Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Around The Grid in 80 Days 9 Hints & SLURLs

There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L. 1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign. They both contain the same prize.  Updated 9/3.

HINT:  Maybe Stephanie knows where the prize is.

HINT: Don't trip, it's just a little blood.

HINT:  Travel.....upstairs!

HINT: Let's just hop on a plane and travel to somewhere exotic!

HINT: Be sure to subscribe to find the prize!

HINT: Always nice to get something NEW for Summer!

HINT: you can find me in the arms of Buddha

HINT: Andrea's been around a long time!

HINT: We could sunbake all the time everyday was Sunday

HINT: Starfish like to hide around rocks & plants.

HINT: The beach is my home.

HINT: Find The Woodsie Collection

HINT: you can find me near the place, to buy a suit for water tastes

HINT: Mistletoe will be out sooner than you know it!

HINT: North by NW, swimming with OCTOPI is the best!

HINT: Up or Down, Side to Side. Look everywhere

HINT: Around the Grid ... oookay, but I want a Travel through the Universe !

HINT: She watches for reflections

HINT: Around the Grid means around the world, this prize is near something with another language on it.


HINT: Me and bee's love us some honey!

Check Hint Giver

HINT: Don't forget to water the plants

HINT: I love a formal garden!

HINT:  'Tis a sign of the times!

HINT: You can find me on the shelf near the reception 

HINT:  You are my Sunshine

HINT: Find the Pergolas

HINT: Fashion little store Chalk Sign

HINT: I love my water tank home!

HINT: This table is perfect for our date!

HINT: Beneath the shade of a palm tree

HINT:  When you find me, scream GACHA!!


HINT:  I sure do love Christmas cookies!

HINT: Time To Celebrate a Decade!

HINT: Find the mill and there it is

HINT: Its not a young child's one-piece outer garment

HINT:  You will find ceiling, wall, drink, and especially food art here.

HINT: Smoked starfish, a little chewy I think

HINT: Hidden Just Outside, Under a Tree.  It's So Easy To Find Me.

HINT: Male: These Shoes are Dope!!
Female: My Hair looks amazing today!!

.:Glint:.- MOVED
HINT: I am in the "clutches" of something handy.

HINT: a lot of bananas on the beach

HINT: I think I got a drink too much at the Beachbar

HINT: Enjoying in the great OUTDOORS

HINT: Have a Beachy day

HINT: Come on in, and relax a spell

HINT: I found a starfish on the beach and thought I would rest it against this pillow. Home Sweet Home! 

HINT: Summer Hoops with Hud

HINT:  Zig zag to Silene

HINT: Floating elephants!!

HINT:   One of these pillars would make a good hiding place!

Thank you for being part of our hunt!!!  See you at the next one.