Sealed With A Kiss-Feb 1-28

This hunt will run Feb 1-28, 2018.  Please read all the rules before applying.  This hunt will have two prims but one prize.  1L for hunters or 25L for shoppers option.

This hunt is about love, Valentine's Day, couples, romance.


Jan 17: Application Deadline
Jan 20: Hunt Prims Sent Out
Jan 15: Sponsorship Info and Payment Due (After this time it might not make the blog)
Jan 27: Hints/Pics Due (Items sent after this time might not make the blog.)
Jan 29:  Prize Hidden & Filled
Feb 1:  Hunt Starts

We don't do walk throughs.  The vendor system scripts do everything online.  It tells us when the sign is rezzed.  It also tells us when the prim are placed out, and when they are filled.  Please make sure that you follow the timeline.  We will message you if there is a problem.  If the problem is not corrected you will be removed from the hunt.  When the problem is corrected you will be placed back in the lineup, at the bottom.  This goes for sponsors and regular vendors.  Sponsorship is non-refundable.  (Yes, RL comes first.  If there is a problem and you know you will be late let us know ASAP, but lack of communication tells us that you aren't interested.)

Rules of the Hunt:
*  There is no restrictions to what type of gift you want to give, however , NO Resellers, (BIAB) Business In A Box, and/or Freebies found in BIAB.

* Hunt items come through a mailer so be on the watch for them.  If you are offline it will wait to deliver it.  

* If you have to drop from the hunt please let someone know ASAP.

* Read all notecards that come in your welcome pack and final kit.  They have information that you will need.

* Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop, please be creative. 

* If your store moves before or during the hunt, please let us know asap, so we can make the needed changes.

* Hunt items have to be hidden so they can be found. Please do not hide them inside other objects.

* The use of the provided hunt path is optional, but strongly suggested if the hunt item is hidden over 30m away from the landing point.

* We will be checking all hunt applicant stores and reserve the right to refuse. Do not assume that if you’ve completed the application, it will be automatically accepted.

*If you are accepted, your hunt sign must be rezzed immediately, in clear sight. It must stay up for the duration of the hunt.

* Your prize must stay out for the duration of the hunt.  Moving it is fine.  Removing it is not.

* Due to SL issues, store owner, assistant or frequently checked alt are required to join the hunt group, so that you can be informed of latest info on the hunt and get items as they are sent out.

* Please use our mailbox for all notecards, hints, etc.  We often get capped and things do get eaten by SL.  Also two of us do the hunts so this way we can both access the information.

* Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

*You must use both prims for the hunt.  The 1L and the 25L placed out with the EXACT same prize.  No additions or different items.

There will be 15 sponsor spots available.  First come first serve.  The fee is 250L.  For the fee you will get your logo, blog and link to your store on the hunt blog.  If we get 75 stores we will add another 10 sponsors.  More than 100 stores will add another 5 sponsors.  If you don't get a sponsor spot you could be moved up if there is a drop.

If you are interested in joining the hunt please complete the application located at the links below.  


Not Sure If You Applied:

Any questions feel free to IM Isabelle Torok or Ripley Rozenberg.

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