Monday, December 1, 2014

Silent Night Hints & SLURLs

All info correct as of 12/7/14


Celtic Wolf
HINT:  Next to the hunt sign.

HINT: look near hunt poster

Park Place Home Decor
HINT: It's "time" to start shopping ..... then you can relax!!

HINT: Not only windows have curtains......

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: It's Wedged in there good!

Texture Me True
HINT: Im under the face but not on the neck

HINT: click ND/MD's HUNT HINTS sign near landing on INFOstand

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: There is nothing like a good ghost story on a dark winter night!

Living Vintage Soutern
HINT: Hoping a ride in Santa's sack

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: My little wagon has the item you seek, the games are arranged tho have a good time

Tool Shed
HINT: You don't have to travel far. When you land, look up towards the stars.

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT:  Up in the sky, not a PEEP was heard!

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Check Hint Giver Board on right hand side wall (next to the MM board)

HINT:the woman on the 3rd floor want to be a princess!!

{Sickly SWEET}
HINT: Hanging on the wall...

HINT: These boots are made for walking!

Elegance by Elysa
HINT:  Curl up all warm and cozy by a fire suitable for a Manor

Timeless Textures

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT:  The dragon watches over it.

Something New
HINT: Take the stairs and star will shine as you enter a world of Christmas

True North Designs
HINT:  "TIME! I need more TIM.. drat! there goes that bell!"

HINT: My little furry friend found me hidden among some ornaments......


Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  A Christmas Star Shines From On High

~ The Otherside ~
HINT: Who Let the Dogz Out

lunamoon's Creation Shop
HINT:  Behind the Angel's Skirts...

Caines Attic Treasures
HINT: Where else would a star be at Christmas?

Nocturnal Siren
HINT: Sleep in heavenly peace.
O Tannenbaum

HINT: Holidays just make my elfy toes curl!

Lyrical B!zarre Templates
HINT: Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

Euphoria Couture
HINT: I'm nestled among the baubles

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: Your Mission is to find me.

Dressed by Lexi
HINT: Burrrrr ... It's cold out here!

Get Frocked
HINT:  London Calling i have a gift for all

Dreamscape Wedding Design
HINT: Candles light the night.

The Happy Hat
HINT: The Hunt Hints will tell of where I fell.

Lvs&co and M.G. Designs
HINT: flowers are red,flowers are white..the flowers are sitting in plain sight.
Choose the right flower pot to find the prize!

Cake Fox
"With silent words we call the night - To bring you sleep & dry your eyes" (Sami Yusuf: Silent Words)

HINT: Silent Nights often take place in Winter

LnL Store
HINT: Click the red "i" by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

HINT:  All that glitters is not gold, look for bling for something to behold.

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: What do you mean the milk bottles are empty?

[ abrasive ]
HINT: Ahh! There's a TV on my head!

HINT: Glittering icy tree

An Lema
HINT: Merry Yule to all of you, A bright and shining season.

Stitches Creations
HINT: Near the genie lamp.

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT:  You'll find me with some cute full perm Christmas meshes

Xmas @ Purple Moon
HINT:  Pink, Purple, Green and even Golden Snow???

Morte's Seduction
HINT: Hint Giver

Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique
HINT:  Your gift can be found with the sign for an event filled with Frosty Fun!

Hint : Do you like coconut water?

La Boheme
Hint: I look like its baby, but it might melt me.

Firelight Creations
HINT:  Join Me!

Ro!Act Designs
HINT:  So many Black Veils!

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
HINT: Stars are usually GROUPed into constellations

*kiokopup* & Virtual Ryukyu
HINT: Even Wise Men have dirty Robes

HINT: Skating is so much fun!


Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: I'm near the well, under the big tree!

***baci village***
HINT: above our heads, a star is shinning to welcome the people

gatcha's bubbles
HINT: around the tree

Steaming Ahead
HINT: Hope I don't fall down form here!

mattie rae's textures
HINT: "Angels, we have heard on high..."

HINT: Everyone loves a Bargain especially at Christmas

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: Christmas is an Event..

<P3> - Pixel Perfect Productions
HINT: O' Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches!

Hearth & Home
HINT: A Raven knows where the wind blows when riding on rusty boxcars.

Geek Chic Creations
HINT: Gingerbread men

Exquisite Jewellery
HINT: Sure is bright up here

Hint: winters feel colder on the north sides of a building.
Perfect places to store something precious you want to preserve for a special time.

HINT:Dont you love christmas decorations.

Ingenious Fantasy
HINT: I hope you don't miss this Paperweight!

Stone's Works
HINT:  Star Light Star Bright  hmm which star is mine tonite?

HINT: I am not very silent when I wear heels from 'in her shoes'

HINT:  " Frostie the _______ "

Country Charms
HINT: These windows are so dirty I should ask this window cleaner to do better.

USC Textures
HINT: "Reach up high and you will see, a shining star upon the tree"

The Vintage Touch
HINT: Popcorn is so yummy, especially when it's hot and buttery!

Glam Dreams
HINT: Snow had fallen, snow on snow

Christmas Fair
HINT:oh snowball rolled all the lights and gifts

KOALA designs
HINT: Like kids!

Belle morte
HINT: I am so delicious I make you go nom nom nom

Roped Passions
HINT: Even elves need a rest sometimes.

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~
HINT: Somethings Shiny in the Dirt !

Vips Creations
HINT:I love to be on the top!!!

HINT:  "The corners are hot I've heard. They say it should be 90 degrees.. phew"

Loveless Creations
HINT:  Which team do you play for this season?

Lilith's Den
HINT: Let  music lead your steps.

Miss Mischief
HINT:  Twinkle star i wonder how you feel, with points so sharp like my heels.

!Chop Shop!
HINT: How much do YOU like books?

Wood Works
HINT: Stars are up high, and so am I.

*ZK* Designs - Home & Garden
HINT: Kittens are so cuddly & cute. They like to scratch and climb. You will find me near them.

^Wicked Sin Creations^
HINT: Up to find bliss and cheer.

AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
HINT:second floor .....miam miam Dinner is ready !!

LilArt Creation
HINT: The night is cold and dark. Sit down and read a book.

Dreams Fashion
HINT: The golden ballroom might hold the key


AVRO Wings
HINT: I love a 50% Off Sale!

The Elegant Goth
HINT: Wanna see what's on the boob tube tonight?

Wildz Creations
HINT:Please see the Hint Giver at the store

[ Oblivion ]
HINT: I am not a taylor but I keep the tailorist happy with my music

HINT: I am the cuddle King ! Give me a hug and take your gift

Only Yours
HINT: Silent Night, Holy Night, Find the tree, and look to the right...

Scalawag's Treasures

Royal Boutique
HINT: You may trip as u are climbing the stairs!

HINT: of snowflakes turned out great brooch

GDit Jewelry
HINT: Wildfire the KittyCat loves sparkly things!

HINT:  I shine so bright i cant see the desk from here!

The Jewellery Exchange
HINT: Find me in a romantic mood upstairs amongst the Gothic Rings.

HINT:  I am here at the CoLab Corner *smile*

HINT: "I love my Red Hair!"

United InshCon
HINT: search under the bridge nearly the caravans

HINT: I am next to the tree of life.

K&P Design & Services
HINT: Follow the hearts

Emma's Christmoose Shop
HINT: I can see for miles and miles and miles

Loordes of London
HINT:by the back door

HINT:Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree !!

HINT: Rudolph has a very shiny nose.

Serendipity Designs
HINT:  Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this Christmas Wish I wish tonight.

[ free bird ]
HINT: Race Cars make great Christmas Gifts

::MD:: Minx Designs
HINT: Rockin' around the Christmas tree,
Let the Christmas spirit ring,

Kabuki's Creations
HINT:  Listen to the water bubble and gurgle on this silent night.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gobble, Gobble Hints & SLURLs

Celtic Wolf
HINT:  Over there you're hot, but over there you're cold.
You'll find the prize when you find something TO HAVE & TO HOLD!

HINT: The prize that you want can be found not so far, you will find it where the Ghost Ships are.

Park Place Home Decor
HINT: Rub-a-Dub-Dub
Look by the tub
(not where you bathe but where you sit)

HINT: look near the hunt poster

HINT: I love shopping the weekend deals

Living Vintage Couture
No HINT Given

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: Pie is yummy

Texture Me True
HINT: Im with Jack

HINT: click hunt hint sign - near landing

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT:  You could go from post to pillar but don't get blue!

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: oooooo that's so Shiney

Tool Shed
HINT: The turkey waddled to Santa's chair!

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT: Kiss me KATIE !

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Check Hint Giver Board on Back Wall

No HINT Given

HINT: "Keep On Rollin'"

Timeless Textures
HINT: This Turkey should know it's not such a LUCKY CHAIR if hiding under it ends him up on the Thanksgiving dinner TABLE!

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: In the shade of the beech grove.

HINT:  *Sits you on the bench, takes your hand and whispers*  This Thanksgiving, I give you "All I Have To Give."

Something New
HINT: After we Gobble our Thanks giving can you be my Halloween Date?

HINT: On the shelves

Dressed by Lexi
HINT: These boots will go great with the gift.

lunamoon's Creation Shop
HINT:  Up the stairs then follow the turkey!

Euphoria Couture
HINT: Maybe if I hide by these file cabinets, I won't be someones dinner.

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: I would never have pictured myself here.

GDit Jewelry
HINT: A certain KittyCat is in hot pursuit of me at the front desk!

HINT:Directions can be such tricky things.

Glam Dreams
HINT: " Ladies are not the only one stuffing turkeys these days. Many modern gentlemen buy or hunt it down and stuff them too ! ".

*ZK* Designs - Home & Garden
HINT: To hide from the hunters I camouflage myself among the leaves of autumn

Get Frocked
HINT: Dont let this kitty gobble me up

Dreamscape Wedding Design
HINT: In love.

The Happy Hat
No HINT Given

Dreamland Designs
HINT: Where the Elks Graze

HINT: Gobble Gobble, Turkey is Super any Week!

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to receive an updated hint!

HINT:  Take the time to put your feet up and relax during this hunt.

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Now how in the heck did that turkey get UP there?

HINT: Rose wing: lot of memories...

Wood Works
HINT: Starlight, star bright, where's the Gobble gift tonight?

An Lema
HINT: "Oh, I might as well be high up in a tree...won't somebody come and rescue me?"

Stitches Creations
HINT: Looking for grubs under the mushrooms!

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: You'll find me near the landing point

{{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures
HINT: Slap Me silly!

Feyline Fashions
HINT: What gypsies travel in

Fall @ Purple Moon
HINT:  Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique
HINT: This turkey is hoping to hide in the EMERALD CITY with this bear until after Thanksgiving.

HINT: **The Flowers are red **

La Boheme
HINT: These look like giant meeeees!  Nibbles a seed.

Lilith's Den
HINT:  I can see you entering! How about joining me here.

Firelight Creations
HINT: Swing by and pick me up!

Wicked Tattoos
HINT: female Item: Oh The Mania of a Lucky Letter
        male Item: The Calfs, Legs & Feet have my Stamp of Approval

HINT:  I like to be lazy after I eat a hardy Thanksgiving Feast!

Ro!Act Designs
HINT:   Under a Black Bridal Veil

*kiokopup* & Virtual Ryukyu
HINT: A Turkey among Chickens

HINT:  Eating and drinking,
              driving not.
              Blinking and thinking,
              that's the spot!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: See you nearby? Where is the African Tip Jar!

gatcha's bubbles
HINT: look for it among the roots of the tree

mattie rae's textures
HINT: looks like the turkeys have taken over the pumpkin patch


HINT:  "Autumn is such a lovely time for a campfire"

KAD Designs
HINT: Find me next to Sequined and Bette. Alina wont mind a bit!

Hearth & Home
HINT: Look for the Dark Gypsy's Trunk

HINT: Find the Thanks Giving Wreath hanging in store

***baci village***
HINT:  gnamgnam the nasty turkey is ready with new creations

Love Everlasting PlantPets
HINT: It is not the best ride, but the pumpkins don't mind.

<P3> Pixel Perfect Productions
HINT: I'm not just talking turkey, there's lots to celebrate here!

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: Relax

HINT:  Apples , Pumpkins and a WORRIED Turkey?

HINT:  Look for me everywhere, by all means.......but if you want to find me stick near the jeans.

Painted Butterfly Designs
HINT: Like finding a needle in a hay stack

Rispetto Design
HINT: "I've got style"

HINT: At the back

HINT: Nobody wears BLOODY Shoes on Thanksgiving!

Kittycat's Creations
HINT: Another bird!  Us birds gotta stick together.

The Vintage Touch
HINT:  Who doesn't like a cupcake, especially when it's lucky?!

Christmas Fair
HINT: Thanksgiving cart

Belle morte
HINT: where your standing im not far behind go around the hunt sign anywhere in there im sure me you'll find..

::Toxxic:: Pandora
HINT: Doughnuts sound so amazing right now!

Style by Kira
HINT: As long as you are standing by the subscribo, you might as well

[ free bird ]
HINT: U.F.O.'s are cute!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Heebie Jeebie Hints & SLURLs

All hints and SLURLs current as of 10/5/14


Celtic Wolf
HINT: Once upon a MIDNIGHT dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore— While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. “’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door— Only this and nothing more.”

HINT: look near the poster

Park Place Home Decor
HINT: There is a pumpkin patch nearby
A gift is there that must be found
The garden shop is in the back
Once there just take a look around.

~ The Otherside ~
HINT: Above the Madness Grunge Collection

Tool Shed
HINT: While shopping for components to use during the holiday season, you might want to look near the wooden sign.

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: Partail

texture me true
HINT :find me with the herd of half donkeys and half horses

HINT: Kids don't play in shopping carts

Style by Kira
HINT: While you are here, you might as well click the subscribo!

HINT: Mi - A name I call myself, Fa, a long long way to run...SEW...a needle pulling thread...

HINT:  Double, double toil and trouble.  Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

ND/MD Kids R us
HINT: Click our "ND/MD HUNT HINT sign" below Hunt poster, near landing

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: Don't get the Heebie Jeebies when you see the undead because it can be a grave mistake!

Slutwear By Lexi
HINT: hmmm, do you think that fountain is haunted? I can just see the great pumpkin rising from it.

[ abrasive ]
HINT: Someone needs to untangle all these power cords!

Honey BooBoo's Toddleedoo Store

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT: Do BUFFY's vampires give you the Heebie-Jeebies?

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Check Hint giver board on back wall

HINT:up up and away!!!

Timeless Textures
HINT: When vicious vampires fly and FURry werewolves roam it's definitely time to HIDE!

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: The forest guardian watches over it.

Kabuki Creations
HINT:I love Cuddling up with you when we watch Honor movies.

Something New
HINT: You may need to Hide n Seek the monster who gives you the heebie jeebies!

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: zombies give me the Heebie Jeebies

HINT: in the Shelves

Skate World
HINT: Hippie Jeebie

Dressed by Lexi
HINT: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dreamland Designs
HINT: its old and gnarly...

HINT: You can find the object on the store shelves, next to the letters

Untamed Designs
HINT: Will you get Re-Caught In The Spider's Web?

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Walking to the hut, where the harp sounds :-)

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~
HINT: Take a Swim in The Grato !

Dreamscape Wedding Design
HINT: Damp places aren't all bad.

HINT:  The Scarecrow and his Friends are guarding your hunt gift for you.

Get Frocked
HINT:  The Black Cat holds the answer

Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: Look at some Halloween mesh dress

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Stitches Creations
HINT: Eyes peeking from a corner behind the couch!

The Happy Hat
HINT: The Hunt Hints will say of where I lay

<P3> Pixel Perfect Productions
HINT: Whilst skipping along to see the Halloween Costumes...Boo!!! I Gacha!

~ Wynd Escape Ranch ~
HINT: OMG the Fire is in the Window !

HINT: Cha Ching! Time to check out...

HINT: Scary things don't just hide under the bed any more. They hide under chairs too!

HINT: It's that time of year.

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Cats are allergic to it.

HINT: Tucked under something which was used for fishing in past.

HINT:Oh wow i get to stare at!!!.....b...b...b..boobies!!!

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  Which witch is watching you ??

An Lema
HINT:Eeek! I peeked! Eyes see you.

X-Clusives Animations
HINT: The hunt is on for
The Heebie Jeebie
Seek across the lobby
For how to get a FREE-bie

{{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures
HINT: Hey.. I'm up here!

Feyline Fashions
HINT: Birds of a Feather, stick together

Halloween @ Purple Moon
HINT:  Bloody Apple Candy???

Morte's Seduction
Hint Giver In Store

HINT: ** Sonic is very fast  **

La Boheme
HINT: Two prizes!
Hint #1: Prime real estate for cobwebs, alas none. Bright, though!
Hint #2: One and two to either side, green and purple, water please.

Lilith's Den
HINT: When you enter the garden, watch your steps!

HINT:   "Where would an itsy bitys spider make it's web in a store?''

bees heaven shop
HINT: Don't be scared of the bees!

Cake Fox
HINT: "You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination, girl - But all the while you hear the creature creepin' up behind - You're out of time"

HINT: Ripped Jeans give me the heebie jeebies

HINT: Across the water you will go
In search of prize you do not know
In the cemetery so damp and dark
A witches playground will be your mark
Under an altar a cauldron near
you will find what you hold dear

HINT: here kitty kitty

HINT: Secret places is where we meet.

Ro!Act Designs
HINT: Make sure you won't fall in Wonderland Vortex when you get me.

Khargo: Halloween
HINT: Step towards the shelf!

Miss Mischief
HINT:  Creepy. creepy bright yellow eyes, find them hidden at bargain price.

[ free bird ]-Adult
HINT: Everyone needs a spooky Halloween Welcome Mat

Chimeric Arts & Fashions
HINT: Outside, a watchful eye on the dead I keep.

*kiokopup* & Virtual Ryukyu
HINT: The eyes like the darkness of caves

HJM Designs - Just Janine's and Designs by Rochelle
HINT:  Trick or Treat...I'm at your feet, find the polka dots and have a seat

HINT: dark & twisted
day & night
spirits linger
in the light

witches, warlocks
work be done
purple potion
now be none

HINT: " A Cat Meoww or is it a Howl "

Steaming Ahead
HINT: These boot are made for walking

mattie rae's textures
HINT:  these skins make me feel right at home

HINT: A top is never a miss when it comes to shopping

lunamoon's Creation Shop
HINT:  Oceanview 4 corners

Vips Creations
HINT:do not let this doctor examine you ...because maybe he will kill you  instead  ...'

HINT: Get yer high heels on!

HINT:   Keep an eye at the new release.

Kittycat's Creations
HINT: Wow, there are an amazing lot of bottles in this back bar.

KAD Designs
HINT: THe Fireplace is where Ill be, Watch out for Bertha, She might scare you away!

Hearth & Home
HINT:   Da Buddha Knows!

Emma's @ Blue Moose
HINT: She put me in the naughty corner !!!

Wicked Things
HINT: Corpses on the table & blood is everywhere,
Evil experiments are being performed there,
Creatures Lay on cold metal beds,
The Morgue is where they lose their heads!

Red Peppers Designs
HINT: Past not present.

Serendipity Designs
HINT: Come and visit us in Sarasota

Friday, July 11, 2014

Around The Grid 2 Hints & Locations

These are current hints and SLURLs as of 9/8.  If you find a problem or location missing please notify Isabelle Torok or Ripley Rozenberg.


Celtic Wolf-Gatcha
HINT:  Oh look at the Butterflies & Roses

Glam Dreams Stores
HINT: " You sure need a small purse to travel light around the grid. "

^Wicked Sin Creations^-Gatcha
HINT: The hype is all about the fable.

~XM~ Designs-Gatcha
HINT:  Watch your STEP.

Cake Fox-Gatcha
HINT: "I see trees of green, red roses, too, - I see them bloom, for me and you - And I think to myself - What a wonderful world."

Shanti Bohemian-Gatcha
HINT: You can usually only find them in the deepest, most magical of forests, but if you can find them here, your prize awaits!

Park Place Home Decor-Gatcha
HINT:    It takes time to find a gift.   I have the time..... do you?

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: You should find a suitable mode of transport for the trip in the Vehicle section !

Clutter for Builders
HINT: We're giants in customer services.

Tool Shed
HINT:  If you travel left, look for the sand under the palm tree. It's a very nice spot to hide a treasure!

HINT: Twinkle twinkle tide pool star, this gift is where two blue are.

Texture Me True-Gatcha
HINT: Join in to discover my whereabouts

HINT: I threw the map and it landed on a sign, but what sign?

~ The Otherside ~-Gatcha-Adult
HINT: Somewhere near the LK Collection

HINT:  It won't take you 80 days to find the hunt object,
but it will take about half that many steps from the landing point to where it is hidden.
You will find it nestled in the branches of something large and round.

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: Look in the forest pavillion.

Oooo LaLa Designs-Gatcha
HINT: Green is a lovely color

Timeless Textures-Gatcha
HINT: We'll find the hunt object when we SIT here, then we're all WINNER'S

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-Gatcha
HINT:  Kiss me Kate!

:Pretty Kitty Design:-Gatcha
HINT: Ring Ring, It's for you.
(we will have a five hints that lead to the end prize. That is the start.)

Grim Death Co
HINT: when something bars your way, go with the flow

HINT: "Stop and smell the Flowers"

Living Vintage Couture-Gatcha
HINT:  Eta Lambda Xi

GDit Jewelry-Gatcha
HINT: I'm in the Ladies Corner, hiding!

Living Vintage Southern-Gatcha
HINT: Here Kitty Kitty

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspriations-Gatcha
HINT: "This map should shed some light on what's new here."

HINT: look near hunt poster

Bad Apple Designs-Gatcha-Adult
HINT: "Have a seat"

HINT: Neo Machina is a great city! But this prize would be more appropriate in Equestria!

Morte's Seduction-Gatcha
HINT: Hint Giver In Store

...:::Beautful Dirty Rich:::...-Gatcha
HINT: This cube is sooooooooo heavy!

Gems of Topaz
HINT: Serenity comes as you watch the world go by

Kabuki Creations
HINT: Don't you just love a good Pillow Fight?

Serendipity Designs
HINT: what a cute little Deer you are

[ abrasive ]
HINT: Your feet may ache when stepping bare but wear some shoes and walk without a care

The :Madness: Within-Gatcha
HINT: It looks like a garage sale over here!

HINT: Love your inner Goddess.

HINT: "I'm a Rock Star!"

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Instore Hint Giver Board Next To Reception Desk

.: TAOX :.-Gatcha
HINT:in the area of girls see the ceiling or the floor?
one of the two and you will find me ...

! Beautiful Dangerous !-Gatcha
HINT: Have you stopped to smell the flowers?

Lyrical B!zarre Templates
HINT: Your Choice is the Moment!

Designs by Sebastian-Gatcha
HINT:  Look for me up where light comes through

OMG! Inc.
HINT: It is a throw back classic.

{Sickly SWEET}-Gatcha
HINT: It's all about the textures.

HINT: Around and around the Ball we go.

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~-Gatcha-Adult
HINT: Give me your palm, Is it readable?

HINT: You will need to keep your eyes open to find me!

D&G Fashions-Gatcha
HINT: And now for something NEW!

RVi Design
HINT:  Please check the hint giver at the hunt sign.

Skate World
HINT:  To find the prize you'll have to move your booty

HINT:"relaxing on the beach together"

LnL Square
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

AVRO Wings
HINT: Around  and around we go!

{{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures-Gatcha
HINT: Slap Me.. I know You wanna!

Steaming Ahead-Gatcha
No hint given.

Slut Shop
HINT: Diamonds are a girls best friend

LilArt Creation
HINT:  Just take the door and you'll find it.

HINT: We're all mad here!

HINT: Dress like an Edwardien Lady

Dreamland Designs-Gatcha
HINT:Where the water softly falls...

Redrose Jewellry Stores-Gatcha
HINT: Take a nice long rest from the hunt

Potpourri Designs-Gatcha
HINT: I'm hidden away in a dusty corner

Rainbow's Custom Jewelry-Gatcha-SKIP
HINT: In a happy place full of rainbows an stars

No hint given.

Pixelle Poses!-Gatcha
No hint given.

HINT: If you get tired while hunting, have a seat in the women's store to relax!

Untamed Designs
HINT: This sweet treat is also a sweet seat

Les sucreries de Fairy-Gatcha
HINT: I love Paris :p

Brandi's Intimates-Gatcha
HINT: Guarded by beauty

Painted Butterfly Designs-Gatcha-Adult
HINT: Are you feeling Lucky Today?

HINT: Please use the hint giver, located in front of the reception desk, near the entrance.

Dreamscape Wedding Design
HINT: Sit in the sunshine and listen to the birds.

LoveCats Designs
HINT:If you sit long enough you might get lucky

Holli Pocket
HINT: These guns keep this paper under wrap.

Fantasy China
HINT: in between

Texture Junction-Gatcha
HINT: Where building columns rise, look on top!

Feyline Fashions
HINT: Where a parent can safely push a child.

Twinkle & Dazzle-Gatcha-Adult
No hint given.

HINT: A cute lil mushroom complete with a bed, just the right size to rest my little head.

Isis Boutique-Gatcha
HINT: London's Royal Opera House, performs The Nutcracker,  a tradition every Winter season.

X-Clusives Animations-Adult
HINT:  Finding your GIFT can take a lot of luck.
If you get stumped maybe you should ask a DUCK.

*Bitsy Boutique*-Gatcha
HINT: "Have a seat, rest your feet. Look around and you will find."

Loordes of London-Gatcha
HINT:By the back door

Euphoria Couture
HINT: This dress has ruffles like my top.

KB Interiors-Gatcha
HINT: I'm bolted to the floor

HINT: **where is my magazine ?**

HINT: Make your way up to the second floor

.: Eclectic Stars :.-Gatcha
HINT: Using in store giver

Stitches Creations-Gatcha
HINT: Snow in July, oh my!

*Wishful Thinking*-Gatcha
HINT: Hint is in the hint board

Phat Bottom Girls-Gatcha
HINT: No peeking! I am getting changed!

The Vintage Touch-Gatcha
HINT: I'd go around the world for one of THESE cupcakes!

HINT:  ______ Before Swine

Ro!Act Designs
HINT:  FLAGS everywhere!

USC Textures
HINT: "In time and above board, the Horus bird carries a message"

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop-Gatcha
HINT F:  Walking to the huts, where flaming the torches...
Hint unisex:  Walking to the huts, on the Veggie bags :-)

I N F U S E D-Gatcha
HINT: Cry me a river..

Insanity's own-Gatcha
HINT: We all make GRAVE mistakes

HINT: A true guitarist can be found with one of these in their mouth.

Room Five
HINT: Did you get your "five" a day?

HJM Designs - Designs by Rochelle and Just Janine's-Gatcha
HINT:  In the tree is where you won't find me. But look around both up and down and that's where I'll be ?

HINT:   Take a rest and admire the view

Coffee Creek Home & Garden-Gatcha
HINT: Hint Giver In Store

The Elegant Goth
HINT: Careful it's hot in there!

Aster's Builts, Wedding Invitations and Accessories-Gatcha
HINT: Use Hint giver at store

HINT:I go up up up.

HINT: If you scroll.. I mean stroll around the store your bound to find me tucked near something Candy sweet.

Soul Designs Studio-Gatcha-Adult
HINT: Along the way, be sure to take the time to feed the ducks.

HINT:  Some jewelry to wear while hunting! (upstairs)

HINT: I'm dreaming of a beautiful french tip

Wood Works-Gatcha
HINT:  Even if your name isn't Glen,  when you're moseying around the grid stop by the Cottage

"Well aren't we a matching set, a watch & nails"

HINT: Its nice to have lots of friends... not only because of the gifts !

Beauty is Pain Boutique-Gatcha-Adult
HINT: Trash Talk

Celtic Creations-Gatcha
HINT: I'm feeling very lucky!

*Royal Ragamuffins*-Gatcha
HINT:  Oh, tasty!  Let's make a pie!


Get Frocked-Gatcha
HINT:  Mirror Mirror, take a seat and all will be revealed

An Lema
HINT: Float like a butterfly, buzz like a bee.  You have to have the vision of a rabbit to find me.  Not way up tight, but way down low.  Not by a cabinet but by a door.

Global Nomads
HINT: up, up away

Short Circuit
HINT: i'm just a Casual Girl in a not so casual world.

Hearth & Home
HINT:  I love you and your hippie's too!

House of Accentaury
HINT: "Meditate on your good fortune before the cave of gold."

Exquisite Jewellery
HINT:  Have a seat

Dixie Shoes Beach and Music Club-Adult
HINT:  To the MOON Alice!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Don't feed the shark!

Geek Chic Creations
HINT: Something new!?

Bling Bling Home Decor and Gift Store
Hint:  Travel and music  have always gone together.


HINT: Long legs!

Harmony Designs-Gatcha
HINT: I followed the yellow brick road! - Who am I?

Imagine Skins and Fashion-Gatcha
HINT:  Come on in and sit awhile.  You may even leave in style.

Elysium Skins & Apparel-Gatcha
HINT: Behind the desk

Carries Lingerie-Gatcha
HINT:  Be sure you are well informed to enjoy the journey around the grid

Red Peppers Designs
HINT: Hanging around.

Blade's Edge BDSM Community-Gatcha-Adult
HINT:   With spines all in a row
            Knowledge begins to flow

HINT: I love everyplace around the world... theres always something 'new' to see....

Fairey Angel Creations-Gatcha
HINT: Rock me Amadeus.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tiptoe Through The Tulips Hints

Celtic Wolf
HINT:  When tiptoeing through the tulips make sure you don't step on any HUMMINGBIRDS.

HINT: Look for the treasure near something green...perhaps you will find it by The Rawbin & Spring (Green)

Park Place Home Decor
HINT:  Come in the store, it's all brand new
Go out the back to the garden shop
Look by the tree and there for you
Is exactly where your gift's been dropped

HINT: look near the hunt poster

~ The Otherside ~-Adult  NEW LM
HINT: Antique Iron is pleasurable and colorful

ND/MD Kids R us
HINT: click hint giver sign below hunt sign!

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: I had a rough nightout in Amsterdam and came home with tulips!

Texture Me True
HINT: Tulips, how precious

~ Dawn's Dreamy Garden ~-Adult NEW LM
HINT: Finding the perfect swing MIGHT be at the Old Farm

Timeless Textures
HINT: Even if i led you down the GARDEN path, you'd still find the hunt prim.

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT: Please check the hint giver in-store (the gift will move around during the hunt)

HINT: **My anime character looks the tulips**

Black Off Design-Adult
HINT:  Don't get fooled by the blooming trees, love lays in a nest made of feathers.

Kabuki Creations
HINT: Will you be my Secret Lover?

{Sickly SWEET}
HINT: Up up up!

HINT: The Mesh & Appliers sign is growing tulips.

MoonWillow Designs-Adult
HINT: Sit back and relax

HINT: basket

X-Clusives Animations-Adult  CORRECTED HINT
HINT:  Tulips can be used for all sorts of things,
Head on over to HOME FURNISHINGS.
Your presents are closer than you think.
If you get thirsty stop by the BAR for a drink.

HINT:  I'm in the basket with the other tulips, which are setting beside the "Blossoms".

Living Vintage Southern
HINT: Take time to stop and smell the flowers

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  flowers here,  flowers there, a tulip hides,  up somewhere.

Designs by Shalenda
HINT:  Spring really is a gift

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
HINT: Knee deep in flowers we'll stray
We'll keep the showers away
And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
Will you pardon me?
And tiptoe through the tulips with me.

Bad Apple Designs-Adult
HINT:Clap on!  Clap Off! The Clapper!

Incendia Outdoors
HINT: Tulips Look Beautiful when they grow in the forest

Living Vintage Couture
HINT: I'm a Derby Girl

Fairey Angel Creations
HINT: She better change my water soon I like it fresh!

HINT: Follow the tulip walkway!

Pillows & Things NEW LM
HINT: I always enjoy a good book to help me settle down after a long day.

RVi Design
HINT:  "Tiptoe up the stairs... all the way up, and write me a letter"

Damselfly Hair
HINT: Everyone loves a good sale!!

Elegance by Elysa
HINT:  Girls just wanna have fun

~*~Dre@ms with D@nni~*~
HINT: Subscribers Have More Fun

HINT: Tulips amongst the other plants of spring

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: Fresh cut Tulips go into a vase

Pinup Girls of SL
HINT: Coming soon

LilArt Creation
HINT: "Oh, watch out! The bowl with the tulips toppled over."

NR Designs
HINT: Second Floor

Get Frocked
HINT:  Please keep my vase topped with water

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: Happy flowers

Holli Pocket
HINT: She sings "don't touch my hair,HOE!"

Surface by c.Loon
HINT: Tulips are lovely in Vases

An Lema
HINT:  It feels like an elephant
is hanging over me
1,2,3, pots
That's what I see.

Untamed Designs
HINT: Tulips so tall you can climb them!

Ro!Act Designs
HINT: Have you seen the FUR BALLS?

Bubble Gum
HINT: Flowers at the water's edge

AVRO Wings
HINT: The view is good from up here.

Stitches Creations
HINT: What beautiful roses!

Simply Designed
HINT: Look near the tulips

HINT: Love is in the air at this time of the year

HINT: I picked so many Tulips when i was OUT with the bike...

*Bitsy Boutique*
HINT: "Even though it's not really necessary, it's still nice to have a fire going."

HINT: These tulips grow near a flowerfield

Loordes of London
HINT:bargain room

HINT:  Store

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT: Hint[F]: Just follow the way, i'm near the Africans Drums!
Hint[M]: Look for me among the ethnic jewelry!

Pixelle Poses!
HINT:  Store

HINT: Join Us!!

Texture Junction
HINT: Near a Spring display where beautiful flowers abound.

Play Corner

.:Buttery Toast:.
HINT: Baby toast is hiding something......

Infinity Creations
HINT: Whats a little pouf between friends?

Dreamscapes Art Gallery
HINT: Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign!

Vips Creations
HINT:Don't go so close to her!She will make spell on you!!!

Vicious Decay
HINT: Just hanging around

HINT: OMG a green pony!

Play Corner

[ free bird ]-Adult
HINT: Welcome to the Galaxy!

Isis Boutique
HINT: On Pointe!

Future Vision Art Gallery
HINT: Tulips are near and I can  fly  middle of them , room have alot poses

HJM Designs - Designs by Rochelle and Just Janine's
HINT: If you search for the blue flowery chair, maybe you are lucky and find me there.

A Lil' Sum'em
HINT: "I'm a flower...Where else would I be indoors?"

HINT: There might be some tulips in this sand box, but somehow i doubt they would grow at the beach.

~XM~ Designs
HINT:  On the raft

Hint: Flowers are so pretty by the bed.

Serendipity Designs
HINT: it's a Kitty TV! Omg I have to have one!!!!

HINT: " Summer Separates "

Wood Works
HINT: Look low, look high, but not in the sky.  You'll find what you want under the butterflies.

.BG. Minimarket
HINT: Climb up, but look down.

{The Purple Facade}
HINT: √Čan will help you find it.

Rainbow's Custom Jewelry
HINT: This gift is in a charmed setting.

Palm Beach-Adult
HINT:  Nothing says Spring more than Tulips and Bunnies.

HINT: Sleep on the Farm

Carrie's Lingerie
HINT: Summer is waiting a few weeks beyond
Nature is awakening
The sun is peeking
To warm the air, the meadow and pond
Don't limit yourself with what you are seeking

The Vintage Touch

Dondi's Doodads
HINT: Please check the hint giver.

Ayva's Attic
HINT: Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jelly Bean Hunt Hints


Celtic Wolf
HINT: I always find EUPHORIA IN RED jelly beans.

Tool Shed
HINT: I hope sunshine doesn't melt jelly beans!

Park Place Home Decor
HINT:   The store's a mess, we're fixing up.
Don't let it hold you back.
Walk in the front and to the left

HINT:  The cute little chickie decided the jelly bean tastes better than the flower in his beak.

~ The Otherside ~- Adult
HINT: The Fire is Fur

HINT: look near hunt poster

HINT: Jelly beans don't grow on trees.

Designs by Sebastian
HINT:  Baskets and eggs here and there, near one lies a a bean so fair

Eye Candi
HINT: You are so dreamy!

Creations Kitchen
HINT: Round and Round

HINT: "Jill Loves Jelly Bean"

Freya's Finest Jewels
HINT:  I will be using a hint giver board next to reception desk - the gift will move around the store during the hunt

Texture Me True
HINT: Jelly Beans, what a bright idea

Ayva's Attic
HINT: these cans are prickly!

AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT: Get a helping hand to get these Jelly beans!

HINT: Easy to find if you follow all the signs

Kabuki Creations
HINT: Cuddling with that special someone in the park on a Bench

HINT: My man the cardboard, He reaches out and gives you candy.

Insanity's own
HINT: You will get your just desserts

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
HINT:  Would you like one bean or two?  Oops, I meant lump!

Baby Girl Inc.
HINT: "mmmm this one tastes like APPLES"

Dressed by Lexi
HINT: Search under the cushions.

Petite Plunder & Immortal Inspirations
HINT: What's New?

Designs by Shalenda
HINT:  You set my heart on fire....

Naughty Naughty
HINT:   Hmmmm do they sell retro jelly beans here?

Timeless Textures
HINT: Seek out HARD CANDY for an easy time finding the hunt object!

HINT: "NO! Don't fly away with my jelly bean, blondie!"

~*Dawn's Dreamy Garden*~-Adult
HINT: If you Mush (will there be) Rooms

Glam Dreams Main Store
HINT:  "You might find a sexy jelly bean just sitting around".

{Sickly SWEET}
HINT: What a gift!

X-Clusives Animations
Hint: It's been a long day of chasing jelly beans, but they really cut the gloom.
Now I'm going to the BEDROOM.
My dreams tonight will be of sweet jelly beans dancing in my head,

Bio Designs By Cherry
HINT: Gift someone and they will Be thankful

Pillows & Things
HINT: Careful not to burn yourself on that Candle when you find your jelly bean.

Holli Pocket
HINT: It's all the rage, try your luck!

~XM~ Designs
HINT:  It curves around the floor and I hide underneath it.

GDit Jewelry
HINT: Find me in the corner with the gachas and the kitties!

Untamed Designs
HINT: Care to soak up some sun?

HINT: Someone call security, the panda ate mah candy!

Bayview Market
HINT: Somebody must have dropped their jelly bean on these stairs.

An Lema
HINT: A tisket, a tasket..
A jellybean in a basket...

LilArt Creation
HINT: You dropped the bag! Now the jelly beans will even scatter into the dark corners.

Tree House Treasures
HINT: Please see hint giver for the latest hint

HINT: Time is an everyday thing.

Nefeli's Gestures
HINT: Post

HINT: Music was my first love and it will be my last. Music of the future and music of the past. To live without my music would be impossible to do. In this world of troubles, my music pulls me through.

Imagine Flowers and Garden
HINT: Look for a "sign" of garden fairies

HINT: The 5 second rule does not apply.

You're the One
HINT: Quack, Quack!

The :Madness: Within
HINT: Turn your back on Sales!

Texture Junction
HINT: Upstairs in a "Lucky" spot!

USC Textures
HINT: "Just lick the fluff off, it'll be fine despite time down the back of the sofa"

Cake Fox
HINT: "Real sugar, I don't wanna climb the walls - Real sugar, that's what I want or none at all"

Twinkle & Dazzle-Adult
HINT: Don't look under the stairs!!

Stitches Creations
HINT:  Who you gonna call?

Ro!Act Designs
HINT: You will have to pick me up from FIRE

HINT: Please use the in-store hint giver, which you can find in front of the reception desk.

Bacidalucia Village
HINT: jellybeans are sweet as lingerie

Brandi's Intimates
HINT: Rolled on the floor

Nightmare Design
HINT: Instant Pregnancy Pill well that takes all the fun out of it :P

Loordes of London
HINT:Sales Room!

NR Designs
HINT:Second Floor

Pinup Girls of SL
HINT: Coming soon, In a Rainbow of colors

Ruth's Creations
HINT: I sure hope this thing don't poke me!

Stoned  (Updated SLURL)
HINT: _______ before swine.

No hint given.

HINT: Is it midnight?

HINT: This hunt has her dress all in a RUFFLE

*Bitsy Boutique*
HINT: "There aren't a lot of plants around here at the beach."

Aileen's Shabby Chic & Country Store
HINT:  Roll the dough.

Hatter 'n Hell
HINT: I huffed and I puffed and they are still burning!

OMG! Inc.

Lady`s Passions
HINT: Plants start with a P  I can be found within the letters

HINT: Because we're royals

Goddess Couture
HINT:I got something made for walking

KI Amusement Rides
HINT:  This reminds me of a candy cane!

HINT: you can find me in the food section (where else?) where i am waiting to be taken next to the big jar

MoonWillow Designs
HINT: Tip toe through the tulips

Yay and Stuff
HINT: Wonder if a Birdie Lives here

Cog & Fleur
HINT: Main store, top floor
Main shop, at the top
Find the chaise, that's the place!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
HINT: What a cute Trophy!

Exquisite Jewellery

! Beautiful Dangerous !
HINT: Find the Red Flowers and you will find me!

HINT: Sheep are only the beginning.

Dondi's Doodads
HINT: Please check the hint giver.

Elegance by Elysa
HINT:  People cuddle where the dolphins leap

~*~Dre@ms with D@nni~*~
No hint given.

HINT:  I just Loveeeee jellybeans!!! I can have a belly full of them and be so happy :)

AyA Designs
HINT: Chili chili hot hot!!

VooDoo Dollz
HINT: Behind the stars

[ free bird ]
HINT: Don't forget to grab your group gifts!

Surface by c.Loon
HINT: You sometimes must go thru a lot of eggs to find a true Jelly Bean.

Small World
HINT: It takes group effort!!

HINT: Not much to see UP here....

*Royal Ragamuffins*
HINT:  Hold still so I can get you in my basket!

:Pretty Kitty Design:
HINT: The Other Jelly Beans Are Big, Furry And Try To Eat Me. 0-o

HINT: There's a little thief in the store... *gasp*

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
HINT : I'm where the butterflies fly among the jewels!

HJM Designs
HINT: Do you know what i see? Look out of the window, there you can find me.

HINT:  Red jelly beans taste like cinnamon

Serendipity Designs
HINT: Sitting down to a cup of hot tea with the Easter bunny as he hides he sweet treats.