Monday, July 13, 2015

ATG3 Hints & SLURLs

Each store has two hunt prims.  One is hidden and available for purchase for 1L.  The other will be near the sign and available for 25L.  Both prims have the same prize.  Updated 9/19.

Celtic Wolf-Moderate
HINT:  When traveling be sure to visit places that you LOVE.

HINT: The prize you seek will take you down, you will find it where the Joker is around

HINT: I like to hold my Uni kitty!!!!!

:Pretty Kitty Design:-Moderate
HINT: Instore Hint Giver

HINT:  This hunt is LOADED with great items!

True North Designs-Moderate
HINT:   -  Hey Baby! You lookin' like a real BIG TIME spender! -

Park Place Home Decor-Moderate
HINT:   It won't take 80 days to find your hunt item.  A map might help.  You usually find those in a library.

Tool Shed-Moderate
HINT: Hit the bricks!

HINT:  Look in the Plant Area Garage

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-Moderate
HINT: The MOIRAs that sing in the spring tra-la!

Texture Me True-Moderate
HINT: You'll find me in ancient India

Freya's Finest Jewels-Moderate
HINT: Hint giver board, on right hand wall (Next to MM Board)

HINT: That corner could use some fresh air

Timeless Textures-Moderate
HINT: You'll find the hunt object through the looking GLASS

Fi's Creations-Moderate
HINT: Left side of the entrance, look for 2 big red F's and then around the corner

Something New-Moderate
HINT: it can be night..or it can be day..but with you my friend..ill always play

Potomac Signature Homes-Moderate
HINT: Jack be nimble; Jack be quick.  Jack found the candle without a wick.

HINT: I'm hungry

Love Everlasting PlantPets-Moderate
HINT: *Sings* "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a ...."

Hopes Creations-General
HINT: The Beauty Within

.:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture-Adult
HINT: Something wicked this way comes... (Use the teleporter)

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-Moderate
HINT: To hunt around the grid you need to be an adventurer and an explorer!

GDit Jewelry-General
HINT: I'm hidden by a French town famous for denim!

HINT:Under the desk

Living Vintage Southern-Moderate
HINT: It's the real thing

By Jove-Moderate
HINT:  Success in 1 of 4 places.  Fast and Easy for L25 is right by the Hunt Sign.  The same gift (for 1L) is hidden by the NEW stuff for Ladies, Gentlemen, OR Kids!  And it might be moved from one to another at any given time.  Enjoy!

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations-Moderate
HINT: Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul...

{Sickly SWEET}-Moderate
HINT: There are just too many colors and patterns!

Closer to the Heart Creations-Moderate
HINT: What you're looking for hides among the wild things...

Challis Products-Moderate
HINT: Wiley & nutty

Skate World-Moderate
HINT: It's a flashy hint

~ The Otherside ~-Adult
HINT: Do you have an animal inside?

LOoLOo's & Platypus-Moderate
HINT: Get it? gacha? Good!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-Moderate
HINT: What a Party Animal he is.

Ayva's Attic-Moderate
HINT: Seems like every week, some sales roll around!

Sweet E's Designs-Moderate
HINT:Around the bend

Living Vintage Couture-Moderate
HINT: Join me for some fun

PeTiTeStuff@True North Designs-Moderate
HINT: 'Hiding from the Sunshine!'

E&D Engineering / Primmersive®-General
Gift #1 Hint: The author of 'Around the World in 80 Days' is perhaps best known for writing in this genre. Look for me here...
Gift #2 Hint: Balloons such as the one used by Phileas Fogg are typically made from this kind of material. Look for me here...

Celtic Creations-Moderate
HINT: Sparrow's the name, Jack Sparrow Arrrrrrrrr

{Ms. B. Designs}-Moderate
HINT:  He doesn't do the tongue thing, but he's got your prize!

The Vintage Touch-Moderate
HINT: One kitty, two kitty, three kitty... we guard the prize!

HINT: "I do love romantic places and pink flowers"

Redrose Jewellry Store-Moderate
HINT: So Hot so cooling my Feet off

HINT: Lost in the deep blue

HINT: why don't you take a coffee break?

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-Moderate
HINT: Find a Goor Store with a beautiful wolf...

Miss Mischief-General
HINT:  I spy with my little eye, something has caught this little kitty's eye.

HINT: I am surrounded by flowers & beads

PB Designs-Moderate
HINT: Another name for veil

Get Frocked-Moderate
HINT:  Beside the manuscript you will find your treasure

Stitches Creations-Moderate
HINT: Playing in the snow!

Against the Wall-Moderate
HINT:  I’m full of pins and interesting stuff
People stare and can’t get enough
Paper and letters hang around
Up on the wall I can be found

Wood Works-Moderate
HINT: "Like a bridge over troubled waters" will find me down...

HINT: I live my life hidden but from where I live I give away some of my treasures!

Feyline Fashions-Moderate
HINT: The Hand that Rules

Slutwear By Lexi-Adult-SKIP
HINT: Hope this tent roll is waterproof

HINT: Relax and enjoy a steaming mug

HINT: I GACHA souvenir travel poster right here!

* WICKED *-Moderate
HINT: If the shoe fits...

Siren's Moon-Moderate
Ladies: After such a long and exciting  journey , it’s good to take some time to stop and rejuvenate. smell the flowers.

Men’s: Part of the fun traveling around  the grid is the people/girl watching. I’m just going to layback and watch them pass by.

X-Clusives Animations-Adult
HINT:  To travel around the grid and be successful in the hunt I hope you paid attention in your geography lessons. If not, see me later in HOME FURNISHINGS for AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION.

OMG! Inc.-Moderate
HINT: Hanging in the corner. Why not 'hug me'.

~* Heavenly Bacon *~-Moderate
HINT: Where all is new, a prince shall protect your prize.

Gator's Gallery, Gifts & Books-General
HINT: Spring already?

~*Sweet Revolutions*~-Moderate
HINT: High up to the woodbridge that leads you, you will see,
        into the land of the elven, the  bathhouse is the right place to be.

Cake Fox-Moderate
HINT: "He took an open top beetle through the EYE of a needle - He was tryin' to throw his arms around the world." (U2: "Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World")

LnL Square-Moderate
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Living Vintage Men-Moderate
HINT: Join me for some fun

Nerdy Girl-Moderate
HINT: There must be more than this provincial life.

Lunar Seasonal Designs-Moderate
HINT: “It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
 —Jack Kerouac, WD

Dreamscape Wedding Design-Moderate
HINT: It's fairly black and white.

HINT: I heard some places around the grid people like to surf!

! Beautiful Dangerous !-Moderate
HINT: Come Take a Seat and Dress Up Your Feet.

AFI Designs-Moderate
HINT: I nee privacy when I change my clothes

HINT: Welcome to HelaMiyo, do you want to sit on the ground?

The Happy Hat-General
HINT: The Hunt Hints whisper to all of where the balloon will fall

HINT: Check your hair! Always!

QUE RICO Design-Moderate
HINT: A wander upstairs and you will find the music!

Kushi Textures-Moderate
HINT: Who left the door open?

Lilith's Den-Moderate
HINT:  Scrolls. Everywhere Scrolls

HINT: I Love My Cat

JLZ Fashion-Moderate
HINT: While you're making your way around the grid, don't forget to enjoy the flowers!

Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF-Moderate
HINT: If you are LUCKY you will find me quickly.

HINT: It's may in a shelf when I redecorate my room.

Kittycat's Creations-Moderate
HINT: Using in store hint giver

MoonWillow Designs-Moderate
HINT: you are the yin to my yang

*M3* Designs-Adult
Hint: The grass isn't all ways greener on the other side

Dressed by Lexi-Moderate
HINT: I love sapphires!

HINT: If you are traveling around the grid, i would at least bring a formal blue.

~Mesh Glam~-Moderate
HINT: Mr. Purr likes the feel of paper on his feet while he watches the world happenings.

HINT: "You can't escape!"

....NPC designs....-Moderate
HINT:Behind the desk

Shady Ladies-General
HINT:  I love sharks!

La Boheme-General
Hint: All the world's a stage - I prefer to hide backstage behind the curtain.

Cherry Pop Studio-Moderate
HINT: Out of sight

HINT:  I love Catalogue!

Surge Full Permission Mesh-Moderate
HINT:  I'm in the closet.

[:Rad Designz:]-Moderate
HINT: Come and give us a Hug! We won't bite!

AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS-Moderate
HINT: girls : my skin burns from all that sun
       boys:  i can closed rooms , i need to see from outside the room to feel good

Steaming Ahead-
HINT: I do belong on a desk

Nail Me-Moderate
HINT:   Pick your color.

madcatcreations boutique-Adult
HINT:somewhere under the rainbow

HINT: What on earth are you doing? That's not trash!!

SG Apparel-Adult
HINT: Behind every New Release is a good find

HINT: I'm kind of on the fence about this.

K&J Dreamzz Home&Decor-Moderate
Hint Giver In Store

Designs by Sebastian-Moderate
HINT:  "among objects of faith"

SaCaYa - STORE-Moderate
HINT: Special Offers are ever great *smile*

Bee Designs-Moderate
HINT:You might find a Rare bed for kids if you play here

M. Law Designs-Moderate
HINT: This Buddha almost sitted on Me

HINT: The King of Pop is known all over the World !

Vero Modero-Moderate
HINT: Do u wanna come to Ascot with me?

Cupids Textures-Moderate
HINT: Im warm and Sweet and i go great with MILK!

HINT: Make me over !

Life, the Universe and Other Things-Adult-SKIP
HINT: "Look up, where blooming minds find serenity"

Lost Souls Saloon and Mall-Adult
HINT: Phileas Fogg would not have used this method to travel across the United States. If he had he would have never made it to New York in time.

HINT: Go to the private room in my pavilion and look about.  You will be happy to find this triple gift hunt prize.

Shae's Creations-General

Art Gallery Route 7-Moderate
HINT: there is  two fire  vases, look near Star Trek  or Night,

Szinnia and Kismet Shop-Moderate
HINT: upstair

Octopus' Garden Cafe & Giftshop-Moderate
HINT: Buddha says: Walk this Way

Serendipity Designs-Mature
HINT:  Did you know that Sir Lancelot's Mother's name was Elaine?

::M:: -Moderate
HINT: Do you ever play gatchas?

HINT: Grab the group and get the gifts.

HINT: Around the grid What a dance! Japan, Sweden, Rome, Give France a chance!