINT: Phileas Fogg would not have used this method to travel across the United States. If he had he would have never made it to New York in time.

HINT: Go to the private room in my pavilion and look about.  You will be happy to find this triple gift hunt prize.

Shae's Creations-General

Art Gallery Route 7-Moderate
HINT: there is  two fire  vases, look near Star Trek  or Night,

Szinnia and Kismet Shop-Moderate
HINT: upstair

Octopus' Garden Cafe & Giftshop-Moderate
HINT: Buddha says: Walk this Way

Serendipity Designs-Mature
HINT:  Did you know that Sir Lancelot's Mother's name was Elaine?

::M:: -Moderate
HINT: Do you ever play gatchas?

HINT: Grab the group and get the gifts.

HINT: Around the grid What a dance! Japan, Sweden, Rome, Give France a chance!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Birds & Bees Hints & SLURLs

Updated 5/29.

Celtic Wolf
HINT:  Have you ever seen a ballerina in a belljar?


HINT: Purrr!!! Pet the kitty

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: Busy Bees have dreams of buzzing around Flower Fairies in the Summer

~La Moyet Design~
HINT: Look at the Flowers !

Park Place Home Decor
HINT:   You'll find birds and bees outside of course.... probably by the flowers in the garden shop

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT: The MOIRAs that sing in the spring tra-la!

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Check hint board on right hand wall

*ZK* Designs
HINT: Bills aren't the only thing that ends up in this place, we are waiting for you there

An Lema
HINT: I saw a little birdie, Sitting under a tree

Elegance by Elysa

{Sickly SWEET}
HINT: Candles candles on the wall...

HINT: Everybody loves a good sale!

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: Welcome

HINT: look near hunt poster

^Wicked Sin Creations^
HINT: Close the curtains.

HINT: Luna will guide your way

HINT: "Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and the bees
          And the flowers and the trees
          And the moon up above
          And a thing called 'Love'."
          You should probably check out the flowers and the tree upstairs.  Unfortunately, Dean Martin isn't there to sing to you.

Fi's Creations
HINT: News

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  "look for flowers, a color like me; a rose perhaps, a home to be"

HINT: Follow the sound of splashing water

HINT: Birdy Birdy Nam Nam (Decor shop)

Something New
HINT: The story of the Birds and the Bees leads to true loves Kiss

Love Everlasting PlantPets
HINT: Don't be a pansy, you can find it!

Scrambled Eggy's
HINT: Check by hunt sign

Timeless Textures
HINT: Searching for the hunt prim? Keep your eyes on the SKY or you'll be ICE cold.

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: Male Gift in Living Vintage Men Store~ The view from up here is nice!!!!
        Female Gift  ~ I do hate to work!!!

By Jove
HINT:  Take a toke, and enjoy the hunt.

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: On a wing and Prayer

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: Stop by the cash-wrap when your done shopping

HINT: I'm Keeping Company with the Robin

HINT:  What better place to find birds and bees, then with the hanging flowers in the full grown trees?
Check outside

The Vintage Touch
HINT: Every girl needs some nice Accessories!

Stitches Creations

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Get Frocked
HINT:  Misty just thinks im a toy

Lone Wolf Studio
HINT: Bees LOVE These!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Don't need to explain the birds & the bees to me, I Gacha!

La Boheme
HINT: We totally blend in with these flowers.

United InshCon
HINT: hint giver

PB Designs
HINT: Springs make us bounce

HINT: " I admire the yellow and orange butterflies"

Incendia Outdoors
HINT: Hint giver at Landing point Hint changes alot

X-Clusives Animations
HINT:  The hunt is on for
the birds and the bees
With help you'll separate
the wood from the trees
But for your gift
I may need a swap
So hurry along
and find a GIFT SHOP

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Look at me near the Cherry Tree blossom...

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: I love playing gatcha

HINT: I am traveling all the way to the galaxy

The Happy Hat
HINT: The Hunt Hints will tell the tale of where I am set for sale...

HINT: : "Beautiful songbirds in a Golden cage "

HINT: Follow the arrow for 25 lindens

HINT: I like to hang out with my friend the turtle near the water

HINT: Punk Rock never looked better in Pink

Jovis Unique Creations
HINT: I'm a prize catch

LOoLOo's & Platypus
HINT: I need a Doctor!

{Ms. B. Designs}
HINT: Bee's like to build their nests up high in a corner so saying, "HANDS OFF" to those who might bother.

Red Peppers Designs
HINT: Walk a mile in my shoes.

Cake Fox
HINT: "You can sing like a bird, sting like a bee, but can you swim to where this prize might be?"

bees heaven shop
HINT: Mhhh i love honey. Should i try this variety or this or this or this... ?

HINT:  A girls name idolized in a song by Barry Manilow

Ayva's Attic
HINT: Bird hotel.

True North Designs
HINT: Ah Spring! A time to be Outdoors, amongst the PLANTS & Flowers!

Vicious Decay
HINT: Third Heaven

Ro!Act Designs
HINT: Butterflies Everywhere!

HINT: Are you a Princess or... a QUEEN?

More Than Ever
HINT: Look for the double headed arrow

Shoenique Designs
HINT:  Take a dip in the fountains

Against the Wall
HINT:   Sping has come and warm weather is here, time to put away winter things until they are needed next year

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: We're eating..

[ free bird ]
HINT: What's your Spirit Animal?

Kingswood Store & Gacha Market
HINT: Top Shelf

RM Creations
HINT: Mirror Mirror on the wall whom is the fairest of them all

Adorably Strange Wares
HINT: Outside you can see the moon and stars better.

HINT: Have a heart!

~* Heavenly Bacon *~
HINT: Tiptoe to the tulips and listen to the dove coo.

HINT: Do bees take a bath like birds in a Bird Bath.

Libbytulips Sparkle Fashion
HINT: •Where on earth...do you hide your WINGS ?

Wicked Diva's Courtyard
HINT: I will Perform for You...

Nail Me
HINT: I hope Clara's not allergic to bees!

HINT: April showers brought May flowers to Zesty...bees like flowers right?

Serendipity Designs
HINT:  Our birds and bees love the beach, and so will you in the Ashley Living room.

Vannilla Gestures
HINT: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Vero Modero
HINT: i wish have teleport in rl

! Beautiful Dangerous !
HINT: These can help you go up.

Octopus' Garden Cafe & Giftshop
HINT: Good friends make us smile

Enchanded Desires
HINT: Put the Flowers here

Pink and Zain's Wedding Store
HINT: I think I heard a strange buzzing sound come from upstairs near those flowers!

HINT: Be still my heart

HINT:  click HINT giver below hunt sign, near landing

HINT: corners and corners

HINT: And that's why birds do it
Bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

HINT: please dont step on me

HINT: Ask Nadja, she may help you!

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: Memory lights the corners of my mind.

loordes of london
HINT:by the back door

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

White Rabbit Hints & SLURLs

Current as of 4/8/15.


Celtic Wolf
HINT:  Don't let your ego get in the way of finding your prize.

Park Place Home Decor
HINT:    The White Rabbit always follows his HEART!

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
HINT: Check Hint Giver in Store

An Lema
HINT: "I'm late, I'm late...where is my coat, where is my hat? I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

HINT: That vendor says Dixon Mini

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: Looking for a White Rabbit? Ask Alice, she's a doll!

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT: Pat-a-cake, PATTI cake, baker's man !

Texture Me True
HINT: find me inspirational

Lone Wolf Studio
HINT: You Gacha Grab this!

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Please check hint giver - right hand wall, next to the MM board

HINT: Bunnies love to hang together

*ZK* Designs
HINT: They may breed like rabbits, but only one has your prize!

La Boheme
HINT: One sip would have made this garden seem like a giant jungle!

Elegance by Elysa
HINT:  "Girls just wanna have fun..."

Fi's Creations
HINT: Check out the news wall

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: Hope I didn't get my feet wet in that puddle

.:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture
HINT: Check the book pile!

~*Sweet Revolutions*~
HINT: Down by the River the bunnys will play
        it themes peacefull but I wouldn`t stay

HINT: Uhhm ... I always thought that Frittz was a sloth, but now I'm not sure anymore. Are these really bunny ears underneath his hat??

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: That cat looks hungry.

HINT:   look near hunt poster

Hopes Creations
HINT: There's always time for tea

HINT:  An adorable bunny awaits you upstairs wearing the hunt object.

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  In this spot a candle might lie, but instead I sit,  somewhat high

^Wicked Sin Creations^
HINT: Go ahead and slap me.

HINT: A small cave to hide your chocolate eggs

GDit Jewelry
HINT: I'm very fond of gacha!

~Mesh Glam~
HINT: Old school sound with new technology

HINT: Let's see what's new

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: Ask Amy, she will know.

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: Is Love the Answer

Skate World

HINT: I am surrounded by onyx skies

Cake Fox
HINT: "Jennifer slept in her little bed, - With dreams of a rabbit in her little head." (Tom Paxton: "Jennifer's Rabbit")

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: I'd like to take a minute to sit right there: how many chickens do you see?

Stitches Creations
HINT: Near the Gazebo

~XM~ Designs
HINT:  Wow!  A floating drink?  How cool is that?

The Happy Hat
HINT: The Hunt Hints will state of where I met my fate.

The Vintage Touch
HINT:  Tickle my paws to get your gift.

~La Moyet Design~
HINT : A Hat with Ears ... Funny !

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

True North Designs
HINT:   Your MISSION?:  Read a book!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: A lot can be seen looking out this window.

Get Frocked
HINT: In the corner and up the stair, the rabbits ears are over there

Ro!Act Designs
HINT:  Floating with the Water Lilies

Insanity's Own
HINT: mirror mirror...

United InshCon
HINT: Hint Giver

PB Designs
HINT: Not just a clothes horse.

Ayva's Attic
HINT: Who doesn't love a red dragon?

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: A whithe floor...

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: Come on by Shop a bit, then take a seat and grab a coffee

HINT: The white rabbit likes the white lady

HINT: "Hopping through the spring garden I need some rest"

Wood Works
HINT: You won't find me in a hat, but you might just see me near a cat.

HINT: Leave from the chaos world to rest at the tree.

KOALA designs
HINT: beware of the rock?

X-Clusives Animations
HINT: The white rabbit has been hopping around
Leaving presents for you and for me
Look up the stairs, not here on the ground
Where you'll find the ULTIMATE SUV

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: Near the landing point you'll find some cute Easter stuff :)

HINT:  " I`m Climbing with  Beautiful Roses "

Stone's Works
HINT: He Guard My World !

HINT: '' you can choose your best music''


HINT: The Spring is when the bunnies come out to play

HINT: Don't those cute ears just BOW you over! (check the womens store)

HINT:  I wonder if our Home Repairs will scare up any white rabbits for us to chase?
Check Misc & Grd Sits Animations rooms.

Jovi's Unique Creations
HINT: I Like to take a dip at midnight

LOoLOo's & Platypus
HINT: Send in the clowns

PeKaS Design
HINT: look that pretty fountain

{Ms. B. Designs}
HINT:  Bunny's make babies like rabbits.  But in my shop, it appears they make kitties instead.  Seek out Elian for more information.

HINT:  On the ledge!

AVRO Wings

HINT: Some Men are sexy in a Thong.

Loordes of London
HINT: by the back door

HINT:Behind the desk

Geek Chic Creations
HINT: Between the forbidden pagan

Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF
His:  Did someone forget to do the laundry?
Hers: Even bunnies need a hat.

HINT: You bury me when I'm alive and dig me up when I'm dead.

HINT:  Magic bird in a Tuxedo with happy feet

HINT:  Browse the catalogue to have fun!

Vips Creations
HINT:She must be afraid the bad wolf...

Adorably Strange Wares
HINT: Maybe it wasn't a good idea to hide behind the candles. *sweats*

Que Bella!
HINT: Bunneh for a Rabbit

HJM Designs
HINT:  I'm not on the floor or behind the door or in your hair. I'm on a stair....can you find me?

HINT: I Gacha covered!

Gator's Gallery
HINT: The man in the moon has his hat on today.

HINT: Ah, you're such a poser!

Toryuumon:Mahō Sukurōru
HINT: Silky and Smooth that you would tie on a rabbit

HINT:Looking for a bookcart.

{The Purple Facade}
HINT: Éan is playing dress up.

HINT:  In store