Friday, November 27, 2020

Dreaming of a White Christmas SLURLs & Hints

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize. SLURLs Fixed 12/1!

HINT:  While looking for your prize you might need a warm Christmas sweater.

HINT: You sleigh me.

HINT:  I am feeling all mixed up

HINT: It's probably by the cabinets.

HINT: It's "time" to start shopping ..... then you can relax!!

HINT: Up in Lights

HINT: Wooly rascal has stolen away the prize. Look outside for this rogue sheep

HINT: Christmas is a banquet of great things.

HINT: I told you to use the electric christmas candles ! Now its too late !

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
With marshmallows roasting
And footsies toasting
By a campfire nestled in the snow.


HINT: Have a Gayla old time at Christmas

HINT: Do they dream of a white CHRISTMAS in Australia too?

HINT: My 2 yr old niece likes to 'help' in the shop.  She has her own little station to phone Santa to come get his cookies.

HINT: Get into the spirit of a Steampunk Christmas!

HINT:  Please Santa may I just take a peek?

HINT: Do you know where Lady Goth #3 is?

HINT: The snow is so bright... I have to wear shades

HINT: What a cosy place.

HINT: Under the tree is where most gifts go, but not this time! where else would i be?!

HINT: Hitching a RIDE

HINT: I love sledding!

HINT: You should relax and read the Christmas cards while you dream of a White Christmas.

HINT: it's big and red. It stinks and makes a lot of noise

HINT: Here's a reindeer game: Can you name all their names?

HINT: What?! I'm a bath toy for a bear?!

The lady deals with come what may, 
clothed only in her lingerie
This hint to sow 
goes down below ,
it's rants amend 
like pants for men

HINT: I'm with stupid!

HINT: See the gachas? It might be there.

HINT:  you can Bear-ly see me in the snow

HINT:  "Sitting here waiting for Jack Frost to show up"

HINT: By Gosh I think I smell Chestnuts Roasting!

HINT: It shimmers and glitters - is that a shower of stars?

HINT: 'Mae' Winter Knitwear Keep You Warm This Winter

HINT: Enter the shop and head straight to the fireplace

HINT: Near the Bird of Paradise!

HINT: make it a lovely present

HINT: It really is okay if you dribble paint on the floor

HINT: Are you feeling LUCKY?

HINT: Rustic Olive Grunge can be walked on!

HINT: All you need is LOVE!

HINT:  This basket is warm & cosy, hopefully I don't melt.

Winter Trees and Snowmen make the best of friends

HINT: We are going to need something warmer then this!

HINT: Round and round it goes...where it stops nobody knows.

HINT:  From the other side of the room is where you find me

HINT: Nice Kimono

HINT: See Hint Giver at Sign

HINT:  Ancient TREE

HINT: In the Hobbit's house I hide, near the hearth, let the wooden utensils be your guide. 

HINT: Everyone loves flowers.

HINT: Hint Giver at Hunt Sign

HINT:  Blue Snowflake instore

HINT:  Look for the Light 

HINT: Up the stairs you will find the holiday spirit and a sleigh ride

HINT: Look up

HINT: look around me im what sparkles on christmas...

HINT: It's cold outside

HINT: I have an itch

HINT: Just Inside Which Door?


Thank you for participating in our hunt. See you at the next one.