Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gobble, Gobble Hints & SLURLs

Celtic Wolf
HINT:  Over there you're hot, but over there you're cold.
You'll find the prize when you find something TO HAVE & TO HOLD!

HINT: The prize that you want can be found not so far, you will find it where the Ghost Ships are.

Park Place Home Decor
HINT: Rub-a-Dub-Dub
Look by the tub
(not where you bathe but where you sit)

HINT: look near the hunt poster

HINT: I love shopping the weekend deals

Living Vintage Couture
No HINT Given

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: Pie is yummy

Texture Me True
HINT: Im with Jack

HINT: click hunt hint sign - near landing

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT:  You could go from post to pillar but don't get blue!

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: oooooo that's so Shiney

Tool Shed
HINT: The turkey waddled to Santa's chair!

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT: Kiss me KATIE !

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Check Hint Giver Board on Back Wall

No HINT Given

HINT: "Keep On Rollin'"

Timeless Textures
HINT: This Turkey should know it's not such a LUCKY CHAIR if hiding under it ends him up on the Thanksgiving dinner TABLE!

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: In the shade of the beech grove.

HINT:  *Sits you on the bench, takes your hand and whispers*  This Thanksgiving, I give you "All I Have To Give."

Something New
HINT: After we Gobble our Thanks giving can you be my Halloween Date?

HINT: On the shelves

Dressed by Lexi
HINT: These boots will go great with the gift.

lunamoon's Creation Shop
HINT:  Up the stairs then follow the turkey!

Euphoria Couture
HINT: Maybe if I hide by these file cabinets, I won't be someones dinner.

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: I would never have pictured myself here.

GDit Jewelry
HINT: A certain KittyCat is in hot pursuit of me at the front desk!

HINT:Directions can be such tricky things.

Glam Dreams
HINT: " Ladies are not the only one stuffing turkeys these days. Many modern gentlemen buy or hunt it down and stuff them too ! ".

*ZK* Designs - Home & Garden
HINT: To hide from the hunters I camouflage myself among the leaves of autumn

Get Frocked
HINT: Dont let this kitty gobble me up

Dreamscape Wedding Design
HINT: In love.

The Happy Hat
No HINT Given

Dreamland Designs
HINT: Where the Elks Graze

HINT: Gobble Gobble, Turkey is Super any Week!

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to receive an updated hint!

HINT:  Take the time to put your feet up and relax during this hunt.

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Now how in the heck did that turkey get UP there?

HINT: Rose wing: lot of memories...

Wood Works
HINT: Starlight, star bright, where's the Gobble gift tonight?

An Lema
HINT: "Oh, I might as well be high up in a tree...won't somebody come and rescue me?"

Stitches Creations
HINT: Looking for grubs under the mushrooms!

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: You'll find me near the landing point

{{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures
HINT: Slap Me silly!

Feyline Fashions
HINT: What gypsies travel in

Fall @ Purple Moon
HINT:  Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique
HINT: This turkey is hoping to hide in the EMERALD CITY with this bear until after Thanksgiving.

HINT: **The Flowers are red **

La Boheme
HINT: These look like giant meeeees!  Nibbles a seed.

Lilith's Den
HINT:  I can see you entering! How about joining me here.

Firelight Creations
HINT: Swing by and pick me up!

Wicked Tattoos
HINT: female Item: Oh The Mania of a Lucky Letter
        male Item: The Calfs, Legs & Feet have my Stamp of Approval

HINT:  I like to be lazy after I eat a hardy Thanksgiving Feast!

Ro!Act Designs
HINT:   Under a Black Bridal Veil

*kiokopup* & Virtual Ryukyu
HINT: A Turkey among Chickens

HINT:  Eating and drinking,
              driving not.
              Blinking and thinking,
              that's the spot!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: See you nearby? Where is the African Tip Jar!

gatcha's bubbles
HINT: look for it among the roots of the tree

mattie rae's textures
HINT: looks like the turkeys have taken over the pumpkin patch


HINT:  "Autumn is such a lovely time for a campfire"

KAD Designs
HINT: Find me next to Sequined and Bette. Alina wont mind a bit!

Hearth & Home
HINT: Look for the Dark Gypsy's Trunk

HINT: Find the Thanks Giving Wreath hanging in store

***baci village***
HINT:  gnamgnam the nasty turkey is ready with new creations

Love Everlasting PlantPets
HINT: It is not the best ride, but the pumpkins don't mind.

<P3> Pixel Perfect Productions
HINT: I'm not just talking turkey, there's lots to celebrate here!

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: Relax

HINT:  Apples , Pumpkins and a WORRIED Turkey?

HINT:  Look for me everywhere, by all means.......but if you want to find me stick near the jeans.

Painted Butterfly Designs
HINT: Like finding a needle in a hay stack

Rispetto Design
HINT: "I've got style"

HINT: At the back

HINT: Nobody wears BLOODY Shoes on Thanksgiving!

Kittycat's Creations
HINT: Another bird!  Us birds gotta stick together.

The Vintage Touch
HINT:  Who doesn't like a cupcake, especially when it's lucky?!

Christmas Fair
HINT: Thanksgiving cart

Belle morte
HINT: where your standing im not far behind go around the hunt sign anywhere in there im sure me you'll find..

::Toxxic:: Pandora
HINT: Doughnuts sound so amazing right now!

Style by Kira
HINT: As long as you are standing by the subscribo, you might as well

[ free bird ]
HINT: U.F.O.'s are cute!