Thursday, October 1, 2015

Along Came A Spider Hints & SLURLs

Updated 10/21.

HINT: The prize you seek is not hard to spy, you will find it down where the Doll Maker hides.

Celtic Wolf-
HINT:  Agh, there is a ghost playing the PIANO.  Oh wait, it's a music box.

Timeless Textures-
HINT: Look! Do you see that Victorian GOTHIC house on the hill? They say it's haunted!

Park Place Home Decor-
HINT:   Take a look and you will see,
           Some halloween close by
          Poke around, a gift is there
          But keep an open eye!!

AdelleArts Manor Fashions-
HINT: If a big spider sits beside you, you don't have a ghost of a chance!

~ The Otherside ~-
HINT: Cross over the Bondage

Something New-
HINT: After one Halloween Date she loved him to Death

Freya's Finest Jewels-
HINT: Check Hint Giver (Next to the MM Board)

HINT:After work I am gonna kill that spider

QUE RICO Design-
HINT: A little fountain spray

HINT: look near the hunt poster

HINT: Have a seat, I'm sure nothing will crawl on you.

Love Everlasting PlantPets-
HINT: The trees hide the spider's secret

[HC] Hopes Creations-
HINT: Careful where you tread

An Lema-
HINT: I love dark places. It's so hard to hide. A little bit of greenery. Perhaps I shall survive

Texture Me True-
HINT: Look for me by moonlight

HINT: I run, though I have no legs, I posses no heat, yet I do have steam. I have no voice to let words out, but from far away you can still hear me shout

ND/MD Kids R us-
HINT:  click HINT giver sign under HUNT sign

HINT: Spiders like to hide in the rafters

Imagine Flowers and Garden-
HINT:Somewhere over the rainbow

Secret Smile Mini Market-
HINT: Am I Online?

Dressed by Lexi-
HINT: Spiders belong outside.

Living Vintage Southern-
HINT: I can See all the Sales from here

~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~-
HINT: The Celebration of Seasons

LnL Square-
HINT: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

Living Vintage Couture-
HINT: Female Gift: I look good on Scarlet
Male Gift: I will crawl up your shorts

Stitches Creations-
HINT: Yep- that's a spider alright!

Potomac Signature Homes-
HINT:  Hay!  I bet you have some lofty ideas!

X-Clusives Animations-
HINT: Social Media - Love it or hate it - It's here to say.  Find the place to join us on Facebook there you will find a prize or two!!

The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee-
HINT: The spider builds it's web at the highest point.

The Happy Hat-
HINT: The hunt Hints will say. the spider's way.

HINT: Wow, he´s a scary guy!

Cake Fox-
HINT: "I met an old, fat spider, Spinning in his TREE. I said, -Hey old, fat spider, I bet you can't catch me!" (From The Hobbit)

Q: Why did the spider move into the haunted house?
A: Ghosts can’t break their webs!

HINT:  Along came a spider
              That sat down beside her
              She bit off it's head
              And then it was dead!

bees heaven shop-
HINT: Do you think princess bees are afraid of spiders?

Get Frocked-
HINT:  This Seat is a Bloody Mess (upstairs)

Nomiki's Creations-

~*Sweet Revolutions*~-
HINT: Runnig up the hill to were the ruins are rise, find the brocken woodsteps and search for the smalest size

Redrose Jewellry Store-
HINT: Ladies/ Men. I am with my own Kind

Firelight Creations & MAN STUFF-
HINT:  Spiders always hide in corners

Lilith's Den-
HINT:Careful! It's A Trap!

Untamed Designs-
HINT: Do spiders eat pumpkins?

Grumble-No 25L Prim
HINT: I saw a spider heading towards evil bunny productions, probably hiding under the sofa...

MARIPOSA~house of couture~-
HINT:  Flutter by a Butterfly

[:Rad Designz:]-
HINT: dont walk under me or i'll jump in your hair

United InshCon-
HINT: Search the Fantasy Fountain

Nocturnal Needs-
HINT: Well I'm Stumped!

Les Sucreries de Fairy-
HINT: You'll find me with some Halloween stuff (Near the landing point)

JLZ Fashion-
HINT:Creep to the right

Dreamscape Wedding Design-
HINT: The colours are bright but they hide a nasty surprise.

~GL~ Shop-
HINT: those spiders crawl everywhere am afraid to look up

The Vintage Touch-
HINT: Tips always register!

Cherry Pop Studio-
HINT: Ravens

KAD Designs-No 25L Prim
HINT: I like it dark, but very very toasty!  Im warming my legs by the fire.

Kreepshow Kouture-
HINT: You can find me close to midnight

Fairey Angel Creations-No 25L Prim
HINT: Will you play for me?

{The Purple Facade}-
HINT: Make them Beg for it

Serendipity Designs-
HINT: Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled up the water spout

HINT:  if you follow straight and true
try not to be blue
there is much to do
into the house u must go
you will see ghosts to and fro
near a table go very low
you will find what you seek
if you dare to take a peek

HINT: looking over the blueridge yonder

HINT: So soft, so cuddly.  Great place to make my home!

Loordes of London-
HINT:by the bargains

Kittycat's Creations-
HINT: Butt butt butt I like it here!

HINT: The itsy bitsy spider went up the wall,
down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up the rain
and the itsy bitsy spider went up the arches again.

HINT: "Take A Load Off"

Vips Creations-
HINT:mmm...Naughty Gothic!!!!

Howling Asylum-
HINT: " Gothmas! Blah!"

Khargo: Halloween-
HINT:  What's lurking in the pumpkin patch?

HINT: I got BLOOD on my shoe for stomping that spider!

Siren's Moon-
HINT: Both Men's and lady's: High or low where would a spider call home?

HINT:  " I think it Might be Haunted Here , I See a Ghost! "

De Baza-
HINT:  "Please check hint giver at the store"

HINT: Spiderwebs in every corner, one on high holds the prize.

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes-
HINT: Does BUFFLY slay spiders as well?

Perfect Seduction-
HINT: Female: No one will ever find me behind this group joiner!
Hint: Male: Just take a peek at the Men's Vendor!

HINT:  The housekeeper needs to start cleaning in the corners.

Halloweentown-Bee Designs-
HINT:This spell turned me into a dog!

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