Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Around The Grid in 80 Days 10 Hunt Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize.

HINT:  We're going Around The Grid in 80 Days.  BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!

HINT:  Giselle has some nice legs.

HINT:  Turn on a lamp, and map out your destination!

HINT:  Go ask Roxie.

HINT:  Hint directions just to be clear: Up then left, up again then right. What you are seeking can be found resting...

Hint:  Come ride with me and lets get off the grid!

HINT:  Always nice to have something NEW on a trip

HINT:  You are the cats meow.

HINT:  DISCO Dancing with SANNA ? Dance with me Baby !

HINT: Look for quotations

HINT:  I've Hadley ever seen a finer grid!

HINT:  All warm and snuggly

HINT:  I can get great snapshots from here.

HINT:  Follow the path, I am near things you need to pack

HINT:  First a sparkling refreshment, then the journey can start again.

HINT:  Something about traveling around the grid just rings true.

HINT:  I'm hiding with the other books.

Hint:  Exercise? I thought you said ACCESORIZE!

Hint:  Travelers... pack your trunk!

HINT: I love to feed the ducks on the pond.

HINT:  The Dancer moved to the lovely sounds of Prologue, and when that was through the musician's played a Darbuka as well..(Turn your sound on).

HINT:  Last Weeks Party

Hint:  Stuffed up in the attic waiting to be packed to go Around The Grid!

HINT: You can find me on the shelf near the reception

HINT:  Deposit!

HINT: Check behind the sales for your hunt item.

HINT:  If you go to where it is LUCKY you might find what you are looking for near a CHAIR

HINT: Can you find Crystals around the Grid?

Hint:  a succulent in a shoe always makes a beautiful picture

HINT:  After travelling all around the grid a little refreshing is great. Grab yourself a coffee and relax in the VIP Area of the store.

HINT:  Stopping for a SNACK

HINT:  It's so fluffy!!!!


HINT:  I hope he don't sit on me.


HINT:  Behind where you land is where i am

HINT:  To boot or not to boot!

HINT:  All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. Glad I was able to book my plane tickets online.

HINT:  Treasure Trails, may lead you to EPIC Nails

HINT:  Pegasus will take me traveling

Hint:  "Its not just a block of wood..."

HINT:  Find the stairs, then find the art section.

Thank you for participating.  See you at the next hunt.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Xs & Os Hints & SLURLs


There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize.  Updated 2/3! 

Hint:  While on the hunt take some time for SIGHT SEEING.

HINT:  Dominique got a booty on her

Hint: There's a door by a roof and a window.

Check Hint Giver In Store

Hint:  Hiding in the hoodies.

Hint: To sleep...per chance to dream....

Hint: Another place has the space for butterflies to flutter by

Hint: Is there anything as romantic as Paris?

Hint: No Matter What I am your X&O

Hint: Check Hint Giver

Hint: Don't get Cross, get a NEW Idea :)

Hint: you will find me near hoodies.

Hint: The night sky is so romantic!

Hint: I really love a vendor full of DISCOUNTS!

Hint: You take the beer, but champagne for me ! 

Hint: Where there are hearts love will abide.

Hint: Orlaith has been known to "x" his own!

Hint: I love cheese fries with gravy!

Hint: Look a chair!

Hint: She will watch your every move.

Hint: Olivia loves it!

Hint: Last Week's Party

Hint: Hiding behind the palm tree for some X's and O's!!

Hint: Vintage Sign!

Hint:  Climb the stairs, look for the wagon on the wall, you'll find your x's and o's inside

Hint: Go to the Freebie Floor and check near the lucky chairs

Hint: Nestled in between the tables on the Romantic Brick Patio.

Hint: He better not sit on me!

Hint: Mens-Up up up to the top, eeek im scared!! womens-All you need is love!!

Hint: New Hearts in Store 

Hint: Roses are red, when you find the roses, you will find me too.

Hint: So many hearts

Hint: Hint Giver at Hunt Sign

Hint: I Like To Play with the Shoes!

Hint: Look for the hearts

Hint: Your sweet words are music to my ears ... I'm 'In the Mood' for love!

Hint: Look for the X's and O's 

Hint: Who you gonna call?

Hint: Someone needs to make this bed!

HINT:  I am wrapped with a pearl

No Hint Given

No Hint Given

Thank you for being part of the hunt.  See you in the next one.